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Mid-Prairie High School Reviews

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The almost all teachers are very great and helpful. Students are okay. The school building is great.
It is a decent school. But since it is more "country based" there are a lot of students who show queer-phobic tendencies. So, it makes it a little hard to come out openly about sexual orientation/gender identity.
I like how the entire Mid-Prairie district is a community and is like a second family away from home.
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I am homeschooled, but I feel like mid prairie is good acedemically more so than the average students learning abilities.
I love that everyone knows everyone and we have gone to school with the same people since Pre-K. I also love how the teachers genuinely want to help you succeed.
Each teacher has great knowledge and skill to lead a classroom. They have the ability to teach not only their own subject, but to research other subjects that also apply to their studies. They also know how to lead a class that is challenging, productive, and easily understood.
There are many opportunities for students to do extra activities.
They are very knowledgeable in their curriculum area
There needs to be a full time nurse on sight, but funding says there can't be.
This school gives students many opportunities from academics, athletics and fine arts.
Overall, my experience at Mid-Prairie High School has been positive. The staff is always willing to help and guide students toward a path of success. Help is always provided when needed. The curriculum is concise and allows students to actively progress in the development of their education.
I'm a vegetarian, so I brought my own lunch everyday for all four years of high-school. I heard many the complaint about the school food everyday as well, but there were plenty of other times when the football boys would all get seconds and sometimes thirds. Snacks weren't even a thing at our school, unless of course you brought your own and then just ate them during class. There was always a vegetable option and some fruit with the meals, so kids had the opportunity to eat a little healthy and balance out the shrimp poppers, but obviously, not every person wants to eat those things. As I also remember, there wasn't a special diet option, so I think most individuals that had any sort of special diet requirements just supplied their own meals.
I personally was never punished in anyway, most of the teachers were pretty understanding and we had lots of knew staff my junior and senior year that were still learning the ropes, but strictly enforced and stood on their beliefs of discipline. Most kids got in-school for fights and such, but there was nothing ever very serious. Detentions were common, and if it was seen as unfair, the principal and teacher that handed out the detention would sit down with the student and discuss it and come to some sort of an agreement about the situation.
Like many other small towns, high school football is a big deal for us. Friday night football games were always the place to be to hang out with friends and be a part of the community. Soccer ( a growing sport all over the country) is steadily becoming more and more popular, both the girls and boys program and I can honestly say that it was the most fun sport at Mid-Prairie, but maybe I'm a little bias. Yeah, the student athletes did their fair share of complaining after a tough practice or a rough game, but we knew it was all to make us better players and improve our skills. Our coaches always had nothing but our best interest at heart and of course a main goal to just have fun playing the sports that we loved.
The teachers at mid-prairie are amazing people. They stay after school to help the students willing to come and get help, and they are available during study hours to help explain lessons. They have patience that I would never be able to have and handle hard situations with grace and maturity. They were always available for questions or just to talk about life if you were having a tough go. The teachers of Mid-Prairie are respectable and great people that I think I took for granted when I went to school there, but now looking back, I truly realize how lucky I was to have teachers that really cared about me and wanted to see me succeed.
I played many sports while in high school, which was what I enjoyed, and participated in Choir and the Drama department as well. I weight-lifted every morning before school at 6 am with our trainer and other students in the off-season which was actually really fun, despite the early hours. My father was the soccer coach and I played on the varsity soccer team as a starter for 4 years and received 2nd team all-state my senior year. The choir program was a very fun program to be a part of, and the teacher was one of a kind. She strived to make us not only better musicians but better students as well.
Mid-Prairie Definitely helped prepare me to go to college. We did an online program called I Have A Plan Iowa, that tried to narrow down a major that went well with our interests and personality. We had many college representatives come and talk about their schools, trying to see what schools would fit us best. I was exposed to many college level classes and got a lot of dual credits to transfer over to college and give me a little head start, which was very helpful. Overall I was very much so ready for the real world after high school, academically, socially, and mentally.
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Any cafeteria that has to feed an abundant of children isn't going to be the best, but total quality is pretty good on most days.
Could be more helpful when it comes to guidance counselors, etc. Only have one for the entire school creates a lot of stress and having another one would be more helpful for students.
Going to games and being a part of the excitement and support for amazing athletic programs is really a highlight of my high school career!
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