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In the three years at Middle College Highschool, I met wonderful teachers. The teachers are great but I wish there would've been AP classes. The school itself is easy and slow pace but they do provide college classes at LaGuardia Community College. Also, the school is small and if you like your teachers knowing who you are then you'll like the school. Since the school is small, there aren't enough clubs, and sports to do besides just soccer, volleyball, and a forensics club. But what I do like from my school is that the teachers care about you, care you're doing well, and help you prepare for college. Overall, my experience has been good in this small community.
A good school overall. The college now program will help a lot if you are planning to go to a CUNY college because your college credits will transfer saving you money. The biggest downside for me while I was there was the math deparment. I loved my math teachers but the school doesn’t not teach advance math and often reteaches the same thing over and over again during the 4 years. However, if you do want to take a more advanced math class you can ask your advisor to put you in a college math class. The students there are also pretty chill, there are a few cliques here and there, and the teachers are really good, by the time you’re a senior you would most likely have a good bond with one teacher or staff there. Another thing if you plan on joining clubs or etc there isn’t much.
Overall the school gave me great opportunities that assisted me with my college career, but the school lacks the “high school” feel and all the staff is very unorganized and unprofessional
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Helpful teachers and many resources. Amazing how students get to start their college career during sophomore year in high school.
Middle College HS is one of those highschools that people hear and think, "they're all nerds there", which to a degree, is true. However, it is also filled with talented and dedicated students as well as teachers who are set on succeeding and wanting to succeed.
Whenever there are medical issues, the nurses are very supportive.
My school offers:

- chess club

- national honor society

- yearbook

- wrestling

- soccer

- softball
My school is small; it has two floors and the cafeteria is shared with another school. Coming from a big middle school, I thought the change would be difficult. However, I adapted quickly and found support from my peers. My school is different from other schools because it offers a fifth year in which students can take college classes. I take them at La Guardia Community College and think it has been beneficial to me. I'm not sure whether or not I'd choose a different school because this school has helped me balance out my extracurriculars. Since I get out early, I have enough time to go to soccer practice, then to my programs (Legal Outreach's College Bound Program and the Fresh Air Fund's College Connections Program.) If I went to a different school I wouldn't be able to participate in those activities and it would be hard for me to get a high class rank.
All of my teachers are knowledgable. When challenged, teachers will engage in a lively classroom discussion. Although they don't use real world examples, their teaching is still effective. They're consistent in grading since they use technology. I believe they truly care about their students but they could be more serious. Each teacher has a different teaching style but I've had all great teachers so far.
The school is very safe but the school nurse doesn't really do anything
I love everything about this school because of the way the school has so much trust in the students
It's one of the best schools, everyone is so friendly and can really connect with all of the student, teachers, and staff and you will never fell left out. Especially since it's a small school connecting with someone like a teacher or staff can help you out a lot when you need letters of recommendation for colleges.
My classes are what makes my bad situations better. My biggest issue with school is that it is very expensive. If i can afford school it would be a lot better.
My overall experience at my school has been great. I have been an A student since freshman year and made Principal Honor Roll, and National Honor Society. My teachers and of course my very involved parents push me to do well in both academics and on the softball field. I have been able to take and complete 5 college classes during the summer of freshman year to the end of sophomore year alone. I've enjoyed coming to this school and I have recommended it to other students coming to high school or wishing to transfer to a new high school.
Food services are okay but because 2 schools share the lunchroom during the day there isn't much space. Also because there are many stores and restaurants/diners around this area, students are allowed out of the building for lunchtime if they want. The food choices could be more varied but they are okay students seem to like it, I don't eat in the cafeteria so I just listen to what others tell me.
The schools administration and staff are very tough when it comes to disciplining students. If there are ever fights which are usually rare in the school, both students will have suspension regardless of who started it. If seniors do anything to jeopardize themselves they will not be able to attend prom or senior trip and might have suspension which holds them back for graduation until January the following year. There isn't bullying in the school, so much that you would hear of or it's not very visible. The staff also are tight on attendance, students can't skip class easily or hang out in the halls unless they are sure that the student doesn't have class at that time. If a child misses school days, they will ask for a good reason why they weren't there and will call houses everyday if they have to just to check with the parents to see if they know their child wasn't in school that day either. Lateness also counts too, because 2 lateness's equals 1 absence.
The fitness and athletic opportunities at this school are not that great. They could be a lot better in fact. Certain teams get better things than others equipment wise like the soccer team and then teams like softball don't get new equipment every year or money from PSAL to do much for the team. We also don't have a gymnasium in the building so the students have to use the college gym and locker room, and YMCA down the street. There are no parks around the school where their are fields to have a track team or have teams like baseball and softball practice.
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The teachers in our school go out of their way most of them, to make sure that not only their top students succeed but also their lowest students. They teach us from their own made curriculum free based anyway they want so we have a chance of learning different things from other high schools. They provide us with technology to do research and show us real world examples and documentaries from points in history to keep us interested and engaged in lessons.
The extracurricular activities are okay at this school. Students have a opportunity to participate in things from, sports to robotics and art. They only wish to have a dance class but the school doesn't receive as much resources financially as it could use to do more for the students. Although the opportunities range some are only on weekends when people are busy, and many kids do not take advantage of the opportunities.
This school is different from normal high schools which makes it unique
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