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This school has allowed everyone who goes to excell at every part of life. Not only does it prep students for college but it also preps them for life in general!!
The community at Middleburg Academy is very friendly and welcoming, everyone at the school is one big famiy. Everyone including both students and parents are very involved in the school community.
It is an amazing school that feels more like family than anything else. I am always excited to come back to the school every year and be involved in the school community.
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lead, learn, and serve! MA has provided the platform for both of my children to succeed, identify their strengths and opportunities and make it work. STEAM! Opportunities to serve in their communities, be examples, empower others, and to challenge themselves, learning on their independent levels. Supportive staff, faculty a Parent team HOS that is hands on, class on, ears, eyes, and heart open to each and every child! The school is very diverse for everyone's benefit! HOS humbleness and efforts to be the best on all levels, consistently working on improvements and finding the best fits amongst the faculty and staff, to "get it right"
Can improve on , number of students, efficient transportation system. Stronger parent representation on campus, increased "numbers" of a larger majority of parents involved.
All of the teachers care about the students. They are more than teachers to the students. They are mentors, coaches, and friends.
No other school provides such a great outlet to form clubs and sports teams. In my time at Middleburg Academy, I have witnessed the creation of fencing, equestrian, strategy club, academic club, varsity club, the prefect system, show club, and music club, to name a few. All of these clubs and sports were started by students with the support of faculty.
Middleburg Academy is looking for more than good grades, they are looking for great character. To get in, good grades are required, but being personable and showing interest in extracurricular activities is the next step to being admitted.
From the moment you step on the beautiful campus to the day you graduate overlooking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, you are made to feel welcome, cared about and at home. It is an extremely friendly place with good kids and amazing teachers.
The school really prepares you for college and many of the students here get in to top colleges where they thrive.
The teachers here are amazing! They truly care about each student, whether they are academically gifted or struggling. You feel that every student here matters and you really get to know the teachers on a personal level.
Many sports are available and what's really unique about this school is that due to the small size, students who are interested in participating in any sport are usually able to and really enjoy the experience.
The administration really cares about the students and it shows. They work hard with every student to make sure they're on the right track and getting the help they need to achieve.
I played on the varsity basketball team for this school. It provided plenty of opportunity for recruitment and exposure from college coaches. Because it is an independent private school, the athletic teams are able to compete against high level competition.
The teachers were limited and the available classes were as well. The curriculum was well above average, however, the workload seemed more than the necessary amount. The majority of the work occurred through the homework.
The school administration is extremely good at building relationships with each individual student. Due to the fact that the school has a small amount of students, the teachers are more able to approach the students with a helpful teaching style.
We have a gourmet chef that cooks the food for us in exchange, she runs her cooking business out of the school kitchen. Everything is fresh and the food is amazing.
The school could use some security measures. We have a mass email and call system to the parents when school is closed. We had a PA System. It broke in November. The school does not have a nurse. It has an athletic trainer. Usually people here don't need it though
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There are many different clubs that you can join.
Middleburg Academy is great!. They should expand their funding, but it is the only college prep school in Loudoun County
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