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Mid-Buchanan Senior High School Reviews

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At Mid-Buchanan, the teachers care about you as a person and as a student. They push you to do your best but to also challenge you for the future.

One thing that I would like to see changed is how well students are prepared for the ACT and college. I hope soon they will offer an ACT Prep class and update their resources.
This a great school and community. It honestly is like a really large family. Small class size allows teachers to be fully engaged with their students and build trust that you just don't get in the larger schools.
I've gone to Mid-Buchanan my whole life, and have been very blessed with this community. It's a small school with super supportive staff. Our teachers and coaches are very talented. Students are able to actively participate in almost any sport or extra-curricular activity they want, without being penalized in other areas. Most students leave prepared for life after, but also with bitter-sweet goodbyes.
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Teachers know all students by their names and are always willing to come in early or stay late to help students with their schoolwork. Some classes have over 20 students while other classes only have 7 or 8. I would like for class sizes to be about the same to make it fair for students for one on one work.
Mid-Buchanan is a great place to go to school. The teaching staff helps every student reach their goal educational wise.
I love my school. We have great teachers and the classes that we have challenge you. The athletic programs a very successful and we have good coaches. I wouldn't change anything about my school.
i love it, it has helped me throughout my whole career as a student and cant wait to tell people that i graduated from here. it was the first and only place i have gone and probably wont go to college unless i get this scholarship.
There are various types of clubs and sports and organizations to be involved in all year long. I participate in Art Club all year long, and there is never a dull moment. I also participate in FFA, FCCLA, Cross Country, and Track. While Art Club is fun, there aren't a lot of funds for expenses and field trips. FFA is frequently taking trips to compete, especially in the spring, when we always take a lucky group of students down to Columbia for State. FCCLA often has fundraisers, but it is hard to be involved in this group as I am already involved in FFA, and the two groups do some activities together. Cross Country and Track will be getting new uniforms this year! (an accomplishment not many students get to experience!) Also, we were recently selected for a grant to build a new Track, so we can now host Track meets. With the grant we are also building a new entrance to the school, and installing air conditioning throughout. Many teachers teach as well as coach, and many teachers come to games and meets to support each sport.
Some of my favorite experiences of attending this school have been from FFA. I am very involved in FFA, being I am an FFA officer. I have also taken Agdriculture classes all four years of highschool. FFA has been a place where I can be myself and express myself, without fear of being judged. I have had much success in FFA, it has been a great boost for my confidence. This school is unique in its ability to come together as a whole. "We Are One", was our basketball slogan a few years ago. It is amazing to me, how strong we are as a school when we come together to support the sports we love. Everyone knows everyone, and that only brings us closer. We are a school with so much spirit. All of us students consider ourselves the luckiest kids alive to be going to a school so full of pride. I love this school, with all of my heart, but I wouldn't choose to come to this school again if i had the chance to do it over. I wouldn't choose this school because, while we have a lot of fun, other schools are excelling in academics. There are far greater opportunities that can be taken advantage of at a bigger size highschool, than at my small town highschool. Such as: internships, advanced classes, more college classes avaliable, and just more opportunities alltogether. I loved this school until I got into highschool and I didn't get into the classes I wanted because there just 'weren't enough chairs', or we 'don't offer those classes here'. I enjoy the closeness of a small school, and not having to walk up flights of stairs to get to my next class, but if those are the things I have to lose to be able to get into a good college I'll accept it.
Most of the teachers at my school go above and beyond to make sure you have learned and understand the material being taught. There are many different teaching styles used, which can help you decide what style is the most effective for you, and can aid in studying. The teachers at my school are very knowledgable in the subject they are teaching. Some teachers are very successful in connecting with each student the same. Making them not only your teacher, but your friend. Grading techniques can vary with different teachers, but each teacher stays true to their style of grading.
Most teachers are reasonable and their isn't much to complain about. there are a few things here and their, but nothing overall. I'm not the most active person in this school to be able to judge it.
I like the school overall.
I don't get the lunch but, from what I've heard, it's not the greatest.
I couldn't imagine going to any other school in the area. This school has been everything I could have ever asked for as far as sports, academics, and the relationships I have made.
Our resources are about as good as they can get with the limited amount of money our school is offered.
The teachers at this school try their best to make class interesting. They inflict real-life situations into their lessons and always help students in need.
Our school is a very safe learning environment for kids. The faculty takes all of the necessary cautions to ensure a secure place for everyone.
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Our school administration truly tried their best to make our school a great place to attend. Times are tough in the economy so the students aren't allowed to do many things but, the teachers and faculty members try their best to make our school great.
There are things I don't like about this school, but it ranks in the top 50 in the state in several categories, so I can't really complain. I am impressed that the staff can do that on such an awful budget because this school is broke.
The food here is awful. I became fed up with it and started bringing my own food. I frequently hear of cases of food poisoning and that's out of a high school of 200 kids.
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