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Michigan Lutheran Seminary is an incredible place to grow. As a student, you not only grow in your academics, but also in the knowledge of your Savior.
I absolutely love this school. Since I've been here, I've realized so much more about myself and have been able to see how I can use the talents that God has given me and use them to the best of my abilities. My favorite part is probably the music department and the theatre department because I've made my favorite memories in my involvements in the theatre productions and my involvement in music.
Michigan Lutheran Seminary seems as if it is too good to be true, but it is true! This school is absolutely amazing. The teachers know exactly how to present information so that students not only remember things but actually understand them too. The food is well cooked, diverse, and has many healthy options. This school prepares students for college in a way that I didn't think was even possible before I attended the school. They offer ACT prep classes and aim their curriculum to mirror certain characteristics of college. There has never been a moment at this school that I have felt unsafe. This is done through security cameras and an intercom system to make sure that intruders do not enter the school.
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Michigan Lutheran Seminary is an amazing school that allows young men and women to increase their education while being immersed in the Word of God. The faculty and staff constantly remind us how we are loved children of God and that even though we mess up, they and God still love us. I have been a dorm student at Michigan Lutheran seminary for 4 years. Dorming in high school can be tough, but it brings you closer to your friends and teaches you many things about independence. It has prepared me immensely for college life and how to support myself in my decisions. I am grateful for the opportunities that Michigan Lutheran Seminary has laid out before me and I feel ready to be sent out into the world as an educated woman.
Staff care about your learning, success, and staff to student ratio really helps in the classroom which makes the average GPA quite good. We have all honors classes for every student. It costs $6,000 to commute there or $13, 000 to live in the dorms before financial aid. There isn't very much diversity or clubs because there are only 200 students and the focus of the school is to prepare students to be a pastor or teacher
Great school to prepare students for the public ministry, as well as using their gifts in other jobs. I have loved all four of my years here.
I love the overall atmosphere at MLS. There is such a family feeling here. Everyone knows each other and becomes the family members that we never thought that we could have in a school. Going to school here is the experience of a lifetime.
The science department could be much better, and the class options are all quite limited, but most of them are high quality. All in all, I am very glad I went to MLS.
I like the nice environment that MLS provided me. I liked the higher standards that the teachers had because it made me work for what I wanted. I like how MLS specifically worked at preparing us for college and teaching us life skills that we can take with us for the rest of our lives. I like that the teachers are all very nice and take their time to help their students, even out of school. The only changes that MLS should make are changes that keep the school thriving. I think that MLS should continue adapting to modern times and to continuously work at making their education the best that the students there can receive.
I loved going to Sem and am sad to be leaving. Everyone cares so much at this school. The grading scale is tougher, and some of the classes can be very challenging. The teachers always push you to do their best. Each and every one of them wants all the students to succeed.
Michigan Lutheran Seminary is a great place to get a good Christian Education. You feel like you have a family and everyone is so tight knit. We all share the same faith and connect it to everything we do. There aren't that many students so you get a lot of one on one with teachers when you need it. Everyone here is so involved with the school and extra circulars. There are opportunities to try new things and really get yourself out there.
It us a very good school, the students and faculty are all caring. The faculty prepares you to be successful and you also get all honors courses from the get go. The ONLY thing that I think should change is the introduction of shop, woodworking, small engine, and career center.
Michigan Lutheran Seminary isn't just a school. It is a family. When you leave MLS you will always have that connection to your fellow classmates and faculty. The thing that is different about MLS is that we come together to worship every day. I think that this brings us closer together in the faith and helps us through the tough high school years. MLS is very good at preparing you for college. They make sure that you will be ready to go out into the real world. I think that the faculty is great and everyone is involved in everything. That's what I love about small schools. You get everyone involved in an extracurricular activity. I loved attending MLS and when I grow up and have a family of my own I will send my kids there.
Michigan Lutheran Seminary is advanced in it's academics. It is widely known that the curriculum is harder and more rigorous than other schools. It also has a great support system for those who are in extracurriculars. The support for students is phenomenal and the bonds formed with faculty and students is above any other school.
I love how we are all of one faith and center our lives around God. There's nothing about this school I would change; I love it.
Michigan Lutheran Seminary is a home for every students here. You grow physically and spiritually. You learn from the most intelligent professors you can ever met.
My experience with Michigan Lutheran Seminary was one that I will never forget. Class sizes are small and it is a family feeling environment.
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MLS does a great job of demonstrating its purpose--training young Christians for a life of service to God. However, there are some things that concern me about the school. Although all the teachers are lovable characters who have some teaching skill, many of them aren't trained to teach in their specific areas. Also, the rules regarding dorm life at the school are often strict for reasons that don't seem to make sense. Regardless, it is a very comfortable atmosphere to attend school in.
The teachers care so much about the students and want each and every one of them to succeed and be the best that they can be.
Going to Michigan Lutheran Seminary was a great joy to me. Learning about Christ as my Savior really helped me to develop my personality. The teachers are incredibly helpful in all aspects. Receiving help in classes is very easy as well as making up tests and quizzes. The student body is small which allowed me to meet many people and make wonderful friends. I would like if Michigan Lutheran Seminary were to have more elective classes, that would allow a student to explore different careers. Overall, I wouldn't trade my experiences at Michigan Lutheran Seminary for anything.
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