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Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy Reviews

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I've been in MGLVA for my 8th-12th grades and while at first it was hard to adjust to an online school, all the teachers made it much easier. Everyone is so nice and the counselors will help you with anything. Overall it's a wonderful school to try out!
MGLVA is a great way to school. You are actually able to focus on learning and not the drama and other distractions that public schools offer. MGLVA's teachers are the best teachers I have ever met! If your student is struggling teachers will reach out to them and do everything they can to make sure they succeed! So very grateful for this online learning experience
I love MGLVA. I started back in October of 2017. This is the 11th school I've gone to, and it is the best school by far. I'm currently a sophomore, and by the end of the 2017-18 school year, I will have 14 out of the 22 required credits to graduate in Michigan. I could be able to graduate early in my senior year because by the end of my junior year I will have 20 credits. Meaning if i take 6 classes for 1 semester, I'll have 23 credits. Or I can do 4 complete years of high school and graduate with 26 credits. We will see.
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I joined Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy during my sophomore year, at the beginning, I resisted it, but, as time passed, the online school grew on me. I began to realize how great of a school Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy is. I saw how much the teachers and my peers cared, how supportive they were, and how much they wanted me to succeed, all of which added to my motivation to succeed. I think that is what I will most, the support, inspiration, and motivation I received during my time at Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy from my teachers, as well as my peers.
I absolutely love this school. It has great curriculum. i love how the class connect schedule is pretty flexible. i like i don't have to get dressed to go to school. I wish they would do beacon buddies closer to me. But i love that they do beacon buddies so you can meet people in your grade and school. I dont like if there is bad connection or some tech issues you have to rewatch the recordings. I like that teacher communicate through phone, email, and through live class connections.
The school is great in academics. You can apply the sports tona school near you. Great teacher, they are all very nice and excellent and helping. If you are excellent in the course they find ways to challenge you. You can do school work at your pace, But attend all class connects at the scheduled time. The classes are recorded incase you !issue something. You can always go back to learn more about some subjects. You can contact your teachers via Phone, email, text, or in class.
My time at MGLVA was enjoyable. I wish there were more electives offered though. The structure was well because I got to work at my own pace. I would 100% change the class connects though!!! The fact that they were required was frustrating and sometimes they were a total waste of time that I could've used to complete my work! Something NEEDS to change about that!
I love how organized and time efficient it is with my schedule. It is a good option for a student on the run often.
MGLVA provides students the opportunity to truly excel. Teachers are allows looking for ways to help students and positively affect the overall education experience.
MGLVA is there for the students success and does everything they can to ensure that every student receives an outstanding education and does everything they need to do in order to succeed.
This is an awesome school. No bullying. They challenge you to be the best you you can be yet they still are very flexible in helping you if you need help. The teachers and administrators are so very kind, and helpful they do not you. If you are having a problem do not hesitate to ask even if you think you might be embarrassed by the stupidest question that you think you're going to ask. They will help you no matter what this is a very good school, and I would recommend it to anyone struggling in so-called "normal" schools.
The teachers are amazing, the coursework is challenging but not difficult. There are a ton of course opportunities and a wide variety of electives! I love it, it's honestly the best school I've attended.
I have enjoyed my experience in this school so far. The teachers are very kind and are willing to reach out to you and assist you.The school sets high expectations for every student and tries their best in order to make sure that every student successfully passes his/her courses. Students have a variety of electives to choose from, and many relate to future career paths.
I did like that you could complete the school work at any time. There are not very many challenging courses such as calculus. The assignments are moderately easy. They do let you attend career tech centers if you keep your grades high enough. If you do your school work you will pass. One nice thing about this online school is the class connects which are live and you can do group projects with students and interact with the teacher. They also record the class connects so you can go back and watch them if you are unable to attend them live. For graduation, they hold a ceremony in Manistee, MI. I wasn't able to attend because of the cost to travel. I received mine in the mail. They also do school wide field trips throughout the year but they are mostly aimed at elementary students; although, any grade can join. They also have college representatives that hold class connect sessions and do presentations. You can also ask questions and talk with the college representative.
Some classes you cant get in because they are too popular.
They have some outings, but for me they are still hours away.
Class connects are my favorite. Its a virtual class.
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The teachers I have had are some of the best teachers I have ever had. I have learnt a lot from this school even though I am home schooled.
the courses are to hard nor to easy and challenged me in someways and offer a wide variety of classes for everyone's abilities
their are different types of extra curricular but they are not the typical ones but many students would enjoy them such as science and math competitions and drivers training
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