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MVCS has undergone major transformation this year-students are more involved in their extra-curricular activities, teachers are using more experiential learning techniques in their classrooms, and the school climate is healthier overall. I love working here, even without having a background in what I am teaching. Our staff is united and genuinely enjoys each other's company. We are not perfect, but that is the whole point and it encourages us to believe the hope that we have in Jesus!
This is a relatively small school. I have been very impressed with the teachers and how much they care for each and every student. There are times when homework seems a little heavy, however, I find that my child sometimes doesn't use time wisely. When my child was struggling in an area, the teacher volunteered to meet before school for assistance. I have had teachers spend time at lunch to offer extra help as well. There is a warm and friendly atmosphere at the school and events. The Lord's blessing is on this school!
Sadly the MVCS teachers were not very nurturing during my stay. There is a bullying problem, and I fell victim to it. The faculty are good at teaching during class, but lack control in other situations. Overall the reason I left was because of the students.
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I sent my child to Mid Vermont. It was an awful decision to say the least. The teachers were extremely immature and not able to handle their classrooms appropriately. Tuition is quite low, but unfortunately that does not make up for the lack of education that this school offers. Do not make the same mistake I did by sending my child to this school.
I entered Mid Vermont as a 7th grader. I’ll start with one positive. The financial aid is great. Other than that, the school is awful. Untrained teachers, terrible electives, and a small facility all add to the school’s problems. I would strongly advise anyone looking for a Christian school with good values to look elsewhere. Please follow my advise!!
Mid Vermont Christian school has provided me with a unique scholastic experience for the last four years. The teachers are so passionate and dedicated to the students, and each one loves God. They are always eager to help, supportive of our academics, and willing to invest into my life and the lives of my classmates. Mid Vermont Christian school is a close community. The friends I have made there are the best I've ever known, and I know I can always count on them for anything. While many seniors are antsy to graduate and simply move on with life, I find myself looking back and wanting to do it all over again. MVCS has shaped me into the person I am today, and I couldn't be any more grateful for the opportunity to attend. As far as how I think it could improve, I wish the student body was a little larger. While I hope it never loses the sense of closeness and community, I wish there was even more opportunity to make friends and interact with a slightly larger crowd on a daily basis.
I have loved becoming apart of this school community. My classmates have become close friends and the teachers are great leaders. Although the school is small, there are many benefits that come with it. Ihave been able to persue my interests in music with much support and individual help. I have really gotten to know my teachers and learn from them. The atmosphere is great, and I would do it all over.
The teachers at Mid Vermont Christian school are great. They are knowledgable and always willing to answer questions to the best of their ability as well as reasearch topics that are unclear. Outside of class teachers are always willing to talk about school, work, or life. I have had much help from my music teacher figuring out college decisions, and I value their openness and support.
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