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Michele Clark Academic Preparatory High School Reviews

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I like that Michele Clark tries its best to be there for the students and give a lot of things we want like a new weight room, new equipment, for baseball. I also like the principle, Charles Anderon and how he gives us anything so we can achieve dreams as best as possible. I like Michele Clark Highschool so much because the teachers and the sports.
I had a great time While attending Michele Clark. My junior and senior years were the best. We got a new Principle and everything changed. We got more say in the activities done around the school. We had better sports teams, and attendance to games. The teachers were good although most of the ones that were there with me are gone already.
Michele Clark is an peaceful and excellent school to attend. It is safe but it also gets u ready for the real world.
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Michele Clark is a good high school, they give us opportunities most black teens don’t get he chance to get. We get to meet people all the time who can motivate us and help us become young adults. We’re also a STEM which means we’re definitely learning more than others. They give us the opportunity to take advanced classes to test our knowledge. While doing all of the hard stuff as far as school work, we still get the chance to enjoy ourselves and have a little fun every once in a while.
I love Michele Clark they’re very supportive they love their students and will help them any way possible.
I like the dual credit enrollment options. I also like how the teachers show care to the students they teach.
My 4 years at Michele Clark has been wonderful, the only thing I would probably change is the start time. I would rather school started at 8a.m., but this is my last year.
I liked the structure of the school and I loved seeing the staff progressively improve to accommodate students and their future goals.
The teachers were great and supportive of each and every student. Although misconduct was common and barely punished. As with any high school it had its fair share of ups and downs.
It is a good school. I believe that they could do more things to improve on the safety of the school given the neighborhood it is in. The teachers are great. But they could also do better with teaching their students self discipline.
One thing I like about Michele Clark high school is that they have great teachers, great counselors, and a great principal. The teachers at Michele Clark high school cares about students learning and students can have personal relationships with the teachers. Michele Clark counselors is the best, they make sure that everything is sent in for colleges, they make sure that everyone has good grades, they also make sure that everyone is on top of their game with applying colleges and financial aid. Michele Clark also has the best principal. The principal want us to work hard, achieve but also have fun. The principal make sure that we make the most of our high school years and that we accomplish things to make Michele Clark better.
What I like about Michele Clark is there standards for their students. The teachers has high expectations for each student. The staff and teachers want everyone to succeed into the right direction.
During my time at this school I have experienced molded food, rusted fountains and flooded bathrooms. Most teachers do not seem to really care for their students wellbeing and even lack respect for their students.
some teachers even use profanity when addressing students.
Something that I like about Michele Clark is the staff and teachers. They really care a lot about students and try their best to help them as well as they can. Something that I don't like about Clark is their organization, the food, and the favoritism that they play towards certain students.
The experience I had with Michele clark is that their are some very loving and caring staff memebers, teachers, coaches, and principal. They want to make sure that all their students on the same peace and on track. They make sure that all students looks presentable.
I was really involved while I was here in Michele Clark. I am apart of the national honors society. I am also on the local student council. There are a lot of great resources here the staff is really supportive here of me and every decision that I make.
Teachers in this school are hard on every single student because they want nothing but the best for them. Many teachers teach at a reasonable level so that everyone can learn and understand the lesson clearly.
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the food is great and its healthy
every one is involved and its great.
I have participated in different activities while attending michele clark. My freshman year I was on the cheerleading team, My sophmore year I was in the book club and my junior year I was on the dance team. Now that I am a senior i just try to maintain my grades.I also enjoyed my debate classes I thought that they were very interesting.I would choose this school again because I think that there great activities here at this school and they help us get ready for colleges and some high schools dont do that.
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