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Middle Park High School Reviews

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Very small high school high up in the Rocky Mountains, not much for diversity or anything really. Small town american all the way
Middle Park High School is a really great school. The teachers are really nice and engaging. It's a very small school but every year provides a variety of academic opportunities. There are multiple AP classes. Diversity-wise, this is a 99% white school, but Grand County is not very big.
There was a large gap between the upper class and lower class students as well as the teachers and many students seemed to be more close minded when learning about new things that went against their previously held beliefs.
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Academically, Middle Park has a bare-bones catalog of classes. The choices are very basic and you'll likely have to take classes you won't get anything out of. The classes that are offered are hit-or-miss in quality. Most teachers care a lot about their students' success, but are ineffective in their teaching. This school will prepare you for college but don't expect anything beyond that.

Culturally, the student body orients themselves towards sports and partying. The majority of students did some sport, either in school or out. The majority of the people I knew smoked weed and drank. A very small minority did LSD and mushrooms as well. You will be hard-pressed to find any students doing "hard" drugs like heroin, cocaine, etc.

Overall, for a small town school it's good enough, and the best high school in Grand County. It's definitely not great, but it's bad.
It was a good school in the way that they made sure we were safe and it was good to be able to know everyone.
Middle park highschool is a small highschool in granby. It is nice for learning new things and playing sports
Middle Park is a really small school that really encourages students to go beyond their expectations. It is a small school where you can get one on one attention, but big enough to where you can also enjoy the social aspect. It is in a beautiful county where everyone cares about the students.
Although a small school, Middle Park High School provides a large selection of courses for its students to take. There are Advanced Placement classes across grades that aid in college readiness. However, there were sometimes that classes were not offered because staff was too short to provide the class.
Middle Park succeeds in athletics across the board, attending State competitions in numerous different sports.
The teachers are always there for the students. The culture is very safe and holds a sense of a caring community.
I like our school size and class size. There are only 25 students in each class. Our athletics are good besides we don't have softball or golf. Our school is ranked really high for our graduation percentage.
Middle park is a vary great school because we don't have many issues with safety or bullying issues but we do take or safety varies seriously.
I think that all the opportunities that middle park offer are all great options for everyone.Even those we don't win all the time we are still pretty good at what we do.
I have had a great experience at middle park because it is a unique school.I think that it is a unique school because were it is located.One of my favorite experiences is a trip I took when I was a junior.It was a unique and once in a lifetime trip.I wold go back to this school if I had to.It was a great place to go to school.
At middle park high school all the teachers are very helpful and approachable. All the teachers at middle park love their student and they take pride in their work.
There are very few and they are under funded.
This school cares a lot about sports. That's it.
I think it really depends on the teacher.
Most kids at my school do not enjoy that it is very small, but I actually enjoy it. Walking through the hallways and being able to say hi to most kids and call the by name is the best feeling. I feel way more comfortable being in a small town and knowing everyone.
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In my school, the majority of the teachers are willing to spend extra time to help students be the best they can be. When going to a school event, or a school game, there is always a handful of teachers there supporting the kids. Teachers understand that when students are in multiple hard classes it can get very stressful and they seem to be willing to help those kids get through it.
Seeing as Middle Park is in a small county, the security is not very good. However, I have never felt unsafe at school.
The extracurricular activities at Middle Park High School allow students to look forward to something. Whether is sports, theatre, or clubs that take place during the school day (FBLA, Student Council, Knowledge Bowl, National Honors Society, etc.). The most popular extracurricular activity are the sports. The administration support is great. Mostly all of the staff acknowledges the participants and is supportive.
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