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Michigan Center Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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MCHS is a small town school that favors legacy students of families that have resided in MC or Cascades Conference schools. Academic and athletic preference is given to legacy students, but overall culture provides welcoming atmosphere especially by students. Overall, quality opportunities for the school size and demographic. Nothing fancy, but nice small town atmosphere and education.
It was a really good school. I am proud to be a Michigan Center Alumni. This school has excellent teachers and would help with all the questions I had problems with. During the whole applying for college process they were so helpful. I loved the sports there too they were so fun.
Amazing teachers that are always there to help when ever you need it. Almost all of the classes i’ve taken i’ve enjoyed.
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Michigan Center High School was an all around an amazing educational experience. Every teacher that I had was willing to help me on any courses I had been struggling to understand. They had put in the extra time and made sure that I 100% had understood the lesson they had been teaching me. Each and everyone of them was not only a teacher to me, but a person I could go to whenever I was in deep need of something. I moved to Michigan Center schools at the start of my sophomore year. I had gone to a GPA of a 3.2, to two weeks away from graduating with a 3.9. Michigan Center schools have helped me be the student that I am today and had led me towards going to a University, majoring in a master's degree, Speech Language Pathology.
Michigan Center high school is a fantastic school. Here, we are one big family and everyone repsects and likes each other. The teachers are so helpful with the students and they explain things the best they can. They make friends with the students instead of just being a mean adult to hand out homework. The assignments are fairly easy but hard at the same time. The school is one big community and when people of Michigan center do great thinga, everyone is proud and we all feel welcome. The sports are one of a kind and we've had all good seasons. The football, basketball, bowling, hockey, cheer, all had good seasons. Now track, softball, baseball, cross country are going big and they're ready for anything thrown at them. Michigan Center has some flaws too. Like we're not the smartest schooland the lunches can be improoved.Thank you for taking the time to see and learn about Michigan Center, a place qhere everyone is welcome. Go Cards!
They are a good school. Gives you many opportunities to learn. However, the one thing I would change would be the amount of money they spend on sports and put it in their lunch room food, it's not trustworthy. To add to that, I would change the fact that junior high is also in the school. As the number of kids in the grades increases, the more crowded the school is becoming.
Michigan Center is a very personal high school. The teachers and community are all about preparing and benefiting the students both inside and outside the classroom. It's a small school that dedicates it's full time to each and every individual student/athlete that wants it. Michigan Center is a great place to be.
I really like all of the classes I've taken at my school. All the teachers I've had have been awesome and very helpful! We don't get a ton of homework because we do most of it in class to make sure we have our teacher to answer any questions we have.
We don't have many extracurricular activities. We really only have sports, but our sports teams are great! The only other clubs we have are German Club and Quiz Bowl. Those aren't as noticed, but still a lot of kids are involved in them.
I love my school! It has a great environment and all the students are very welcoming and open to new students. That is one of the best things about my school, the students are excepting of other students if they maybe a little different. If I had to do it all over again and I could pick a different school I wouldn't change a thing.
The teachers at my school are wonderful! They are always willing to help with whatever the students need. Whether it be an academic issue or a personal one. Every teacher I have had has led an engaging and fun classroom that makes it fun to learn.
Michigan Center has some really fun classes offered. There's media, art, psychology, forensics, and a few more that makes our elective selection amazing. When it comes to homecoming and snowball, the teachers go all out and just have fun with the pep rally and the whole event.
I have had some really great teachers. Those who go above and beyond. I've had teachers who make their lesson upbeat and fun. Some teachers incorporate movies for a better visual understanding of a subject being learned about.
I've had a pretty good experience, but not many opportunities through this school.
The teacher are pretty nice, however teaching styles vary and some give kids special treatment.
There are a few different extracurricular activities, but the school doesn't get enough funding to meet the wants pf students. I love to draw but all that is offered is an art class, I wish there was more.
Parents are always helping out not only with their own kid but with everyone. The parents are proud, they wear their Michigan Center gear proudly!
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The teachers put so much of their own time and money for the benefits of every student.
You can tell the staff really wants the kids to be safe no matter what
Not very many after school programs but there are band things and student council and leadership
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