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Mid-Carolina High School Reviews

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I like this school because there is great administration, and good guidence. The administrators at this school help as much as they can with students for the best possible outcome. They also keep students on track and the school is very organized. I enjoy all the extra ciricular activities they provude also weither it be sports or musical sessions.
Mid-Carolina High is a very welcoming school, not all of the students are the best and we have our flaws but our academics are above average and a lot of the students stubs to do the best we can. The hallways are typically kept very clean and most students are very welcoming to anyone new that may come along. Most of the time student council and other student invoking clubs are eager to get other students to participate and try to have fun. We have great resources within the library and all of the teachers are usually really eager to help you with anything that you may need. We also have great guidance counselors and leaders of our school that will always take some time to help you with future college plans or hear about any of your concerns. I feel that this school is a great learning and physical environment for people to enroll their children for many generations to come.
Pros:Teachers and staff are friendly and supportive as long as you want to do well. Courses don't really prepare you for college. College is faster paced and more in depth. MC is pretty safe and clean compared to larger/more urban schools, and the building is only about 10 years old.
Sports-several notable athletes (baseball players) that played in college and/or went pro. CJ Edwards for example plays with the Cubs, and pitched in the World Series Championship. We don't do so well in other sports.
Cons:Food is gross, like most public schools. Bringing your own lunch is a good idea.
Social life- Cliques are a big thing and making friends is difficult. Most students seem stuck-up. Less humble than you would expect for a school placed between a cow pasture and a tape factory.
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I love the faculty and staff at Mid-Carolina. All of the teachers are hands-on and are more than willing to offer extra help to any student in need. I would like to see more challenging curriculum though or more honors classes.
I like Mid Carolina High School, but the school needs to help you more with college because you are all on your own. The environment and teachers are great. The food could change because it is not the best. There are many clubs, activities and sports anyone can participate in.
I'm Tanisha Glasgow a senior at Mid-Carolina High School and I like that my school have a strict school policy because without that people would be wearing clothes that doesn't follow the school dress code, getting in more fights, disrespecting teachers and students, bullying, etc. My overall experience have been great so far and its a great school to attend. I would like to see more people at school to have more school spirit and more parents to help volunteer I helping the school with activites, and the food could be much better. I love my school and I support everything they do.
Mid-Carolina is a good high school. I enjoyed the overall environment and experience of attending high school there. One thing that needs to be changed is the technology; it is in need of updating.
Overall great experience. Would like to see a class or seminar that prepares you for all the challenges and changes that go along with the college transition and more guidance on classes that are available for college credit such as which ones and how many classes to take prior to college.
Usually dead bugs around the hallways and bathrooms are quite nasty
There's not much besides Beta Club, Spanish Club and FCA
Wouldn't recommend this school to anyone!
Not all teachers teach as well as others
The staff and teachers are all nice and make learning interesting.
this school is very diverse and accepting of others differences.
I feel very safe at school.
There are many options to choose from to get involved at school.
My experience at this school was the best, it is a great atmosphere to learn in.
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The teachers at Mid Carolina High School are outstanding and prepared me with the knowledge I needed to succeed in college!
Everybody that is involved in the health and safety at this school are great and are highly trained and experience. They care about the children will beings as if they were their own.
The extracurricular opportunities are very diverse. There are various options for students to choose from. They are all good activities and are very competitive with other schools in the state.
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