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Middle College at UNCG Reviews

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My experience at UNCG has been fun and hard and this has made me step up my academic game. I had learned so much and not just academically but socially and I would recommend this high school to anyone. Many of the teachers there are very helpful and if they see you try they will make sure to do everything in their power to help you pass and succeed. The kids there are also very respectful and whenever one is in need they will reach out.
It's a great experience, I highly advise you visit the area and try to get a feel for yourself! An all around enjoyable and pleasure for anybody that has doubts, new places, and experiences for any and everybody!
As a rising senior I have grasped so much from the Middle College and I hope that other behind me will understand the importance of education and positive figures within life.
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Great place to increase in knowledge and prepare for the future. I have grown in my awareness of the woman I can be. I am very happy I chose The University of Greensboro North Carolina, to move forward in my life's goals.
Mrs Polk Jones was an excellent role model with other faculty too ! Small size school is great and lots of new options every semester. A program which supports you developing communication skills in your community with other medical professionals. Prepares you for college class expectations in class wih college students
No school is perfect, but I love how the Middle College challenges me by allowing me to take college classes with college students while I am still a high schooler and having more exposure to the college life because we are in the UNCG campus. Something that I could see change is allowing more chances for students who are typically A or A/B honor to take college classes one semester even if their grade in one class is a few points lower than an 85, like if a student gets between an 80-84 in one class and in all their other classes they get above an 85, they should not be penalized for just that one class.
College classes taken gave my child a step ahead. Teachers were very intuitive. They need more people more counselors to help prepare the children for colleges to help them with scholarships and it helps him learn to apply for scholarships when it comes time for them to graduate they have poor counseling services and they felt really short and helping my child get ready forfilling out scholarships and helping her
The Middle College at UNCG is a great place to explore the college life and communication skills among peers, college students, and professors. It allows you to take college classes at a very young age and skip a year of college to ensure your readiness.
The Middle college at UNCG is an excellent school for students wishing to strive in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Overall in my own experience at the Middle college I have experienced new opportunities and ideas towards my future career and major. It is an astounding program that teaches core values and gives a student the chance to take college courses which can earn you credits towards UNCG.
Fantastic teachers dedicated to helping the students. Not many high school classes to choose from, however the college course selection is excellent. Beautiful campus. UNCG Professors have been very supportive of the Middle College students as well. Would choose MC@UNCG over our local high school any day.
I like how diverse the school is. The teachers are also sweet. However, we were not taught the process of college admissions. You must learn independently and work hard.
The Middle College at UNCG gives students the opportunity to take college classes which while help them once they start their fill career. However the administration is disorganized, we've had a different guidance counselor every year and it takes them a lot time to get things done. The current principal likes to breath down our necks, is very strict, and has an overly "friendly" attitude that manages to inspire fear, and loathing while maintaining a creepy vibe. Students are not allowed to have their cellular devices during lunch which makes no sense. Otherwise if you're looking for the opportunity to take college classes and are willing to put up with the school, then it's worth considering.
My experience at UNCG is either a great time and experiencing different opportunities or it can be a stressing environment with limited opportunities. Attending this school lets me earn college credits and try to persuade my career in health field. However, being able to register for college classes that you want is nearly impossible for the fact that the high school students are registered in late for the class. Also, we cannot pursue our career goal as we want it to because of the restriction of classes they have. On the bright side, I do enjoy the diversity and how helpful some teachers are.
I am a sophomore at the Middle College and so far my experience has been decent. But the school was not to my expectation but it is way better than my home school. I would like to see more opportunities for college classes and better incentives to encourage the students and actually make their experience at the school unforgettable.
The classroom environment is small and friendly. The people are always willing to help. The only thing I would like to see different is the amount of freedom we have.
I have no opinion on this subject
The teachers go above and beyond.
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All the teachers are interested in each and every student even the ones not in their class
I never felt unsafe or like my life was in danger.
There are alot of clubs. I just wish we had more than one day of the week in each.
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