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Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions Reviews

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I am currently a junior at DeBakey, and during my time I have obtain vital information about the health care facility at such an early age.
Although challenging, the school does prepare you for college and even provides real clinical experience for those interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.
Although the classes at DeBakey are quite rigorous, many wonderful things have come from this school. In this school I met a lot of great people, and the teachers here are very encouraging. The school has also exposed me to many cultures due to the fact that it is incredibly diverse.
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The curriculum really prepares students to be successful in higher education. Personally, from the foundation I was given, I was able to provide knowledge to my peers and create new standards of expectations in my classes. The diversity allows students to build the skill of cultural competency, which is vital in higher education as well as in most industries.
The administration may be a bit shaky but the teachers make the four years worth it. Although challenging, the courses truly prepare you for college and the teachers truly care about your success. The teachers offer so much in assistance of their students and will be by their side form the start of the school year till the end.
Although the school has a very challenging environment, everyone is very welcoming towards one another. They are willing to help others and they are also very friendly and approachable.
It is a great eye opener to the Health Field, and the teachers are wonderful and are there to help you succeed in school and also for life.
I good school that prepares one for college while also giving experience to those interested in the health field by sending students out on rotations to many different hospitals.
Going to DeBakey prepared me for college. It is a school that is very stressful but has it's benefits.
A challenging school with very helpful teachers. DeBakey is a school for those who are willing to go the extra mile( the extra people).It truly is a great school with great diversity and tons of clubs and last but not least, great teachers.
Very diverse environment and very rigorous course work and amazing experience. The teachers are phenomenal and work hard to give their students the best learning possible. I'd like to see more competitive sports added to the school, it would benefit the students greatly by giving them an outlet from school work.
To get a head start, I had worked tirelessly in middle school to maintain high grades to get into the limited-seat magnate program offered by Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions, Houston’s highest ranked high school. Located in the Texas Medical Center, its rigorous curriculum is based on college preparation and early exposure to healthcare under the guidance of Baylor College of Medicine. Ultimately, I believe my high school has prepared me well to meet the challenge in medical profession that is witnessing break-through innovations for patient care.
DeBakey is very challenging school and you often don't have time to do anything. You meet a lot of great people and make a lot of gret memories!
Debakey is not the school if you want the high school experience at all. A lot of the admin does not care for neither the students or parents needs. For much of the time, the counselors were never there to help you apply (for anything). Many of the teachers were kind enough to help stay after schiool or during lunch for tutorials, the math department is a mess.
DeBakey is definitely going to be seeing many changes over the future years but the rigor of classes and high expectations will most likely stay. Many teachers are trustworthy and fair to all students. The workload is so large that a high student will not be able to manage their time well enough. The competition between students is very strong, to the point that it's not healthy and drives some to cheat. But standards are high and some teachers are incredibly supportive of students to help them come close to those standards, that even the lowest of the class would be among the best of another school.
DeBakey High School was a great school, especially for academics! There was so much diversity there and I loved that fact that you could see the flags of all the countries represented in the school hanging in the hallway and if you didn't see yours, you could ask to have it put up.
The school overall is very friendly and open. We are a small community and you are able to meet everyone in your school. The curriculum is very challenging but it is worth it because it prepares you for college.
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This school is very challenging, yet that's what makes it a college preparatory school. The extracurricular are lacking however. We don't participate/offer many sports or much variety in extracurriculars. The administration is also very controlling. They treat us like toddlers and it can be excessive at times.
Michael E. DeBakey is a strenuous and demanding high school that requires the absolute best out of its students. Personally, my favorite aspect of the school is the student environment. The diversity at this school is in full abundance, with everyone having a sense of unity between one another to try to get through these challenging years of high school. On the other side of the coin, I feel that a further sense of freedom and individuality could be beneficial to the school. Too many times have I thought that the administrators at our school took unnecessary action towards something minor a student has done, such as a student earning a detention for wearing a shirt that was slightly off color to our dress code. Overall, I believe that DeBakey High School is a good environment to prepare students for their futures in both college, as well as in the real world.
In this school, one thing I admire is the diversity of the population of students. Through this we are open to the variety of people in the educational environment. Also, there are a variety of clubs that we can choose from. Including volunteer clubs, cultural clubs, career clubs , and much more.
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