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MCHS has plenty of AP and dual credit opportunities, as well as plenty of extracurricular opportunities. There's a lot of support for the school, but sometimes the students don't take up said support and can sometimes give the school a bad reputation based on behavior. However, if you stick with the right crowds, you'll have an easy time graduating from MCHS without a problem.
I took honor classes and AP classes, so I do not know how the other classes operated. I had good experiences with most of the classes I took, but I definitely did not feel college ready during my first year of college. I feel like the school needs to to work on that.
My experiences with Michigan City High School is actually really great. Most of the teacher's and counselors are very good at helping students with what they need to accomplish.
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Eh. The school has VERY intelligent teachers, we have math teachers with exam scores in the top 5%, English teachers with three college degrees, and history teachers who are Harvard graduates. Still, I feel that in many ways the school lacks quality due to the minimal supervision of the students.
It was a pretty decent high school. Many things were in progress to becoming a college ready school but, nothing really was put into place. Teachers were very helpful and went above and beyond. Classes were not difficult but not easy and students behaved fairly okay.
I moved to Michigan City the night before my freshman orientation. I didn't know anybody and I didn't know anything about the area, though I had heard some bad things about MCHS. However, coming to this high school has to be one of the best things that's ever happened to me. My life took a turn for the best, I had excellent teachers and friends, I was very involved after school, and was given many opportunities to earn college credit and save money once I start university in the fall. There is so much support for lower income families, and also lots of health support in the building with the open door adolescent health center, which is probably one of the best things they have to offer. I found my passion with Japanese here at MCHS, and I encourage everyone to disregard any negatives they've heard about the school and see how wonderful it is for yourself.
Our daughter graduated in 2018 - she received an excellent education at MCHS and is well prepared for college! So many opportunities in academics, athletics, clubs, arts, etc. She also earned close to 50 dual and AP credits thanks to a solid and challenging honors program. Outstanding teachers and staff. Also MCHS is very diverse - a great asset.
I loved everything about my time at Michigan City High School. The teachers are top notch, experienced, and inclusive of all students. The academic opportunities provided me with a wealth of knowledge and college credits that prepared me for the current stage of life I'm in. There were many great clubs and organizations to be involved in and find a niche in. Our counselors and administrators guided the whole school community to success each day and kept us all on a path to greatness. Even a year after graduating, I can still visit and be welcomed with open arms as I return to see my past mentors and now friends.
Michigan City High School offers a ton of opportunities to excel in your for years there. The honors programs are exceptional
Administrators care more about what surrounding communities think about the school than actually giving students a quality high school experience. Dress code and mediocre athletes are a bigger priority than learning. It seems like almost every teacher cares more about exerting the small bit of authority they have rather than actually connecting with students and enriching student learning.
I love the variety of classes they offer and the bonds you are able to form with your teachers! There will always be someone there to help you out and to answer any and all of your questions about classes and the road ahead that comes with college.
Michigan City High school is a great school. The counselors do all that they can to make sure that the seniors are college ready and getting scholarships and college apps turned in before the deadline. The principles and teachers are involved with the students making sure that they arrive to class on time and stay out the halls so they can get their full education.
I love our teachers. They're all very entertaining and a good majority of them really care about their students and their understanding of materials. It's amazing to have people who are willing to take time out of their days to help you understand something you're confused about. The counselors are such good listeners and incredibly active in there advisee's school careers to make sure they're on track for college or wherever they choose to go. The food could be better and our bathroom facilities are lacking, however, the school has been working to fix the infrastructure of the school and make it better since it was built in the 70s. Since it is a public school, sometimes violence is an issue but violence has decreased drastically and there is a school officer on site all the time who is very close with the students.
So tho school is like the best school I have been too. We are a B school it's really great here the teachers are great we were just on the news in September so I feel like this is one of the best school in the north west area I really love it here
Over the four year course at Michigan City High School I've been able to see how much it has helped me change in the well educated man I am today.What I like most about the school is its teachers are very well trained and tolerant to the other students, the classes are challenging but enjoyable, and its easy to make friends here. One thing I would like to see change is the reputation of the school because to me I feel as though the school is looked down on due to either our academics or our demographics.
Although Michigan City High School doesn't have the greatest reputation, MCHS has provided me with a great education. I have had many opportunities to succeed and prepare myself for my future. The counselors and teachers are always open to helping you with the social and academic aspects of school. Within the last three years at this school I have not found one teacher that didn't support academic success for the students in their classes.
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In my opinion, Michigan city high school has been a wonderful experience for me. The teachers, staff, and students are really nice, and the college readiness is superb. I've only been here for two years, but I can honestly say that I have had the time of my life attending this school. Something I would like to see changed would be the selections for lunch. The lunches aren't horrible, but they also aren't the best.
Michigan City High School was a great experience for me. The teachers here were easy to get along with and very helpful whenever I needed it. There were never really any "cliques" at school. Everyone was friends with everyone. Also, I was able to maintain a acceptable GPA while participating in many activities at the high school.
I like the Career Program opportunities. Adding Duel credit college classes is great. There are alot of extra curricular activities offered.
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