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I love everyone coming together for sports games, but I would also like to see ML grow in students and get better at sports.
What I love most about Michigan Lutheran is probably the environment. The majority of the teachers, staff, and students are very pleasant to be around and make being at school an actually enjoyable experience. If there was one thing I have to say I dislike about ML, it's how heavily the school seems to hold tradition. It can be difficult to suggest any type of change, however it is possible and there are a few people on the staff, particularly the younger teachers, who are very open to the thought.
The students themselves were not really friendly. The teachers were nice and cared if you succeeded. I learned a lot during my experience there.
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Everyone is able to get involved in any activity. Many activities are offered. With a small school, everyone is able to know and see everyone every day leading to a better environment. The teachers are there to help the students do their very best. They genuinely look to help us learn.
As I look back now, I have come to realize how lucky I was to have such professional teachers who were truly passionate about teaching. Everyone who attended this school was allowed to just coast but challenged everyday to improve them self through learning.
ML is a great Christ centered community with high student involvement and great college prep. Teachers are united in mission and familoes are supportive.
Michigan Lutheran is an excellent school for teens to learn and grow in their faith and be surrounded by God's Word at all times. My favorite thing about ML is that I am in a place where everyone is so encouraging and the teachers want the absolute best for their students. The only thing I would change is offering more classes in the same subject such as honors classes and also get some new teachers in to keep things fresh.
Almost everyone at the school is involved in some sort of extracurricular activity.
This school has a good system for when a possible emergency could occur. Fire drills and lock down drills are performed a few times each year.
This school is located in the middle of a dead zone. It is next to impossible to contact parents there. People don't know about upcoming events until one or two days before it happens.
Teachers care about the students' future and guide them to be prepared for college.
This school does not follow through on discipline.
This place hinders all free thinking and shoves religion down your throat at every opportunity. They warn you about college and how it'll 'challenge your faith' but don't actually give pointers on how to succeed in that next part of your life. It is not worth 5,000 dollars a year and that money would be better spent on a quality college education.
Some have anger issues, some are so arrogant and set in their old teaching ways, and some are pretty great. Don't you dare have a different idea or challenge them in any way, though, they can't handle that.
The gym is the main pride of the school, and a great deal of the money funneled to its upkeep could probably have been given to other programs, but alas, sports are always top priority here.
There is no school nurse any longer, which I find to be a bit of a safety hazard. They do care about you, if nothing else.
This high school seems to pride itself on no bullying when I've seen it I don't know how many times. Some teachers try, and they are great, but some are so arrogant and set in their ways that nothing of worth gets done.
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I do not feel prepared for college whatsoever. Religion was shoved down my throat in places of classes that might have helped me in the real world and the guidance counselor didn't do a thing.
For how small the school is, we do have a number of options. However they are not always very well run and the participation is lacking.
After school I either went to practice, home to do homework, or to dance.
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