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As an online public school, it does help through highschool years. You can work at your own pace and there are more than enough opportunities to improve your grade, even as far as retaking every single test within the semester. It lacks in social interaction since most classmates are an hour away or farther, but it makes up for that in academic opportunities.
I enjoyed my time here, and all that I learned. The bonds that I created with both teachers and other student I believe will last a lifetime!
I have been there for 3-4 years. I'm aging out so my stuck up is the grading system could be better. Does really make sense that you could have all one hundred percents on six test, but if you don't turn in one worksheet like paper. Or a "portfolio" your grade goes from a B to an F.
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Good overall. Easy to fall behind if not motivated. Staff is helpful, teachers seem to genuinely care.
Michigan Connections Academy was the first "real" school I attended and gave me many great memories. Before attending MICA in 8th grade, I was homeschooled by my mom and dad. Being homeschooled was great (what kid wouldn't love staying in their pj's all day?), but I was missing out on important social milestones that homeschooling couldn't give me. MICA was able to give me those important social skills and I'm eternally grateful. I was able to talk to my teachers and my friends on a daily basis and build those important connections. I also went on many field trips where I was able to meet my friends and teachers in person as well as use that opportunity to branch out and make new friends. The friendships and connections that I made at MICA are long lasting and continue to this day. I will always be so grateful for the experiences that MICA gave me, and I am so proud to have graduated from such an amazing school.
I was not sure about sending my child to an online school, but she wanted to go, so we gave it a try. I was pleasantly surprised. The teachers are amazing. They are always available to help my children and myself included with any issues. The teachers really care about the kids succeeding and go out of their way to help and be supportive. They take the time to get to know the students and their interests. The curriculum is much harder than I expected, but I like that because it really challenges the students. I enjoy that the school has a family feel to it. You know that the teachers and parents are all working together for the benefit of the students. It is hard work to have a child educated at home, but Connections makes it easy because they are there for you and they give you the tools to help your child succeed.
The school is well designed overall. But, I couldn't focus on the lessons. That's more on my part but I felt like I wasn't learning anything. I've only been in for a month or 2 and they have given me so many projects to do. I also didn't start at a 100, I started at 0. And the tinyest mistake and your grade goes down so much. I feel the expect more that students can give. I think this school is for me.
Michigan Connections Academy is a very interesting, but effective school. My whole high school journey has been done through Michigan Connections Academy, and I have found it to be a very well-rounded school. I like the scheduling. Students can work at their own pace, and that is a big key to success. The courses are set up well, and instructions are normally pretty clear. If there was one thing I would change is that some of the teachers aren't the greatest. On the other hand though, there are some extremely good teachers who know what they are doing and are focused on the success of their students.
I liked the fact that the teachers would usually work around my schedule. As a working teenager, it was hard to find time to actually do the work, but the teachers would help me lay out a time that would work best for both of us. Something I would change though would be the lack of communication between the teachers and student. There was really no encouragement or help on the teachers' end, and when I was struggling with a certain lesson, they made it very hard to get in contact with them.
The teachers are super nice and ALWAYS have time to help you one on one when you need it. They are very patient and have no problem with going over the material as many times and you need to understand.
It's a lot safer, and a lot less time-consuming than traditional public schools, there are a great variety of clubs for students to join and the teachers are very knowledgeable and ready to help.
The teachers are all very nice and knowledgeable, the lessons are all easy to follow and interactive. Overall I love this school and would not change a thing.
This school has taught me that education is something to be celebrated not dreaded, as seen in many high schools across America. MICA has prepared me thoroughly for college/university with care and patience. Many of the teachers check up on the students to see how they're doing, while also constantly helping students improve their understanding of certain concepts in lessons. Some teachers will even sit with one student for 30+ minutes explaining a concept in many different ways over and over again until the student understands it. However, there are some teachers don't feel the need to check up on students because the students' coursework is online. The use of mostly e-books rather than physical texts books strains many students' eyes, which does not assist in a healthy learning environment for students.
The science curriculum involves evolution, which I do not care for, considering it contradicts my religious beliefs. For the workload, you have to decide what you need to do and what you don't need to do. Typically, things that won't be on the tests or exams are an unnecessary waste of time.
The school is pretty good. It offers a lot of classes, which is nice. A reason why I wouldn't choose this school again if I could do it all over is because the teachers seem to expect more time than what is necessary from the students.
Some teachers are amazing and go above and beyond, whereas, some are completely unhelpful and are extremely slow to grade things.
The academics are this school are probably like most public schools in the area. I think it is more diverse than most in its course options. There are a lot of different course in many areas of study that can help prepare you for whatever you want to study going into college. The quality of the courses is very good and can be challenging at times, but is reasonably manageable, unless its AP, which is extremely time-consuming and difficult.
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This school has a variety of clubs online, but I am unsure how many people participate in them. Being an online school, there are no sports or any activities that involve a physical presence.
I have been pretty satisfied why my time at this school. I have liked all of my teachers and most of my classes. I really enjoyed the field trips where students got to meet their teachers and hang out with fellow classmates. I enjoyed some of my regular Live Lessons and getting to know my teachers and other students. I would choose this school again because it has given me the opportunity to have flexibility and go at my own pace throughout high school.
I have had some great teachers, and some not-so-great teachers. For the most part, almost all of them are hard-working and caring teachers. Most are very easy to get a hold of and reply to emails and phone calls pretty quickly. In my personal experience, I had a counselor who sometimes took weeks to reply and by that time it was too late. She did not follow through when it came to sending information to colleges, but I have a different counselor now. The teachers give thoughtful feedback on assignments and push students to do their best and improve upon what they need to.
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