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Michael E. Fossum Middle School Reviews

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My experience at Fossum Middle school has been great. The teachers are always very helpful, you get a great learning experience, and you are given many opportunities that you may not get from some other schools.
I liked the amount of effort, all the teachers put into helping students go beyond learning. Every teacher made sure each student was getting the proper amount of knowledge. Teacher always offered extra tutoring or assignments to help any struggling students.
Obviously not all teachers are the same and they all shouldn't take the blame for one bad teacher. While there are teachers who go beyond what is expected of them, some barley reach that line.
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During my 6th grade year there was a shooting in the gym. Even though I wasn't in the gym where it happened I heard the coaches did a very well job. They hid the students well. Then they circled the student who brought a gun and eventually talked him out of hurting anyone. While this was going on they didn't let any students out of anywhere everyone was safe. Nobody got hurt.
I use to attend fossum middle school I wasn't really involved with anything but I had friends involved in student council and sports mostly. I was just in band and was committed to band. My brother is currently in fossum and he's in student student coucil and is apart of college transition which helps him prepare for college at an early age. I think it's a great program.
Nikki Rowe high school is the top high school in McAllen, Texas. The teachers itself are amazing. The way the go out of their way to make us become successful in the future is so important to me. Our school has so much to offer, especially will college courses here. My teachers who teach that class are outstanding! I love how they teach. It's never a dull moment in class other than test days, but nobody likes test days. Even in our electives they make us become a better person. For instance, I am currently in band and my directors have taught me so much and to not give up and try new things. So I soon then tried out to be a drum major this past year (junior) and I got the position. At first I was nervous but it took a lot from those who helped me get where I am today. I love being drum major even though it has its cons. I've had so many great experiences here at this high school I'm thankful to have be apart of it.
So far I've loved my teachers since middle school. They help and teach us in every way. So this helps us students learn things quicker than students in other schools. Each one of my teachers help us when we're struggling and take time off their personal life and come out of their way to teach us off school hours. They're patient and I think that's the best characteristic to have in a teacher because some students learn slow and other fast.
There is enough parent involvement.
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