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I liked the Islamic curriculum that helped ingrain my values as I went on to higher ed institutions where such values are not usually upheld.
I don’t like this school because there are many rude people, but I could care less because this is my life. I graduated from there but now, my life I see over MIA is an Islamic school but doesn’t use that Islam that the students learn, sadly! Please be aware of all the mist years that’s u guys competed in, you guys hurt many people, that’s all I wanted to say, and thank you
Having spent five years of my school life at Michigan Islamic Academy, I have much to say about it. Before I came to this school, I've experienced several other schools which are nothing quite like this one. They have a lot of resources for the students and do their utmost best in educating them. Not only do they follow the curriculum, but they prepare for what's ahead of them in the future (college, SAT, etc). They do give a heavy load of work, but after some time the students get used it learning how to create an efficient schedule. I totally recommend enrolling in this school, for it forces you to bring out your best.
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My kids have been attending this school for several years, and all of us love it so far. They have a new building for elementary, which they really needed, and a new gym. It is a small school which makes its pretty safe since everyone knows everyone. The teachers are good and very caring.
There is not a school nurse, but the office does care if you are not feeling well, they just can not do anything about it.
There are many opportunities to join something but not a lot of people want to join them.
I did not love but I did not hate it. Overall it was just blah. I felt to constricted.
I never had a problem with the teachers but i know several people that have.
There isn't bullying mostly and when there is, it's dealt with pretty quickly. There are periodic drills every year for tornado, fire, and lockdown procedures. There is not a school nurse because of the size of the school, but minimal first aid and medical attention is taken care of by one of the secretaries. Students aren't allowed to come to school if they are ill with something contagious.
There are only 200 some students at the school, and that's from Pre-k to 12th grade. But the amount of extracurriculars available for one to participate in is amazing. There are meetings everyday for about 2 organizations, and events each week from one of them. The organizations are fun and mostly student led with advisors to guide us, but it's really nice.
I love this school, I have been attending for so long and have been through many ups and downs with this school. I have made lifelong friends through this school that have literally nearly become my siblings. Although, with every school there are downsides and this school is great in every aspect almost except that privacy is not really a priority and sometimes the administration will go to great lengths just to get to the bottom of a small thing that has happened between students (not bullying by the way) and will drag something and keep it fresh in people's minds even though the student's are over it already. Other than this factor, the education at the school is wonderful. The environment is actually welcoming, the students are all very nice and most care for one another and the atmosphere formed in classrooms is kind of familial. I love this school, mostly because I love my classmates, but also because it's just a nice place to be with the exception of a few people everyone is likeable.
Most of the teacher's are pretty old fashioned but have recently began to integrate technology into their lessons more and more. They are mostly very caring and actually care about the student's and how they are doing. A large portion of the student's are teacher's kids but all the student's are treated fairly in that sense.
It isn't the greatest school out there. But okay
It is probably the most safe school you will ever attend! There's no drugs, alcohol, etc. and people tend to be very well-behaved.
Most teachers have a lot of knowledge and are genuinely interested in their students' progress (as a human and as a student). Their communication skills are average and they are pretty consistent and fair with grading procedures.
Some teachers, like in many other schools, were beyond fabulous. They truly cared for their students (even after graduation). The curriculum is pretty intense (9 classes per day). Your schedule is picked for you and is about the same for everyone so the workload can be a lot.
Although I feel like my in-classroom experiences could have been better (i.e. I wish the teachers prepared me more) but the experiences I had out of the classroom (i.e. a lot of informal thinking exercises) helped me better develop as a human being.
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The school is located in Ann Arbor so your best bet is to run around the Ann Arbor campus…

Because of a lack of funds, sports equipment and facilities and almost non-existent.
MUN (Model United Nations) was probably the most engaging extracurricular! Unlike in other schools, the set of students come from certain backgrounds and mindsets that present unique perspectives.
most students in this school are easy to get along with.
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