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Middle College High School Reviews

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My experience with Middle College High School has been outstanding compared to other schools I've worked with. From the classes that have been offered to students to the emphasis of college readiness, Middle School High School offers a wide range of options that aid students during their high school career.
So far, my experience in Middle College has been a blessing and a great opportunity. An exceptional school if you ask me. I cannot wait for more experiences and share as well as recommend this institution to those who seek a better quality education than that of regular High Schools in my area.
This school is an extremely great school. This school differs in many ways from traditional schools. First off it is set entirely at a community collage, which means that you act more like a college student than a high-school student. It pus a lot of responsibility on a student and gives an idea on how a college would really be. Attending this school has helped a lot of people strive for educational dreams. Teachers push you in the right direction and really get to know you. They act as really great mentors. All around great school.
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My experience in the Middle College High School, so far, has been very pleasant. I have been going to this school for almost two months now and I can say it's the optimal school that I have ever been enrolled in. I like that there are many facilities that give you the opportunity to study in. The most outstanding part of this school is that it prepares you for college by giving you a taste of what it'll be like. The only thing I would change about this school is for it to give high school students more of an actual high school experience.
I feel pretty safe and that's all that matters really.
This school has a lot of extracurricular activities that you can join. It's up to you to decide whether to join or not.
It's a great college, you'll gain the knowledge that you want.
The staff make me feel comfortable and give me confidence that I can do this and accomplish so many things.
Middle college high school have opened up my mind a lot i know what i want do after i am done with school i want work on automotive and mechanical engineering
I love Middle College because it gives me the opportunity to take the classes that I need for my career. The teachers are great and it gives students the chance to take dual-credit classes.
Middle College High School is high school where you take college classes, so like some colleges there is no cafeteria. This is a great opportunity to learn how to eat healthy on your own.
The teachers and administration at Middle College High school are very understanding. They expect us to apply ourselves to our studies and if you don't than they help you to realize that you are wasting a great opportunity. Thry will never force you to do something, but they try to get you to the right thing.
We are a purely academic school, but the students are encouraged to continue or pursue sports at the school they previously attended.
The teachers at MCHS are very helpful and knowledgeable. They are always willing to help you if your struggling or if you have questions. They are also very helpful when it comes to making plans for college
My school is purely academic, however the students can join the college offered clubs/organizations.
Multiple cultural backgrounds are present in Middle College high school.
The principle is very involved helping anyone anytime he can. The policies work in favor of the students getting them the bed education they could ask for.
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I was prepared for college courses but have few extracurricular activities to list from high school.
Teachers are very devoted to their students and spend a lot of time with them.
I am somewhat rating off what I have heard about the school specifically. I actually spend most of my time up at the college and taking college classes, but I know that everyone that did take the high school class liked them.
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