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Great school, safe environment, healthy lifestyle, great academics and great teachers that are very dedicated to their work. Such a great school. A school for overachievers and those who want to succeed in life. Phenomenal! If I could go back there I would.
My experience at MCHS has beeen pleasant and I have been able to grow a lot since my freshman year. I really appreciate all the teachers and staff that has helped me acquire the knowledge I have today. This school has also tougher me the values for college and the way hat you have to become a well rounded student. Many colleges look for readiness and the partnership that the school has had with SBVC has also allowed me to expand on my knowledge of a college level and as a person and soon to become adult.
There was no room for personal growth due to the amount of work given. I was constantly under pressure to do well because they completely removed students from the class each year. It would've been nice if they taught us how to cope with stress and our overall mental health.
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Middle College High School is a very diverse school with great opportunities for every student. MCHS has many teachers and staff who are willing to help the student with there individual needs to help them succeed.
Middle college high school is a very interesting and excellent high school, both campus wise and academic wise. Middle college is mainly for college readiness as each student is required to take college classes across the street at Valley college. When you attend middle college, you have the chance of graduation with at least 60 transferable credits, an Associates degree, and I.g.e.t.c, (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum), which could help you with starting college as a junior, meaning you have the chance of graduating 2 years earlier than the average college attending student.
I loved that middle college was a very small school so that it felt like a family, however one thing I would like to see improved is the diversity.
MCHS focuses on students' academic success, the main focus is for students to take college classes while they're still in highschool. It's a challenge, but it's a good opportunity to get ahead in college. They're also no sports at MCHS due to the heavy focus on academics
I like how the teachers at Middle College High School look after the students. There are many opportunities for the students. I would like to see more school spirit at Middle College High School.
Middle College High School is a nice school, but it does have some downsides versus a traditional high school like no sports or theater arts programs.
My experiences at Middle College High School was a great experience because we all treat each other like family like we look out for each other to feel secure and stable. I'm currently a junior halfway to an A.A degree so with hard work you can get anywhere you want.
Middle College high school is the most educating and supportive school I know of. The people are helpful and generous. Their connection with San Bernardino Valley College is useful for students who are hungry for success. The only thing that I’d like change is the sports. I understand that Mchs is an academics focused school, but sports would create a steady and healthy balance.
Middle College is a dual enrollment program that is all about college prep which can be stressful especially if you are not on top of things. What makes Middle College unique isn't the fact that its dual enrollment program. It's the sense of community every student like me that you encounter will always treat you like family.
It's a dual enrollment school, partnership with a community college right across the street. You can earn your Associates Degree in your 4 years at high school. The only thing that it's a let down is that there's no sports, unless you play at your home school.
Middle College High School is truly the place for students to excel in their academics. This school gives a wonderful opportunity to high schoolers in its community to fully prepare them to find success in college and also to have them earn college credit themselves. This dual enrollment program gives students a true college experience by placing them in the seats of a real college classroom at the same time they are completing their A through G requirements. The great advantage that students may receive and can make them stand out from the crowd is their chance to not only graduate with all the requirement for high school, but also to graduate with their Associate's Degree. Despite this amazing advantage they are given, one thing for sure that they have room to improve on is their involvement in sports or student activities. They can help by creating more extra curricular opportunities for their own students to partake in to create the perfect well-rounded student colleges love.
The best part about this high school are the opportunities. Getting a jump start on college through Valley is extremely helpful and makes you more competitive. Additionally, the support from teachers is tremendous. You really feel like they care about you and your success.
Negatively, there aren't really extra-curricular activities, like sports and pep rallies, or "the high school experience."
It is an amazing school that helps prepare it's students to tackle university life as well as it can. The staff is exceptional when it comes to caring for the students and willing to sacrifice much of their time to help them whenever needed.
This is a fast-paced school that is full of opportunity, even though it is tough to get in, it is a great school to go to that gives high school students a head start in life. Great teachers, avid is mandatory, and education is a priority.
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Middle College is really different from other schools. There aren't physical fights but the students are somewhat polite. What I like about this school is the education because it is heavily focused on instead of having sports. I can't always have everything because there w
Middle College High School is a great school to be enrolled in if you are looking to take advantage of receiving college credit throughout high school. If you attend this school, your only goal should be academics since this school has nothing else to offer. This school is great for students who are looking to graduate with their high school diploma and associates of arts degree simultaneously.
This school pushes you to succeed. The teachers are extremely motivated to help each student succeed and to have a great education. Teaching not only academics but also major responsibilities with a good start off to how college is going to be like.
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