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Middleburgh Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I loved the different opportunities to be who I am. The academics are achievable and challenging enough to get the information into your head. The teachers are really nice and hard when they need to be; they don't tolerate unnecessary behavior. They discipline the students that need to be and congratulate the students that have not done wrong. I think the food is great, there are plenty of options for everyone to eat almost anything they would like. The sports they offer are great, though they could be better, are still efficient. Families are not as involved as they could be, but parents do have to support for their child some way so sometimes if there are events, the parents won't make it.
I feel Middleburgh Junior/Senior High School has prepared me for college and my future. Each teacher is helpful and understanding, I have created great student-teacher bonds between most of my teachers. One thing I would change about Middleburgh Junior/Senior High School is how the school addresses bullying. I have reported bullying that I have witnessed and have been a victim of bullying before, to my understanding the students bullying other students don't understand what they are doing. They don't seem to understand that they can seriously hurt an individual with their words. I believe more prevention methods and awareness needs to happen within the school about bullying.
Middleburgh is a small school. Everyone knows one another, but its more a blessing than a curse. We are a tight-knit community and the teachers are down-to-earth, approachable, and very good at what they are teaching. My biggest disappointment is the lack of AP/Honors classes for students that want to challenge themselves more, and the lack of funding for engaging and fun clubs and organizations.
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The school nurse is very helpful with anything students need. She is basically the counselor. Plus, Basset Healthcare has an office right in the school.
Just the same as anywhere else. It has to be whole-wheat this and whole-wheat that but not bad.
The principals discipline to a fairly equal extent. The dress code is strictly enforced, and hats are not tolerated.
I am not very active in sports, but we have reasonable quality teams and facilities.
There are few opportunities, but what MCS provides are of reasonable quality and are enjoyable.
The building is very old. The heating and air conditioning are not so good (perhaps due to money). Classrooms and hallways are kept clean. Sometimes the bathrooms can be a little dirty, but that is because of rude students.
The school is next door to Bassett Healthcare. Bassett has an office in the school.
There is no diversity in this school, with an exception for perhaps five students.
The school polices are very good in that a student's location is known all the time, is he/she leaves classroom. The security by the entrances could be much better. The administration is average, make poor decisions sometimes. Guidance counselors are not so good, teachers complain about them.
There are a few clubs. Many students go to the clubs the first meeting, then a majority leave the second meeting. I would like there to be more clubs, but there is a lack if staff and financial aid.
The lunch is very basic. If youdo not want the main lunch meal of the day, then you can get a sub, salad, soup, or bagel. The lunch staff make their own subs, and give a generous amount of meat on them. They also make their own cookies.
There is a few AP and college courses. Students have the option to be in accelerated math and science, this is decided in middle school.
A majority of the teachers know what they are teaching. Almost all of them are readily available if you need assistance. All of them are kind, and have their own sense of humor.
Like any other school, MCS has the basic sports. Sport season starts in the Autumn and ends in the Summer. By the gym there is a decent sized display case of various awards made by various athletes in the school through many years.
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At first moving here was hard, but it has gotten easier.
Kitchen staff is very nice and helpful
I go to a small school so we don't really have many safety precautions beside the required drills that the school has to do. We don't really have a problem with bullying because none of the students put up with it. I'm pretty sure the health program at my school is good even though I haven't had much need for it but friends of mine have. Overall the school seems pretty safe because its in a safe area.
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