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It’s a very interactive school with on campus events but the staff could be more organized and helpful
It’s a great school. I like the fact that everyone takes education as a serious thing. I am proud and grateful to be a part of this wonderful school.
It was great class wise and opportunity wise but the students have a tendency to attack and bully one another sometimes. It is basically a school full of people with anxiety, people who have been bullied, or people who have troubled lives. Its not solely based on academics.
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Transition from Manzanita Charter school to Middle College High School was a change in not only work load but responsibilities. From what you here you would believe you have to over work yourself, that's false. Use your freshmen year to get into the school culture and join clubs and work on procrastination if you do procrastinate. Overall, I enjoy attending this school.
Middle College High School is a high school that is immersed within a community college. The students that attend this high school are able to take college classes as well as high school classes simultaneously. This, in turn, leads to the opportunity of being able to graduate high school with a diploma and AA degree. This school really prepares you for college! I would really recommend attending this school!
MCHS is a school that challenges your capability, strengths, and intellect. Competition is fierce, but it prepares you with college courses to achieve an AA degree with high school credit. As a current student (freshman)of MCHS, your four years here will mature and discipline you.
This school was very helpful and gave me the upper hand in college, allowing me to graduate 2 years early. Despite all of the times i wanted to give up the teachers and staff constantly encouraged me.
My experience in Middle College High School was definitely an interesting one. In the school which is located on the Contra Costa College students take both high school and college classes. Most of the teachers are ok they are better as friends than actually doing their jobs. The food provided from the school is decent school lunches aren't really a big thing on campus especially because students just buy food from the college. Parents aren't usually involved mostly because we are expected to act as responsible adults on the campus so there is really no need for parents to be involved except for the occasional school events. Students in the school are all different each with different goals or group of friends most are friendly. Overall the school is good it gives students the opportunity to become prepared for the environment and classes that they would take at a college.
This school has honestly brought me the best high school experience I could have possibly asked for. From the free college classes to the flexibility of theschedules, everything has worked to help me the student succeed.
Middle College high school is such an amazing school. It helps each student develop academically and reach their full academic potential by allowing every student to work at their own pace and in their own ways instead of forcing every student to work the same ways. Middle College takes every student's academic needs into account and works with each student to ensure they are learning and growing at a steady pace. One thing I would like to change about Middle College are the textbooks. A lot of the textbooks we receive aren't in very good shape and are basically ripping apart at the seams. Overall, applying to Middle College was the best decision of my academic career.
At first, being part of middle college high school was hard. Transitioning from a middle school setting to a college setting is difficult. I can say that the staff is so helpful. They do their best to accommodate to all of our needs. All of the college courses and books are free. And we do have a lot of support from counselors as well. The only thing I would try to work with is that since the school is on a college campus some of the students are very rude to us since we are so much younger. Sometimes some of the college professors as well. But other than this, the school an curriculum itself is great.
Middle College is challenging school but overall it's a great school, it gives you a lot of experience not just high school but also college. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with teachers and professors because the classes are small compare to normal high schools.
It's cool I guess. It's a great opportunity obviously and a lot of us are really close because our school is so small but I wish we weren't so focused on academics. More rallies and dances would be appreciated but it's nice knowing we can go to other schools for that.
Middle College is a great experience overall. You get to experience actual college classes and professors and high school classes at the same time. Going to school here gives you a lot of freedom but teacher responsibility and time management. The only thing I would change is having more activities such as sports and clubs, but other than that this school is really great.
What I liked about Middle College High School is how small the classes are. When I was a Freshmen my class had about 70 students now I'm a Senior and have 55 students. The environment is really competitive so if you mess up you have to fix it right away or else you are gone from the school. In the school we take college classes and that is pretty fun. We get to know almost everyone in the campus.
This school is worth while, if one is okay with a big amount of workload. everyone here is friendly to everyone even the teachers!!
What I liked about Middle College is how the environment is. The environment is where high school students are taking both high school and college classes together. There is freedom to walk around like a college student.
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Your own your own a lot as there are such a small number of teachers to help you if need it but, if your looking for independence this is the place for you.
Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Middle College, and I think I was very fortunate to have been accepted into the program. Aside from the small class sizes, my favorite thing was that it prepared me for college, and that I was able to meet a lot of great professors which have now become my mentors. One note, however, is that, despite the diversity of our student body, our teachers and faculty do not represent that diversity, especially considering that Latinos make up half of the student body and we don't have a single Latino teacher.
Interact and leadership were the only clubs I join
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