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I like that this school is has smaller classes and teachers get to know everyone. This school feels like a family because everyone knows each other and teachers are very supportive.
Middle College is a small school that is mostly academics with few sports and school events littered throughout.
Overall, this school has been the best choice I have made, when it comes to my education. It has given many students the opportunity to dual roll in both high school and college class. This has also given the opportunity to same money and overcome the challenges of being a minority.
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Before coming into Middle College High School, I was nervous at first as I had never knew anything about the school nor had known people who had gone here. After spending three years here I can safely say that it is and continues to be an amazing experience. What I like about Middle College High School the most was it's small student size. This allowed me to have better connections with other students as well as with my teachers. The teachers here demonstrate constantly that they want us all to succeed in not only school but also in life. They listen to any suggestions we have for them to improve our learning experience and effectiveness. I had been to the other high schools that I could have gone to but in the end, I always ended up happy with the decision that I went here. However, something I could see improved here was our extracurricular activities offered. The reason being that as a school, we are not as big on sports or activities as other schools are.
Amazing teachers that strive for your success and give you help when you need it! Couldn’t ask for a better school to attend!
The connections make the school worth it. Teachers are able to focus on their students more and really care about them.
I liked how Middle College really helps high school students prepare for college and offers students the chance to earn an AA Degree while still attending high school.
I loved that I am able to take both college classes and high school classes at the same time because it challenges me. This school was a big culture change because I had to mature very quickly because I was no longer in middle school. I was a high school and college student! This school is great because it truly does change you into a mature person. This school also creates a small little family with every grade level because that's just how close we all get.
I though that Middle College is good in regards of the community and getting free college classes but the school lacks much in the opportunities you can do simply because it is much smaller than other high schools.
This school has many great intentions for their students, yet they do not deliver. The best part of Middle College High School is the free college classes. Other than that, high school classes are mediocre and do not prepare students for higher education.
Middle college high school is a very great school. This school gives you the opportunity to take two years of college classes while being in high school. When you graduate, you are also given the opportunity to get an AA degree. That’s just what this school is, full of possibility. It challenges you to do your best. I just think it’s a great place to start your high school and college experience at the same time.
Having the ability to take college classes allows the students to have a head start on their future career. The councilors and teachers are very supportive of the students and are always willing to help. The minimal class sizes provide the students with a comfortable space where each student is able to engage with their teacher and not hesitate to ask questions.
I like that middle college high school pays for and paves the way for teenagers to have the opportunity to take college classes and have an associate's degree by the time we graduate high school. This school is challenging yet fun and I don't think I would know how to apply to college and what I need, or even be applying for this scholarship right now if it weren't for middle college high school.
What I most like about Middle College High School is that you are able to get a sense of how college life is going to be in away. The college classes that students take shows how much work and input a student has to put into their classes. It is a lot of work though, which may cause stress to the students as they are not only taking high school classes but college ones too.
Over the four years of attending Middle College High School, I can say that it was all worth it in the end. Although my experience at this school was not like any ordinary high school student, I definitely had the opportunity to complete college courses along with high school classes. I had the opportunity to explore classes across different departments where I was able to narrow down the options for what major to pursue in. The college courses that I completed have been transferred to the university I currently attend which has saved me time and money. Additionally, the school's atmosphere feels welcoming .The school is small which has made it easier to communicate with the teachers/professors and get to know other students across all grades. Furthermore, something I would change about this school would be adding activities that will want students to participate in. The food would be also another factor I would change. Overall, its great academically.
Would like to see more school spirit, club participation, and activities besides academics. Great for dual enrollment, not as good for extracurriculars, sports, and spirit.
I loved my experience at Middle College High School because it exposed me to a college environment. I got to take high school and college classes. By taking those college classes, I got a head start in my education, and I have a chance of graduating early at university.
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I'm currently a student at Middle College High School and I'd say it's a high school that really prepares you for college. It's really academic-based so it's not big on sports and other things.
I like that we receive the opportunity to get ahead in our college education by taking college courses which still in high school. I am fortunate to have been one of the students chosen for this school, but wish there was sports and other curricular activities to participate in.
Middle College High School consists of approximately 350 students in total. Because we are such a small school, I got the chance to get to know everyone from each grade. This brought comfort to school with me because I felt like everyone could respect one another because we all know one another. Not only this, but because we are such a small school, we get to get more help with our counselors and we also get more one on one time with our teachers. The best part of Middle College High School is the fact that we are located at a college campus. We get the opportunity to take college courses at Santa Ana College and we are able to graduate with our AA degree by the time we graduate high school.
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