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I was only here for a year as my family is military and it was during my senior year, which was pretty hard. The school itself is very clique-y and it was hard to fit in and find a groove - your best bet is to become friends with someone else who is from out of state.
The teachers tend to feed into the divisiveness of the school by showing favorites among different students and I always ended up on the outside as I had no real ties to anyone.
Hi, what i like about Middleburg is that some people are great, others are mean, racism, and i feel bad in this school, i just dont like it, if you thinking on be there i recommend you a No.
Since the start of my freshman year MHS has really stepped up their game. They have added many features to the school to make the students feel safe. They have also repainted the walls and added pictures of the students to give it a fresh new look. Overall my experience at Middleburg High School has been amazing!
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I love that my school has sports that I can play to cover my free time, but its hard to do dual enrollment at the college and be happy with being in high school. I have a split schedule, meaning I'm at the college half the day and the school the other so you have to be organized to succeed. The teachers make the learning so much better. I love every last one of them, they have made my four years of high school amazing.
Was a great experience the teachers were awesome and the staff was amazing and they all wanted you to succeed in life.
I loved the spirit Middleburg High School has. I love how committed all the teachers are. I know we aren't the best at sports but we always give our best effort every day. Middleburg is a very big school with many different clubs and various things to do. There is something for everyone in our school no matter what.
I loved the bronco nation days they introduced my sophomore year because it gave more one on one between my teachers weekly.
Overall, my experience at Middleburg High School was memorable. The teachers and students made my high school experience complete. The school felt like a family rather than a school and the only thing I would change would be the encouragement to get more students involved in extracurricular activities, as getting involved creates the perfect high school memories.
As a former student of Middleburg High School, I can honestly say it was a great school. The teachers and faculty are completely focused on the students and are willing to help in many ways.
Something I enjoy about Middleburg High School is that everyone comes together like a family. Something that could change about the school is the way that administration handles matters that happen within the school.
I was cross enrolled at Middleburg my first three years for ROTC. I would go to Middleburg for first period, ROTC, and then leave and go to my private school. My senior year I started full time at Middleburg. My experience was horrible; I went from loving school to DREADING every second of it. Most of the teachers were rude and conceited. Some even lacked the skills and knowledge needed to teach the courses I was in.
Middleburg high is a great school, but sometimes focuses more on standardized testing and school spirit than everything else. Although, I do appreciate that the school provides plenty of help for students that are struggling whether financially, with grades or need help enrolling in College.
I enjoyed the teachers at Middleburg High because they were determined to get students on track to graduate and make sure they pass their exams. The problem about Middleburg High is our funding. When the school gets their funding they are more focused about getting the school to look better than to give classes a full class set of books or new supplies.
Middleburg High School has very good teachers that care about you which make the students feel welcomed...but on the down side Middleburg's college readiness is very poor considering Im in all honors and they don't teach anything new.
My high school is amazing we all come together an make it right we care for each other an want to see every one success. I dont want to see anything change i hope the tradition keeps repeating.
I like the school spirit that is distributed throughout the school. Mr. Daily (principal) did a great job with this.
I love the people. I like how their is so much school spirit. Their is so much classes like French, different types of math, many types of English, and a lot of electives. There is a lot of sport choices like football, baseball, volleyball, soccer, flag football and a lot more.
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The teachers are good but we should have better counselors. The bus is a problem because we double up with another bus and it's dangerous since there are so many kids and some even have to sit in the aisle.
I like the unity as a school and a community. You can go to school knowing that if you have a problem you can talk to a teacher and administration and your concerns will be addressed.
Mhs has given me the best experience. All my teachers are more than just teachers, they are family. They teacher me valuable lessons and I learn about things that I’m actullay interested in.
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