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My experience at Miamisburg High school was great the teachers and the staff are very caring. I also play Lacrosse which is a lot of fun, I am able to enjoy playing with my team and I have be able to create amazing friendships.
There is only two kinds of kids who go to Miamisburg: the want-to-be thugs and gangsters and the snobby jerks who view themselves above everyone else. Also residents don't care about you unless you play on the football team. Which the coach is extremely disrespectful along with everyone else.
Looking back, I enjoyed my time at Miamisburg High School. The teachers were very invested in our growth during school hours, and I enjoyed the extracurricular activities that I was involved in. During my time there though, I believe that my experience was moderate at best. Overall, it got the job done and aloud me to go to my university of choice, as well as make a few connections with staff and students that I keep to this day
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I liked the teachers who were mostly nice. I liked the facilities and diversity of classes we could take.
My experience at Miamisburg High School was very good. I always learned a lot from my teachers. They were very flexible with my school schedule as well. I started taking college courses during my junior year, and they allowed me to leave early to attend classes at Sinclair Community College.
Miamisburg High School was a great fit for me. It allowed me to participate in sports without a "pay to play" format. I was able to play without burden to my mother and was able to learn effectively from my teachers and coaches. I felt it was the best environment for students to be a part of something successful and important to all kids who wanted to support their school. In a way being able to be a part of something for my city and my school made it more important to be a Viking, an ownership and a bond that will last forever.
Going to Miamisburg High School was a great experience for me. I built great relationships with my teachers over the four years I was there. They didn't have some AP classes I would have been interested in taking, but I did get to take many AP courses my junior and senior year. I really liked how they offered CCP.
Miamisburg High School is a place of welcoming hellos and heartwarming goodbyes. Being a high school that holds near 1,500 students, there are a lot of things they have to keep track of. But this school always finds a way to make their students feel welcome, included, and successful.
The teachers that I have had during my time there were excellent. The school itself is fantastic. I actively participated in sports and clubs.
I had a great time at MHS. The teachers and students are great and the atmosphere is wonderful. It feels like one big family, and everyone has so much school spirit and is proud to be a Viking.
Miamisburg High School is a great place to meet new people, learn many new things, and grow as an individual.
Miamisburg high school is a great school district for a very abundant amount of students. All students feel welcome and involved due to all the clubs and activities this school offers to students. The clubs available to students range from the bowling team, international club, chess blub, as well as our ski club. Many teachers at this school are very helpful and will go out of their way to help as many students as they possibly can. The school offers math help every Tuesday and Thursday after school to receive help from all math teachers. The school also has a wonderful staff that includes the custodians as well as aids that help the school out in so many different ways.
I was an honors and an AP student at MHS, and I had a great experience here. All of my teachers were super helpful, and they set a certain expectation for all of their honors and AP students. Something that I'd definitely like to see more at MHS is diversity, and maybe some better food. The food is pretty average, and there isn't much diversity. There's the occasional Asian American, Black, or Latino student here and there, but there aren't many, which is sort of expected from a school in the midwest.
It was a nice school to attend and the teachers are very good to all of us and most of them care about how my education is going. The bad thing is there is quite a few fights very often.
MIamisburg High School has offered me many growth opportunities. The staff and teachers make a concerted effort to guide their students down the right path and provide them with opportunities for a successful future. The guidance counselors and college preparatory teachers often provide assistance and guidance throughout the high school process. My experience has been great!
I really think Miamisburg is a great school. It's big but it's still small enough to where you feel like you can talk to your teachers and everyone has people that they can connect with here. I think it's overall a great place and they offer all the higher classes that I want and need.
Growing up, I attended West Carrollton City Schools through fifth grade. We moved that summer to Miamisburg, where I entered sixth grade as a new student, not knowing anyone. Looking back, moving to Miamisburg was the best decision my parents could have made. They have excellent academic and sports programs and their marching band is one of the best is the county. The majority of my memories are centered around the time I spent in the marching band. Now there are a few teachers that stand out from when I attended. I'm sure most are retired by now, but all the teachers I had at the high school truly cared about their students and wanted them to succeed in life. Miamisburg has a wide range of clubs and activities for students to be involved in. They also take the safety of students and staff very seriously, which is a must in this day and age. I would recommend Miamisburg City Schools to new families considering a move to the area.
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Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Miamisburg High School. I felt most of my teachers were very good, and challenged me to learn new things. I met some great friends, and have had some great times. The one thing I didn't really like was the way they had their honors and AP classes laid out. Many honors classes were actually harder than some of their AP counterparts, and I thought this was unfair because AP classes are weighted more. For the most part though, my learning experience at Miamisburg High School has been very satisfactory.
Miamisburg High School is a 4 out of 5 because of several different factors. For the most part, the teachers are great and do their best to provide a good education for their students. There are many different extracurricular opportunities and the guidance counselors truly do their best to find the classes best suited for their students and help resolve any issues. The biggest downfall is that the staff (mainly principals) do not want any issues with teachers and as such brush off complaints. For example, a tech prep program there is having problems with the teacher putting ridiculous expectations on them; instead of looking more into it, the principals continue to tell the students to talk to the teacher about it. Overall, Miamisburg High School is filled with staff that try their best for the students and peers that want to work hard and take advantage of their opportunities.
I liked that Miamisburg gave students a good environment . I feel like some of the subjects taught there don't prepare you for college well.
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