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Even though the workload can be overbearing at times, the community, environment, and setting make up for it greatly. Furthermore, the school overs many clubs, even if it is a small school!
At MCHS, they tell you that you have barely any sports and are limited to other things because this school is small and focuses mainly on education. In my eyes, I would still rather go to this school because everyone cares about their education a lot and it’s less dramatic.
What I love about this school is the advantages the school gives you compared to a regular high school. For example, at Middle College, students have an opportunity to get some college credits. Additionally, the atmosphere at the school is great.
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Middle College High School is a great place to go to school because you get a jump start on your college credits and become a part of a big family. The typical MCHS student comes out of high school with at least two years worth of college already completed.
Applying to Middle College High School was the best choice I have ever made. Not only has this program given me a head start in my academics, but the teachers have also made the classes very intriguing. I go home every day with excitement to start my homework and projects because of how the teachers pull students into the lesson. For example, I was never fond of history because my previous classes were not challenging and fun. On the very first day of my Middle College High School history class, I soon discovered what I had been missing out on. The history teacher had a great sense of humor and he gave life lessons that I could relate to. The way teachers teach really does make a difference in a child's learning ability. Overall, this school is such a good place, that I cannot come up with a single thought to make it better.
I, honestly, love it there. Although, the homework is a bit heavy, I personally believe it is worth it. However, we not only focus on study. We also many clubs, events, and dances (yes even prom). The people there make you feel like its your family.
At Middle College High School, this school is a great way to get a head start in college. This school is on community college grounds which allows high school students to go to a college class with older students. Although there are many bright sides to academics, this school lacks having sports. There are a lot of clubs for students, however, many students choose to not apply to this school mainly for sports. In the future I hope to see this change.
One of the things I adore about Middle College High School is that the amount of college classes you can take. It really feels as if you have control over your own education, rather than being restricted in other traditional high schools. Although I'm not a fan of it, Middle College doesn't have sports, which could bring people down in terms of finding sports scholarships, connections with colleges and so forth.
Loved the staff. Caring, selfless, and kind are words that perfectly describe the few staff members we had. At this school there are only a handful of teachers who manage to meet the psychological and intellectual needs of every student placed in their care. Despite the overwhelming number of students, time is made for each and every student of and when an issue transpires.
I really like the environment that's one reason I came to this school it's much more peaceful. You are missing out on a lot of things normal high schoolers have but you can get 2 years of college done if you follow the right steps. I really like how everyone pretty much knew everyone and the location is great we are surrounded by a lot of food options.
The prior administrator was poor and did not follow the education code. Tribunal is a poor form of disciplinary management and should be replaced by conflict management. Education is good though.
The previous administrator was very poor and did not follow the ed code and was a waste of a salary from the district. Tribunal is a poor and unfair system and should be replaced with conflict management. Education is pretty good though.
The teachers are friendly. It helps with college readiness and it is a safe environment. Clubs are minimal but strong. Bullying is a rare occurrence
I like that Middle College gives us thew experience of college beforehand and we can get ahead by taking college classes.
Middle College High School has a good academic based curriculum as students are able to take both high school and college classes on a community college campus. Students excel in their learning and complete their four year high school education with most of their general education completed along with being able to receive associates degrees.
The staff are very well trained and provide assistance when needed. At first, the dual enrollment can be intimidating, but the school is designed to compensate for this, as well as to help students socially.
My experience with Middle College High School has been overall a great experience. Sometimes I hate my school because of their disciplinary system. It can be unfair at times because it depends on the person who is in charge. I wish our school had it's own campus sometimes because I hate when we have to encounter random college students who are very creepy. There are many things wrong with Middle College but it's understandable since there are very few kids. Some teachers are very nice and some have tempers.
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MCHS has really helped prepare me for college as we take college classes and high school classes at the same time. Hopefully, I will get an AA before I graduate!
Middle College High School is a great school. Despite the fact that it lacks sports, their academics make up for it. They offer college units and the chance to earn your A.A. Degree while you graduate from high school at the same time.
I like how the school is relatively small which allowed me to connect with most if not all of my peers. Furthermore, there are unlimited resources on campus, so it's kind of hard to not do well in a class.
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