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Michael F. Stokes School Reviews

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School follows Common Core curriculum. Go Math books and website are very useful. ELA teaching has been less emphasized this year. Amount of homework and classwork depend on each teacher and changes every year.
School is locked when it's in session. Its unlocked after school sessions are over and after school childcare is in session.
The school band has a new band teacher so it's great this year. The new teacher is very committed to his students.

There is a Helping Hand Club, Newspaper club, Orchestra, and Chorus. These clubs are quite popular. No after-school activities offered at all at this school. There are no STEM clubs.
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It's really a game of luck. Some teachers are more interested in teaching than others. Two of my kids attended this school and I noticed that teachers change their attitude, desire, passion in teaching as the time goes by. In general, teachers like to skip explanation of multi-problem step problem solving, because according to them "it's too hard to explain and too hard to comprehend". So you are on your own. Both teachers and students are excited and "cheer" when the school is closed. No school breaks assignments.
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