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I have been attending Middle Creek High since Freshman year. I have formed so many friendships and relationships with my peers around school and my teachers. I am blessed to have the few teachers in my life who I have connected with through my years of high school. They have done their best to push me to be my best.The students here are friendly and I have had nothing but good experiences with friendships. The football games and any other sporting events are always a blast because the Creek Crazies are amazing and will always get you to be involved in attending school sports. The amount of clubs and activities that Middle Creek has to offer is huge. I enjoy being apart of clubs and volunteering to better the community and help myself grow as a better student and citizen.
Middle Creek was overall a good school. Not the worst out there, for sure. The counselors are great as well as the office staff that I have dealt with while being a student there. The reason I gave it a 4/5 star is because a great deal of my teachers have been absolutely awful. There is hardly ever any evaluation of the teachers while they’re teaching a class and i believe that should change.
My overall experience at this school is just average. I have had a handful of teachers that I actually feel liked they cared about teaching and were concerned about how well the students performed.
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Middle Creek HS is a supportive, caring community of dedicated teachers and parents. There are so many activities for students to become involved in the school. The students really like being at Middle Creek and are very supportive of each other!
Middle Creek High Scool overall was a decent school. A good Science, History department and staff, a below average math department and staff, and a fairly decent average English department and staff.
Middle creek overall is a pretty good school. The students could be a bit more mature but hey, everyone needs more maturity. Middle creek has helped me prepare for the future and has encouraged being more than just a student. Some things to improve on is equality. Middle creek in my opinon kind of focuses on very few things and doesn't really move outside that bubble. Like the only sport they care about is football and they dont really support the other things at school like band nd the other sports, even arts. The acedemics at middle creek truly are amazing. The teachers work really hard and they really try to help you succeed.
Kinda miffed that it doesn't have AP Computer Science, but all in all, pretty good school. Food is about as good as other schools, which is to say, terrible. Not very diverse. School culture is nonexistent. But the teachers are pretty good at their jobs for the most part, most students are pretty college ready unless they're trying to not be, and it's pretty safe. 4/5, would spend four years here again.
Middle Creek High School has a lot of very good things about it, and I believe I attended the best school in Wake County. Middle Creek was very focused around not only sports, but especially the academics. The staff who helped the students choose classes were always pushing the students to challenge themselves. I was part of the girls soccer team at Middle Creek, and Middle Creek made sure to advertise not only our finalist football team, but also other teams including soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and many others. Middle Creek is a great school with a lot of opportunities to get involved with the school and with the community.
Throughout my experience at Middle Creek High, I have enjoyed having great teachers that do everything to try to help you succeed. I also love the amount of clubs we have and how easy it is to get involved!
Through my experience I have had my ups and downs with this school. However, I will say that the school has taught me many habits that will be helpful in college and has encouraged me push myself to my limit.
Middle Creek High School is very fun. Almost every single teacher I have had I've loved. There are a lot of different clubs, sports, and ways to get involved in the school. The classes are challenging enough and most of the kids you meet are really friendly. The school itself is very clean and set up nice.
The Chemistry teachers suck. Everyone hates them and they are really bad at teaching. Everything is so over priced for high school students. They make us pay for everything. Like driver's ed, parking pass, clubs, etc.
My favorite part about my experience at Middle Creek High School was the teachers. The majority were caring, helpful, and tried to develop personal relationships with their students. Likewise, the teachers found new and creative ways to teach us the content and make learning interesting. The worst part about my experience was the administration; they were rude and not concerned about the students at all.
Middle Creek High School for me was an experience of mixed feelings. While I did make some good friends I met a lot of the same type of person. The school its self lacked diversity in students and faculty along with the programs needed to improve the issue. Every school is going to have teachers that may not be very qualified for the subject their teaching and Middle Creek is not an exception. Middle Creek though, has some brilliant and devoted teachers, that have put their hearts and lives into teaching and making school better for the students. Student life and school pride was also a highlight in my high school experience. Middle Creek has countless students and parent putting their time into creating a Creek Culture. Whether it is all A' celebrations, or the big Fuquay v. Middle Creek Football game, there were many opportunities for students to get involved in Creek life .
I like how you can connect with the teachers very well and they can really help you out when and after your graduate from high school.
I like that even though Middle Creek is placed in a prodominant white area the students are very diverse. The teachers are wonderful and really care about their students and try to make an effort to make sure that the students are taken are of whether its with academics and social life. Middle Creek really encourages students to strive their best in the classroom and and in the extracurricular activities.
Great high school. Good teachers, tons of opportunities, and an overall good environment for education. I was a member of something called “The digital media academy” focussed on teaching students adobe programs, which goes to show how many different opportunities students have to specialize their education.
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Middle Creek is an amazing school. All the teachers here want to see you pass, and will do anything in the night to see you walk across the stage. I would like to see Middle Creek become more of a diverse school.
I’ve had a generally wonderful experience at this school. Most of the staff is amazing, students are smart and work hard but there a few things that could make it a 5 star school.
I have had a great experience at Middle Creek High School. The teachers are wonderful and both the teachers and staff have been extremely helpful throughout my college application experience. The school has a very welcoming environment and I have always felt safe there.
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