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Middle College Hs at Dtcc Reviews

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I love the school because it has allowed me to further in my education than I thought i was able to as a high school student.
MCHS offers academically rigorous courses and an opportunity to graduate high school with an Associate Degree. The faculty and staff are dedicated to the success of each student and they make themselves available. Overall, communication avenues and both timing and frequency of communication could be improved, but this is understandable given how small the staff population actually is. Don’t expect to have your hand held. If you have a question, you will have to take the initiative to seek out the answer, and it is not clear where to start. Then be patient. It takes awhile to actually get an answer.
Middle College High School is the best school in my opinion. They get you ready for College through classes and the Associates Degree. Which is a really good in the case of going to college as a Junior and getting the benefits as a junior in college.
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GREAT SCHOOL! I just graduated a couple weeks ago and I can honestly say that it was fun! I was able to finish my associates in science! The college professors don’t care that you’re in high school and treat you like a college student! They are all very knowledgeable in their area and have various opportunities for you to ask questions! That high school teachers are also great! I loved the counselors! They know what they’re doing. However I would of liked more help with finding ways to pay for college. Flexible schedule and you still get to play sports at your base high school! The students are all driven and really helped me decide what I want to do as well as keep me focused! The campus is a good size!
I loved this school because it really prepares high school students for college. There is so much diversity and so many clubs for all people. It's a place where students can be themselves and not worry about fashion and who looks better. Everyone is there to actually focus on school work and go to college. It's a school full of determined people which makes it such a positive and great environment to be in. However, you don't get to experience school dances, homecoming, or prom like a regular high school. That was the only thing I did not like about the school. I felt like I did not have those popular high school experiences at this school.
There's not really a "high school school community" at Middle College, because some high school students are taking all college classes. It's also odd that sometimes you don't even know the people you're graduating with. However, I think it's awesome that you can get college credits for free.
This is a great school for students looking to challenge themselves and put them ahead of their peers. The community college classes are great. I️ am not sure about the high school classes but I️ have heard mixed reviews about them that are usually average. The staff are very involved with students and are always ready to help.
Middle College High School at Durham Technical Community College is a great school for any student who is looking to get ahead in their academics and their career. Having access to college level classes and getting more experience is a wonderful opportunity. We have a lot of support in our academics and if you are willing to put in the work you will do very well here. Being able to create your own schedule also helps if you have to work or if you need a more calm environment. I will say that the school culture and activities could use more work as well as the food. Other than that this school is very nice.
I love the opportunity middle college gives students. Middle college gives me the opportunity to start college early while still finishing my high school. Being at middle college has given me not just a high school experience but also a college experience at a young age. I have not had to pay for any classes or books which has been a great blessing. I love that even though week are high school students we are still given the freedom of a college student. Our teachers treat as adults and expect us to learn with that responsibility which I think makes us better students. One thing that I feel middle college could change is its population, by this I mean have more students. I feel that not a lot students know about middle college and can't take advantage of the opportunity. Extending the publicity of middle college will get the program more students, and make the school more known. Applying to Middle college has been one of the best decisions of my life.
My overall experience at Middle College High School has been great. I did not know any of my classmates the first week of school, so this caused me to be very nervous and shy. Althoguh I was new to the school, the students became very open and accepting towards me. This school has made a positive on my life.
The teachers at Middle College High School are very knowlegable. After every class session, I feel like I have learned valuable lessons. They come to class prepared and ready to guide the students to higher education.
Our teachers are super great; they are always available and very sincere.
The health and safety care at this school is over boundaries. This school provides health coverages to some students and it also provides security guards that could company you at night times, or whenever someone needs to.
At the Middle College HS, there a lot of different types of clubs and organization since it is located at the Durham Technical community college campus. which MCHS students are allowed to participate in its clubs and organizations with fellow college students.
I will definitely choose my school again if I could do it all over again from the beginning. In fact, I`m sad that I did not know about this school earlier. My experience so far at the Middle College HS is indescribable. The chances and opportunities that are giving to students are to no limit. At this school, I learned how to be responsible and that education will shape my future. I learned how to benefit from the opportunity that was kindly giving to me.
The vast majority of teachers at Middle college High School are friendly and always willing to help
I've never seen any one consuming alcohol on Campus. Few people like to smoke by the bus stops, but it's never made me feel unsafe. I feel safe on campus, no matter what time it is there is almost always a security guard somewhere around. I've never seen anything suspicious or Ganga related. Bullying is not a problem here it's a very friendly environment. I feel safe on campus.
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There are not that many after school activities.
My experience at middle college so far has been Great. I've Met new people and made new friends. I like all my college and high school teachers, they're all very knowledgable and helpful, I feel like o can talk to them and get help on subjects that I struggle with and they make the class entertaining. I del more free not having to stay in a building all day. I love that we don't have bells. I feel that I'm looked at as an individual and that I can be more trusted and more independent. Durham tech has a very diversed community I love meeting all types of people. If I had to choose between middle college and high school I will always choose middle college. I've learned so much, I'm not going to waste the opportunity I've been given at middle college.
All my teachers know my name. They care about getting to know their students. My teachers are knowledgable, I haven't a class where I feel like I'm not learning. Class is always good, I feel that I learn through technology and real world examples. Teachers are always available outside the classroom and help anyone that asks for help or is struggling. I honestly feel that my teachers here are better than the ones at a normal high school. They give you work they know you are capable of and push you to do the best you can with college level work to better help you in college classes.
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