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I attended Middle College High School from 2014 to 2017. Middle College gave me the opportunity to take dual enrollment classes during my senior year. With these hours I was able to be ahead by one semester once I started college. Other than the academics the school overall was pretty average. We didn't have many clubs or organizations that were interesting. The only official club that we had was Student Government Association, so, if you weren't in SGA or didn't play a sport the only thing you can benefit from Middle College is the academics. Overall the school prepared me for college and it has helped me further myself in higher education.
I never thought I was going to like this school when I started going here, but I fell in love with it. The opportunities that they offer their students are rarely found elsewhere such as their dual enrollment program with CBU where you go across the street and take actual college classes. So far I have taken Chemistry and both Comps. This semester I am taking Lit. I will be very ahead with just these credits.
Middle College has taught me how to be a woman. I would not be who I am without the staff here. It is a lot of work to pass but in the end, it is worth it. I am graduating with 30 hours of college credit and don't have any regrets.
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As a freshman I have enjoyed middle college! Coming in as a freshman, they prepared me with a camp over the summer so that i would know what to expected and what to be expected of. The teachers are really involved with the students and make sure you get to where you need to be!!
I like that Middle College is in alliance with Christian Brothers University. We have the chance to take college classes at CBU for free. I would like to see events and activities change because we don't have many fun things at the school.
All of the students at Middle College are a part if a community. The school is very poorly organized.
Middle College was an okay school. Things I would like to see from Middle College would be more club involvement. The students go to clubs no more than 5 times each year.
Middle College is one of the most supportive schools in Memphis. The teachers show that they really care about kids there. The students at Middle College are very respectful towards each other and the staff.
Very good school. Very keen on college readiness. Rigorous schooling in 9th and 10th grade for CBU Classes in the 11th and 12th.
The only thing going at Middle College is the chance for dual enrollment for free at CBU. Other than that classes are okay. Some are hard they all depend on the teacher. Sometimes don't stop to be sure students understands. The food is often times disgusting an should be illegal for them to serve.
I like going here, but it is really too small of a school. I would have liked to have gone to a bigger high school with more students and activities.
I honestly do love this school much. It's definitely a learning experience with rigorous and challenging work. We have teachers that don't allow us to give up no matter what. The entire staff is just an awesome support system . It's such a mature atmosphere in the building.
Definitely the school to attend if you're going to go to college. I was able to earn college credits while taking my normal classes in the high school. The curriculum is rigorous enough to get the feel of college early.
My experience at Middle College High School has been very rewarding. I get to attend a school with like-minded individuals. We have boasted a 100% graduation rate since inception. Students are allowed to take college courses at Christian Brothers University. We all place academics first and failure is not an option. Class sizes are small, and the teachers are vested in our success. Our principal has just been named the Principal of the Year by the state of Tennessee. I would not change one thing about my school. It is my desire that the trend continues and the school continues to produce top scholars.
The school itself is pretty good. The teachers actually strive to help a student; however, the administration is the real problem. A lack of respect and communication from the administration is what plagues the school with problems.
My experience at Middle College was different. I know it was different because the school itself is unique. Middle College is a high school where students have the opportunity to take college classes with a high enough ACT score. I was able to take advantage of the opportunity and I'm grateful for the experience. I have a nice amount of college credit already.
Middle College High school is quite an unique school. I didn't really know it existed until they came to a high school fair at my middle school. It was the first time I heard about dual enrollment. Now I'm taking college classes at CBU while still in high school. Its really an amazing experience. All the teachers put effort to make sure that every student understands. THe school has assemblies about certain topics and holidays. I've had quite a bit of fun. I'm glad I chose Middle College.
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My experience at middle college is nice and beneficial to my life. Middle college is the true definition of a school getting students prepared for college.
My experience at MCHS has been like a rollercoaster ride. There have been really great times and really bad times. My academic experience has been tremendous due to the level five teachers employed at the school. The school is relatively small, so everyone knows one another.
My time at Middle College High School, or MCHS, was one I am grateful for. MCHS excels at its college predatory programs are very top notch. As a result of my the Dual enrollment program I was able to accumulate 24 college credit hours my junior year alone, all of which I'll be able to keep when I attend college next year. Sadly the administration at the school isn't the most organized, this creates a plethora of confusion and displeasure in a students high school experience. As a result of the lack of proper communication between the administration and staff, the push for school culture is weak. In the end if I could go back to the summer of 8th grade year and choose another high school to attend I wouldn't, but I would pursue different options within the school to make it more manageable.
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