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Friendly place. Smaller student count, more 1-on-1 teacher help, and lessons/work adapts to how you work.
It is the best school that I ever could have asked for! It has great, teachers, very friendly staff, and great teachers. We are an alternative highschool that openly supports gay bi and any other form of student.
It was a great & welcoming school. Very helpful, and friendly. I really enjoyed going. I would suggest anyone to go there. This was a great alternative for me, while I was in high school. If it wasn't for them, I probably wouldn't have graduated from high school. I am thankful for my opportunity at Barker.
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Coming to Barker was the best decision I've personally made. Due to some family deaths, I was credits behind my graduating class. Thanks to all of the staff and the extra push, I will be graduating on time, and headed to collage.
The biggest problem at Baker would be smoking. We have an open campus and because it is an alternative school, the teachers aren't surprised when they see kids smoking, however the rule is that there is to be no smoking on campus. So, kids will walk down the block and stop in front of peoples homes and smoke, but end up getting in trouble because the smoke is bothering the home owners and it looks bad for Barker. The principle and school resource officer are pretty nice about the whole problem but they are also very serious about it too. If this problem continues, the school will be forced to become a closed campus school and then none of the students would be allowed to have their smoke breaks.
Barker is an alternative school, therefore sports are not really an option. However we still have a gym/ health and fitness class in the gymnasium. In this class we practice team work, endurance, and muscular strength.
The teachers at Barker are all very caring towards the students. Most teachers spend 2 to 3 hours after school just to meet with students in need of extra help. They are all very real and genuine. They understand when we have problems.
At my school, there are a ton of opportunities to get involved and have extra-curricular activities. The teachers are very active in these activities and try to get students to partake in them instead of getting in trouble outside of school.
The counselors re never available and they never help you.
The workload can be over the top at times.
The teacher's are alright. Some are better than others.
I love my school. Teacher re so nice.
The are a lot of clubs to be involved in. I don't know much about them though.
The safety is good. We have a security team. Which is wonderful.
I don't know much about this.
The coaches are the best. The athletes are really nice.
I don't like the food. They sell food that is expired. My stomach will feel a little ill. Bring your own lunch.
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I haven't graduated yet, but I feel like I'll go somewhere after graduation. All the professors are different which is great for the real world.
I feel like the teacher's care about me and my education.
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