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Having gone to Middle College High School for four years, I can confidently say that the environment encourages students to prosper and participate in high rigor classes and extracurriculars. The school, located on a community college campus, has plenty of opportunities and grants students the ability to take control of their own educational path with the help of college and high school counselors. The staff is also highly motivated to help students succeed.
I really like how involved the teachers are. If students are struggling, the teachers are more than willing to help. I also like that the students are given the college experience that will help in the future. Students also receive many resources and guidance throughout.
I love how I am able to take college classes along with my regular high school classes. Most of the teachers are very nice. This school helps you to be more independent and gives you experience. However, there are not very many clubs. Also, the homework load and schedule may get in the way of doing the extracurricular activities you want.
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Middle college is a great program that allows students to finish two years of college while still in high school. It does a amazing job at preparing students for college. The teachers are extremely nice and easy to talk to. There are many different types of clubs that are open to join. The campus is very safe and everyone is accepting and kind. The school is smaller than normal high schools so there is more teacher to student interactions. There is a very diverse community. I would like to see more parent involvement in this school, but other than that, I think Middle College is a great school. I really enjoyed my experience so far in Middle College.
Middle College a very diverse, but small community. The most amount of students in each class is 65 students; making our school total up to about 260 students. Our admin and teachers care very much about our success,transition to College life, and our futures. Overall, I appreciate what this school has done for me.
The staff cares about your growth as a student as well as an individual. The small school setting allows you to have more one on one time with the teachers when needed. I was surrounded by people who had the same goals.
My experience here has helped shape me for the future. I am currently attending Middle College High School and I plan to transfer to a four year afterwards. Being able to attend College and High School on the same campus has been a huge help to my family and me. This program is very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get a head start in their education.
I like that it allowed me to do dual enrollment and I like the freedom this school gives me. I have learned so much here, and the students are so nice. I would like them to change the resources here for situations outside of school.
I love how our school allows us to take college classes with high school at the same time. When I am done with high school, I will have a few associates degrees along with skipping two years of college which will benefit me a lot.
MCHS is great for those seeking opportrunity! The atmosphere is very friendly and every teacher there will contribute their time to every student.
Middle College High School is a great school to attend if you want to be academically challenged and get ahead in your education. In MCHS, a student takes college courses and high school classes at the same time. The school is quite a small school which provides a really tight-knit community between the students and teachers. Overall, the school is great and school and I recommend to anyone in the area.
Middle College High School is a great school that focuses more on its academics rather than sports. The campus police adds an extra layer of safety that the students use when needed. The teachers are great and the academics are on point. It might be extra work, but it is all used for our college readiness. If there were more parents involved the PTSA board could be better and more involved with fundraisers. The food is decent, but sometimes bad. Other than school food there is restaurants or an on campus college cafeteria that offers better food.
So far going into my junior year, my high school experience is alright. The real advantage going into this school is getting ahead in college. There are plenty of classes to choose from. The teachers in this school are great but, they can go off topic when teaching which can be annoying.
As a student that has been in Middle College High School and a junior, I say this school is a pretty good high school. I believe this school is one of the best high school in the Lodi Unified District. The students and teachers, here are amazing and help you if you have any problems. The workload is alright since the school is prepping you for college.
I would like for Middle College High School to have sports. It is mainly education and needs to have more sports.
I liked that Middle College High School provided students with the opportunity to take community college courses alongside our high school curriculum. I feel that it definitely prepared me better for college and ultimately made my transition into a 4 year college a lot more smoother. Something that I would hope that the school would change is to stop advertising that going to the school would help students graduate from college within two years. I think that a more accurate statement would be to say that the program can help students finish their general education requirements by the end of high school. The program did not advise me much about prerequisite courses for particular majors, as this definitely did not take less than two years for me to complete as an undergraduate.
I liked how much liberty this school gave use and this makes us more responsible. I also like that we can do our college credits as soon as we are freshman and when we graduate you can come out with at least 60 units.
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Overall, I believe Middle College High School is one of the best high schools to attend within this area. Students here are given a great advantage where they can take high school and college courses at the same time. If they take enough courses by the end of their senior year, they can finish their general education and possibly graduate with Associate's Degrees.
I have loved all of my experiences at MCHS. The people there have taught me so much, and I could not have asked for a better 4 years.
Middle College is filled with supportive teachers and friendly peers who will always help when needed. I wish that elections for club and student council positions weren't 'rigged' per se. Although kind, Middle College students tend to vote based on popularity, which does not allows lead to the right choices.
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