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Middleboro High School is home. There is a feeling and a welcoming sense that will go with you everywhere. Everyone is super friendly and very inclusive. There is something at this school for everyone, and it really is my home. I will take everything I have learned from this school , with me wherever I go in life.
It is summer, and my kids keep saying that they can’t wait to go back to school. MHS is everything I would want for my kids. It has amazing and supportive teachers and administrators, that help the kids be the best they can be academically and as well rounded humans. There is a great selection of AP courses and more are added each year. It has the largest student council in the state with 1/3 of the school being involved! It is an amazing place and once the new building is completed the outside of the school will finally match the beautiful things that happen inside!
Gives many great opportunities open for anyone to take advantage of! There's a thing for everyone here. You can be part of a sports team, part of an honors society and if we don't offer the club of your choice, you can create it with the help of your peers.
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Middleboro high school a good school. The building is outdated and funding for sports could be better. Teachers care about their students and push them to their best.
At MHS, I like that this school is considered our home. I like the theatre and music departments, as those are the programs I am most involved in and those are the programs I have felt most included in. Our student council is very large, but I wish other groups in the school got to be as recognized as stu-co and sports.
Better school, lower score ,and not helping students getting ready for college. Building a new school is now helping with students.
All the teachers at middleboro highschool are very nice and understanding. They really help to make the learning experience more interesting and they make sure that we understand the material. I just started this year and I can see a difference in the teachers here and the ones at my old school. At middleboro high, they are very well trained and they really know what they are talking about. I find them not just reading from a slide during a lecture, they tell the story and explain why things are the way it is. I cant really think about anything that needs to be different at the school. Its overall really good. The principal is the best one I have ever had. He really cares about the school and each individual student.
MHS has a wide range of academic offerings from college prep to advance placement classes to meet all types of students needs. The school spirit, which stems from our principal, is like no other! We just need a new building to go along with our school pride!
In my four years of attending Middleboro High School, I saw it was a community focused highly on student council, the football team, and of coarse academics. The teachers seemed to love their job and the students feel strongly about the school. With a new High School being created soon, Middleboro will turn into an impactful community in Plymouth county and many students will be excel in the more modern environment filled with many clubs, after school activities and pep rally's to enjoy so all students may feel they are involved in the school culture. I feel I have learned sufficiently enough to start my college career on the right path to continue my education. If I was told I could relive high school and go anywhere I want for those four years I would stay right at Middleboro High.
We are such a big community and everyone supports each other. When our football team won the MIAA football Superbowl our community came together to celebrate. Such a great place to go!
Amazing school culture! A place where everyone feels important, included, and powerful! A HOME!
Faculty and staff strive to make learning relevant, meaningful and connected to 21st-century skills.
Middleboro is Sachem Strong! Student pride is amazing! Academics challenges students to push their limits and strive to excel. Prepares students and parents for College! No matter your interest there is a club, activity or sport for almost every student! The Administration goes above and beyond to make the school safe. You can ride by early morning and late night and the principal car is still parked their. Only draw back is facility is need of modernization and is on that path to get a new building. What the build presents on the outside no way takes away from the Pride and togetherness that Middleboro High school has!
The building is falling apart and so is the system. The only good thing about this school are the dozen or so great teachers who really make a mark on your life. They helped me become the strong student that I am today.
some teachers are better than others
The safety program has improved over the years. They just added cameras everywhere in the school and they have a safety office located at school who makes time for everyone. They also have started a program to train staff how to keep everyone safe. They really have been working hard on lock downs and teaching students and staff how to stay safe
In the four years at Middleboro High School they offer many extracurricular opportunities for every type of student. The commitment in the clubs are very high. They do there best to offer and get everyone involed. Administration is great. They try to be involved in everything and if they can't be and you ask questions someone will find out for you and help you get involved.
I have enjoyed my four years at Middleboro High School. We have a awesome principal who is involved in everything. He knows every student by name and he greets us every morning in the front lobby. We have a unbelievable student counsel that is ran by our principle. He has everyone involved in the activities even our Special Education students he treats everyone the same. Our student counsel program has taught so much leadership to our students it has made a better school and learning environment. Every July we go to a Worcester State University for one week and learn about being a leader and how to have leadership skills to help survive in the real world. Sports also have been a huge part of my life. Football is my #1 sport and I have had many favorite experiences over the four years. We have made playoffs the last several years which was so much fun but one of my favorites was at our football banquet. I received the sportsman ship award out of 58 football players. I was very proud that after four years that maybe we didn't get to the Superbowl but sportsmanship award to me is even a bigger win then the Superbowl. I knew I could walk away with my head held high knowing I did everything possible to make my teammates and school proud.
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Every teacher is different. Some teachers are very organized and happy and ready to jump in and make the most boring subjects interesting and hands on. Then there are other teachers who will just talk for the entire 85 minute block. Which is very long and boring. Most teachers are pretty good at keeping you interested in the subject. The grading I have a problem with it. Its put in a program called Aspen. If you have a grade of 79.9 they will not round up so it goes into the computer and will state a c+ which will effect your GPA. I feel they could offer extra credit to bring up to a 80 or higher. Communication skills are pretty good. I really can't complain to much about but any of my teachers some I like better then others just like teachers like some students better then others.
Based on open house teachers seem great, child likes them
I think there needs to be a more variety.
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