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I switched to MVCA from a brick and mortar school in the middle of my sophomore year of high school. They have been wonderful at making me feel welcomed and like I belong there. They are open to any background, situations and setbacks that you may have. They work hard to make sure you succeed.
At first my kids loved it. Week 2 half of the assignments my boys finish we are told they didn't finish and had to do again. Some assignments we cant even open. All of my kids did very well my oldest was all A's now has F's no falt of his! When you email they dont respond when you call no one calls back. The computers we received from the school are messed up (glitching all the time) so much so my 1998 dell works better. It has been a nightmare! Do not use this school! Your better off homeschooling!
I’m in self contained class in school and my teachers go out of their way to help me understand and learn from where I started in the class to where I am now is such a big difference
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I love Michigan Virtual Charter Academy! I am a high-school freshmen and even though we do not need to get up everyday and go to a school building; we are still getting a great level of education. I personally believe that we are getting a better level of education then we would be if we actually went to a school. Our teachers and staff are amazing; they are always there to help you with whatever you need and because your teacher can help you when not helping other students your education is more based around you. Your teacher gets to know you and your family and work around all the kinks so that you are on the right path; they also want us to know what we are doing with our future after we leave MVCA. I really love Michigan Virtual Charter Academy, but I do wish there was more activity's so we could get to know the people in our learning environment.
I love MVCA! I have been going since I was in seventh grade (2013) and I have had mostly positive experiences with them. I have noticed nothing but constant improvement in the way they run things (such as improvement in the years that I went for state testing in person) or even with their website. Michigan Virtual Charter Academy is definitely one of the better online schools out there, and is extremely intimate+ they make sure to form a bond with the families going to their school. The only downfall, personally, is the lack of extracurriculars. This is to be expected when going to online school. but I am getting to the age where I am filling out college applications and noticing I do not have a lot to write when they ask for school activities! It's not like MVCA has a debate club or anything. Anyways, apart from that, I love MVCA so much.
I enrolled in mvca the first year they started. Before that i was homeschooled and adjusting to school completely online was really easy. I had a great time all four years of my high school career. During my time there mvca was always evolving and changing for the better. Its a great school.
What I love about my school is that is offers a lot of flexibility so that I can do most work on my own time. The teachers are always there to talk to, and all the students are friendly. It is totally free, and their dual enrollment program is amazing! Only issue is that there are no sports teams because it is an online school, but field trips and other events are sometimes still available.
I have had a really terrible experience. Teachers and staff are unaccommodating. If you start mid semester, some teachers wont exempt you from things when they are supposed to. Even with my IEP, teachers have told me that my assessment accommodation doesn't count towards quizzes.
I've been going to MVCA for 5 years now! It's my senior year and I couldn't be more proud! MVCA has really helpful teachers and the classes are comprehensive and interesting. Since MVCA is a cyber school, you're allowed to study whenever you want, as long as you meet deadlines. This makes it really great for people who can't do 9 to 5!
I'm really enjoying my time here and I'll miss it when I leave!
Assignments are very easy and quick. Teachers stay on you to get all your work done and if you need assistance the teachers have no problem with helping you. They call your phone or email you if you've missed any assignments or if any upcoming events are happening. This is a great school and I recommend everyone to join MVCA!!!!
What I really enjoy about attending MVCA is the flexibility of it all. You are able to work at your own pace, but still have some deadlines. This allows you to work at a comfortable speed but there is also structure to your schedule. Coming from years of public schooling, I like that MVCA still attempts to put on activities (like spirit week) like a typical public school.
I absolutely loved my time here at MVCA. The teachers are all very kind and excited to teach others. The content was always understandable.
Best school ever! My kids love it and they learn so much more than a regular public school. I couldnt ask for a better school. My kids get one on one attention they need and the best curriculum they could ask for.
I love it. It is a much better academic situation. I can take classes online that are not offered in a normal school setting such as Anthropology and Criminal Justice.
Really good school. I had all great teachers and was able to catch up and do high school in 3 years. If you aren't good with technology or you don't have patience then a school like MVCA isn't for you. The course work is rigorous but it helped me be ready for college. They have MANY clubs and electives to choose from. Many could help with future careers. I loved it. We still had prom and outings. The science courses were amazing and interactive. I never felt like I wasn't being social. There is still state testing where you travel to a location to take required testing.
Amazing school and amazing teachers. Sometimes teachers are a bit much with a student falling behind but overall amazing school to attend.
My experience at MVCA has been great! I enrolled last year in March and I started off as a credit recovery student. The courses online are great; however, there are caveats. First of, it's not for everyone. There is no teacher besides your learning coach (designated person who makes sure you're on track & doing your work) who pushes you to do your work and strive your best. Responsibility is left to the student [in high school] to get themselves ready for college. As far as challenge goes, you have to put in what you want to get out. If you don't study, you don't get good grades, literally. If you do, you will excel!
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I have been attending since 9th Grade (Fall 2013).I was really worried I wouldn't receive a good education from this school because I previously was a private school kid, but MVCA EXCEEDED my expectations.I feel like I learned MORE at MVCA.The teachers are so willing to work with you&will go out of their way to make sure you succeed.I like that all live lessons are recorded so I can go back&re-experience class.Very rarely will you encounter someone "mean" here.Everyone is so uplifting &kind.Outside of school work, there aren't many activities for upperclassmen which is super disappointing.The after school clubs make up slightly for no physical interaction with classmates.I actually helped found the Anime Club we have.Not to toot my own horn, but I think it is pretty awesome.The Read-Aloud Café is amazing as well! Its probably my favorite "class" to go to.I am kind of sad this is going to be final year.I love everyone at this school&it has made my high school experience worth while.
I love the flexibility of your schedule. I love the classes available for you to take. I'm not a fan of the course load. It's a lot of work.
I am a senior who is attending Michigan Virtual Charter Academy. MVCA is a great virtual school, with many amazing teachers and staff members. It has helped me a lot with preparing for college; they have you take tests to find out what career would best fit your personality. Since this is a virtual school I am not able to rate the food or the facilities. Overall all this is a great school; the teachers are very nice and patient with their students. The staff is always ready to answer questions when they are asked. The staff is also a big help to anyone enrolling in the school, in my tenth grade year it only took a few easy steps to finish. One big thing I love about this school is the safety, it makes me feel much safer being able to get and education in the comfort of my own home. They also offer many events for the students who attend MVCA; they get to talk with teachers and many other students. These events are great ways to make lifelong friends.
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