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Middle College High School consists of approximately 350 students in total. Because we are such a small school, I got the chance to get to know everyone from each grade. This brought comfort to school with me because I felt like everyone could respect one another because we all know one another. Not only this, but because we are such a small school, we get to get more help with our counselors and we also get more one on one time with our teachers. The best part of Middle College High School is the fact that we are located at a college campus. We get the opportunity to take college courses at Santa Ana College and we are able to graduate with our AA degree by the time we graduate high school.
I like that it's a small school so many students have great communication with their teachers. I also like that you get college credit to save up on money for the future.
Middle College is very open to diversity and respectful to others. The staff, inspire students to strive for the very best and help them get to levels they never imagined to reach. Like any other school, they also have flaws. One thing I would like to see a change at Middle College is their organization. Academics wise Middle College is very organized in what they excoect from a student and what theri end goal would look like but outside academics in certain areas they havent got the best material, such as a lunch area isnt provided. Despite the fact that they are a bit unorganized they are an amazing school and great support for any student wanting to achieve more in life.
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It is a great opportunity for students to have a jump start in their college education. Middle College High School had many ways for my skills to become more than just an ordinary use. I found a lot of self-worth and discipline in my time there.
It's very helpful when it comes to helping you prepare for college. It's whole purpose is focused on getting you where you need to go.
The classes were small so the students got more attention from the teachers. Everybody knows each other so that was good, in my perspective.
Middle college is a very small school in Santa Ana that's partnered with Santa Ana college. Meaning that you can take college courses at the college which is a great way to get ahead. So, if your looking to save money and get ahead, this might be the school for you.
It Is an amazing school in which students collaborate with one another every day. Students know each and every single one another and teachers take time to help kids understand the subject better. Overall, school environment is like no other.
My experience at Middle College High School was a very unique experience as I was given the opportunity to engage in a dual enrollment course. I have been simultaneously taking high school classes and college classes on the Santa Ana College campus since I was a freshman and it has allowed me to mature with the help of my peers and teachers.
From four years of experience, I would say that this school offers more opportunities to attend college.
It is a very good school and prepares students for college. It also allows students to explore many subjects that wouldn't be available in other high schools.
I think that MCHS is a great opportunity gateway. We are allowed to take college classes, and strive to receive an AA degree by the end of our years here at MCHS. Almost everything here is enjoyable, and this school has allowed me to rise up and be a leader among my peers.
Middle college highschool is a small school that doesn't offer sports. It's not the best school to have school spirit but it tries. Everyone basically knows everyone, which can be good and bad.
Going to Middle College High School is very good. It is a great school. There are certain things that can be improved but they are just minor things.
Middle College High School is very unique. It has a lot to offer like getting your AA degree by the time you graduate high school and having great teachers. It is also a very tiny school with about 380 students so everyone has easy access or communication to the teachers.
Their can be some trouble sometimes
They are fun but not enough people
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They are diligent and responsible for their students
There are many clubs but since I have college classes they sometimes interfere with the meetings. I was running a club about health, the environment, and animals but since I recently got an Internship (a new class at Middle College) I can no longer attend those meetings.
What makes this school unique between other schools in the district is that we take college classes. I would choose this school all over again if I had the chance but I would do everything differently. This school gives so many opportunities academically. Although there is no major sports there has been small teams forming.
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