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Mickey Leland College Preparatory Academy For Young Men Reviews

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I like the fact that almost all kids that graduate our school attend college. The school does a great job not only teaching us, but preparing us for what we will experience in college. Our school needs improvement to our student-life.
The experience in this school is different from every other school because of the amount of interaction one has with the teachers. The teachers are a big part of this school because without them we wouldn't be having fun in class and one wouldn't be prepared for harder classes.
Attending an all-male campus was a very beneficial to my school and future goals. It allowed me to reach my greatest potential and strive for academic success. Now, I am a mature leader around campus; I have taken the responsibility of motivating other students. I also want to be a role model and exemplify how a young man carries himself. One day, I plan on opening my own storefront and later franchising my business to other major cities.
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Overall, my experience at MLCPA has been a good experience. Once you get past the fact you are attending an all male school, you can enjoy the fact that all the teachers are approachable and help ensure you understand the material, all of your peers are nice and friendly, and you are getting a good education. The one thing, I would like to see changed is the class ranking system, as this is a very small school. Our top 10% would be a normal school's top 1%, and this is unfair to those of us who have GPA's who would be in the top 10, but because of class size, we fall out.
I have attended Mickey Leland College Preparatory Academy since I was in the 6th grade, and I am now a Junior. I believe that I have received an excellent education and feel that I will be prepared for the rigor of college academics. The principal is approachable and really cares about his students. The teachers have high expectations, but provide support and help. The environment is safe, and good for learning. I recommend it as a wonderful institution of learning! The only downside is no girls, but there's plenty of time for that on the weekends.
I like that the school builds a close relationship with some of the teachers, but you can easily see that there is a flaw between the administration and the staff when it comes to communication and relationships that does not cause a healthy school environment.
Some of the teachers are great. Ms. Landry in the office is excellent, caring and respectable. Sorry I can't say the same about Ms. Kaur her name should be Ms. Cold. She very rude and uncaring. I once went to talk to her about my child, she wouldn't shake my hand as I extended to greet her. The conversation didn't not get out of hand I just decided that Young Men Prep is not the school for him.
Nothing, I'm speechless with anger and frustration. The teachers are nice and do their best to teach the students. However, the administration is horrible, they don't know how to do their job, there is no order, students do what they feel like. It's 30 degrees outside and -10 degrees inside. Please, I beg you don't consider this abomination of a school. The only good thing are the great amount of AP classes they offer.
This school is an amazing academic learning environment. I chose this school because of the college readiness and it amazing well-educated teachers. The administration at this school is very helpful. They do whatever is necessary to give students a safe and fun learning place.
The reason why I might choice this school again is because of how small it is but at the same time that is reason I wouldn't want to come back.Its good in a sense that there's not a lot of distractions while the downside of that is that there isn't a variety of people to befriend.
Its average at the most.
High school gets little to no extracurricular activities. It goes mostly towards middle school.
The teachers give there best effort when it comes to helping a student understand a topic. They are very intelligent teachers that goes just a little beyond helping there students. The conversation they share with us about real world issues are very thought out. They have a very nice friendship with the students some of the time.
There is a sense of brotherhood and is like family. Going to this smaller school is an advantage for students to build a connection to their teachers and administrators, making their overall school experience better overall.
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