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My experience with attending MMSA was overall great. They honestly do a wonderful job at preparing students for college. Along with this i is also a small school, which allows for the student to be evolved in a family like environment with the students and teachers.
The teachers are great, they really care about their students. They take the time to explain things thoroughly. If you don't understand, they will help you until you do. They have also been helpful when it comes to giving information about college help. Several of my teachers have given great tips.
Great teachers! Any student who goes to school to learn can utilize them! Any student who goes to school to get to college can utilize MMSA's sources to get there.
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The school is very strict on uniforms, cannot wear jackets over uniforms. Classrooms are so cold that students wear coats, jackets, sweaters, etc. under their shirts to keep warm. Mostly focus on education, there are only a few field trips throughout the year. The lunch is horrible, but the students are great.
MMSA really cares about your education. The staff members are working very hard to see each student succeed! The teachers push you to do your best and encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things! The school's education over all is amazing and I really enjoyed my four years in high school at Michigan Math and Science Academy!
I love the academics at my school. I like that they split the classes into honors and regular so that students are learning at the level that is best for them. The teachers and staff are really supportive and good at their jobs.
Michigan Math and Science Academy has help me mold myself into a beautiful young lady ready to conquer a successful future. MMSA is a kindergarten through 12 school ran more like a family. The genuine love, care and protection delivered by the staff is incomparable to any other. In struggling to find myself, MMSA collectively stayed involved in my life to make sure that I was making choices for success that would carry me through and beyond high school. They saw potential in me that I did not always give myself credit for. They did so by staying on top of me, checking my bad habits, challenging me academically, and reminding me of the end goal when I seemed to be getting off track. Leaving MMSA will be one of the hardest things I will ever face. I have gained unrealistic skill, knowledge and support.
The work was challenging, this is a "college readiness" school.
The school has many fun activities, like robotics.
The school is diverse. Most students are kind, and staff care.
The majority of teachers whom I was their student were kind, intellegent, and open-minded. They constantly expressed how much they cared about their students, and we very much appreciated them.
We learn a lot at this school , the courses we take are for the most part very challenging.
The school doesn't have any type of security , except cameras that's when fights break out no one knows what to actually do to stop them. My personal safety is to make sure I'm not around troublemakers. We don't have a school nurse available the school safety could be much better.
There are a lot of cool clubs , mainly because some teachers took their time and wanted to have after school club for students. We also have a National Honor society organization , but the most popular clubs are Magic club and japanimation. The teachers try to have clubs going on to bring some fun in the school.
I would say its okay again , because when I first started going to Michigan Math and Science Academy it was a great school and at that time we had a different director. Now it has went downhill , the teachers aren't interested in helping the students it seems. It was nice when we had nice events and student and staff participation. I wouldn't choose this school again for the reason being I would want a better highschool experience than this one.
Its okay because we have a few good teachers , those are the teachers I have had but I have one teacher who doesn't actually teach the lessons right , and she just gives us tests every week. It really seems like the teachers well some aren't qualified . The grading scale for classes are most of the time off. The teachers aren't very polite and don't like hearing the students ideas but at the same time we have a few that do and they want to help the students get all the education they need.
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