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Middle College of Forsyth County Reviews

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Teachers are wonderful and understanding. Principal and Vice Principal are very kind. We get to take advantage of opportunities like taking college classes for free and having textbooks payed for. The work we do is usually more difficult than our college classes, but the teachers help us understand. Wonderful school and positive environment!
My experience here has been amazing. All the teacher care and really want to help you achieve a good education performance. Our assistant principal Ms N is the absolute best person ever. She always checks in on everyone and she is there for us to talk to and never turns you away. This place has felt like home for me. Everyone is accepted and loved no matter your background, sexuality, race, religion, gender or anything. All the students are friendly, nice and you can connect with because no one is judging. I’ve never experienced a better school. Middle College is the best, hands down. I love this school & their faculty.
I switched to Middle College from a normal high school for my senior year and it was the worst experience of my life- I would not recommend this school to anyone who performs at a normal academic level. The school is truly catered towards individuals who do not "fit in" at the school they're zoned to, and NOT people looking for an academic challenge. If you're here for the dual enrollment, you'd be much better off simply taking AP's. Additionally, the teachers, for the most part, are not well trained- they are underqualified and extremely unprofessional. They do not care about your academic well-being and will do more harm than good. Not only would I not recommend Middle College, I would actively advise people not to attend.
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I transferred to Middle College for my senior year, and it's the best decision I've ever made. I met some of my best friends, took advantage of the college class opportunities (walking into college with 15 credits), was supported by the most amazing teachers, and was allowed to be myself with no judgment. Middle College of Forysth County is an EXCELLENT school.
Middle College is dual enrollment. You take high school classes and college classes at the same time. (Having two different G.P.A's) This school does a great job of college readiness. There are a lot of resources to help you. Example, if you want free tutoring help or paper editing, it has a 'Smartthinking' It's a free premium Grammarly and more! The student to teacher ratio results in small classes. There's a lot of one-on-one with a teacher. The kids who come here are very focused, so we usually get through our lessons quickly leading to us doing/finishing other work. First Friday is an excellent addition! The assistant principal announces birthdays and gives out little treats to those people. They allow people to announce schools they've got accepted to, scholarships etc. Such as who got a job. Another critical element is the school's diversity. We have a lot of different ethnicities and sexual orientations which makes my school so unique. I love it!
Middle College was great in my first year (junior year) but my senior year was horrible! There needs to be more assistance with college preparedness from counselors as well as involvement with students from teachers and administration. I felt like I was thrown by the wayside and a second class citizen compared to Early College. There was so much more attention given to them as it was to Middle College. I felt as though it should have been equal.
Middle College of Forsyth offers high school juniors and seniors an incredibly proactive, but friendly environment, all while offering the opportunity to learn in a college-setting. Although it holds a academically challenging curriculum, teachers and staff don't hesitate to offer a helping hand when appropriate. It definitely prepares students for post-secondary education, regardless of pursuit.
Great school where students can get ahead on their college courses! Awesome way save money! Challenging classes too!
I like that at the middle colllege we have smaller classes. I like this because then the teachers can help us one on one. I like how the teachers are helpful and it’s a place where you can be yourself in. The middle college has a great learning environment.
I liked the small environment, but I would change the communication for more outgoing conversations and more detailed scheduling.
My experience at Middle College has been great so far. It has exposed me to new experiences and opportunities while also providing me with higher education. I'm planning to create a self-defense program at my school for seniors to learn self-defense before they graduate and venture off into the real world. The support of my principles, teachers, and peers has allowed me to turn my dream into a reality and my program will be held in late April to early May in 2018.
I like the small class sizes and the hands-on help that teachers offer. The whole school attends assemblies every week to ask students what needs to be changed and offer them assistance. Students can earn college credits while in high school.
It's a very accepting community and the teachers really seem like they are passionate about teaching.
I love this school because it is a great environment for any student no matter their background. The school is very welcoming to new faces each year, and all of the faculty is encouraging and understanding towards every student they teach or even the students they do not teach. Overall, after spending almost two years at this school, I am glad that came, and I feel extremely prepared for college and more confident about my academic abilities.
This is a great school with excellent teachers and administrators. Students are more than prepared for college. The only drawback is that it is underfunded.
I personally like how the student population is small and the teacher are very helpful in everything we do.
This is perfect setting for me. I am taking high school courses as well as college courses. The college courses are free for me except for the occasional textbook and various fees. This is especially great for low income families. The office staff are extremely helpful and dedicated to the students and the principal is engaged with students
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At first it was a struggle to get use it but after awhile you start to enjoy the freedom.
In my school, there are only four teachers and so far I have gotten only three. Most teachers give us an assignment (busy-work) which makes us teach ourselves.
Nobody judges anybody at all; we all came from different backgrounds and all we do is love and encourage one another to not focus on where we came from, but on where we're headed.
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