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If you’re not ready to be stressed, don’t come. This school is great for those who want to excel. Some of the staff could teach better. I’m addition, the campus is well kept for the most part. Some sports are unorganized at times. The students definitely affect my opinion on this school. It’s highschool and by this time you should be maturing, but some students fail to realize that. Education is key, and I think I made the right decision competing here. For that reason, this school is very good for the most part. I was thinking on whether to rate it as average, but then I’d be lying. Your everyday highschool, doesn’t allow student to get their AA at the same time. Therefore this is the only plus to this school.
If you want the true high school experience, I would recommend going to another school. The school is very small which means drama travels unnecessarily fast. Also, our school is broke so the senior class has to scramble to find funds. Also, when I was a freshman in 2015, the administration did not tell us how to get our AAs so we all had to band together to figure it out. The food truck is expensive and fattening so try to avoid it. Administration acts like they care about uniform but they don't so don't waste your money on it. There are very little AP classes and the clubs basically never meet. Our "homecoming" is January because we don't have a football team but it doesn't matter because the basketball team is pretty cool. In the end, if you care about academics you can come here but like me you end up mourning over what could have been. There's only Latinos and Black people with 2 white boys so the diversity is lacking but it's south central what can you expect?
At Middle College High School , I enjoyed everything. I loved the fact that it was a dual enrollment program at the high school. It gave a chance to have an experience that no other high schools have . I loved the administrators they was all loving and caring to each other and the students as well.
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The small student to teacher ratio allows students to build strong relationships with their teachers.
They allow you to take college courses while you are in high school, giving you the opportunity to graduate with your AA. I wish the school gave a real high school experience, it’s small and a lot of the clubs aren’t interesting.
My experience so far at Middle College High School has been phenomenal. The school is located on Los Angeles Southwest Community College campus giving us students the opportunity to take college courses along with our regular A-G requirements. What I really enjoy about Middle College is that our staff cares and goes out of their way to help see us students succeed. In regards to improvements, I would recommend better authority in classrooms because a few teachers I would say are too lenient or have good relationships with their students causing the students to view the teacher as a friend resulting in them acting out.
Middle College High School was the best thing I could've done to prepare for college. My home highschool wasn't what I wanted, so I applied to Middle College and was accepted regardless of the distance away from home. While attending Middle College, I was simultaneously enrolled at LA Southwest College as a part-time student. Taking those community college courses benefited me, I am currently a 3rd year at UC Santa Barbara but am at a Senior standing. The teachers are amazing and friendly, the courses challenge students, there are various opportunities for students to be involved but sports are limited. Also, food isn't the very best but I would recommend students to bring their own food. Overall, Middle College is a great school for someone who wants to pursue a higher education!
MCHS is a medium sized high school located on the college campus of Los Angeles Southwest College. My experience there has been pleasant so far because of the staff and students. The school is dedicated to get it students on the path towards college as we are allowed to take college classes to get ahead.
The school itself is decent. The teachers are really good. There are two main issues I have. The first is that it lacks a lot of AP classes; It only offers World History, US History, Biology, Calculus AB, English Language and English Literature. The second is that it lacks math and science resources. If you want to go into STEM, I would highly reconsider going to this school. There are some good classes for STEM majors, like biology and calculus, but many students find the chemistry class and the physics class to be lacking. Since the school is only one building, there are a lot of limitations to the labs that can be done. Also, the school generally does not invest large quantities in the science department. The school's shortcomings could be made up for by taking college classes but you would have to start no later than the beginning of sophomore year.
What i like about Middle College is how welcoming, supportive, and close knit the school atmosphere feels. My experience is very welcoming every one knows everyone. The teachers are amazing and offer an endless amount of resources to help see us succeed and progress. Middle College high school has helped shape me into the hard working and determined student that I am today.
I really have enjoyed my years at middle college high school. The teachers are caring and motivating. Especially since high school students are able to take college classes that fit their schedule. This give students a great advantage for the future.
This school opens up a lot of opportunities to get ahead in your courses. It's located on a new remodeled college campus and has a great program to help students enroll in college courses.
It's a good school for stunts who want a different experience from typical high schools. It's relatively small but that's great if you want a very close school environment. The academics are great, as it allows for dual-enrollment to the community college next to it.
I like how the school is located on a college campus because as a high school student you can take both high school classes and college courses. The classes are not an easy A so you have to work hard to get the grade you want. The teachers are amazing, and help you understand the work. The activities are fun to be apart of.
This school is very good overall. The teachers truly care about the students and their goals. The fact that this school is located on a college campus truly prepares the students for college (by actually attending college). Although the schedules are a bit strange, they force the student to learn how to balance, school, friends, college, and after school activities. There is a need for more staff and better resources but the school is still growing.
I am able to manage my time and classes with the high school and college classes.
I wish the school nurse was in every day
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There isn't as much clubs or programs like last year. The thing I admire so much is the professor's encouraging the students to be a part of a club and make a change.
Middle College High School offers college classes at Los Angeles Southwest College which helps every student socialize more, become open-minded, and for me it help me with my public speaking. My favorite memory has to be softball. I love softball so much, my team is my second family. I learn so much from them and especially my coach. I am not only talking about the rules or game that I learned...but I learned how to communicate more, express myself, and learned how to have fun.
They are willing to help no matter how long it takes to understand the subject.
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