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Miami-Yoder Middle - High School Reviews

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Miami Yoder is a great school to go to if you are interested in small class sizes and dedicated students and faculty. It is a very friendly and involved community with lots of possibilities for advancing your student.
The teachers here are amazing. They are dedicated to helping you learn.
There are many things the kids can do after school. They can hang out as long as they don't stay long. They can participate in sports. They can also do after school tutoring if they need help with their homework.
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I have lived here my whole life and have witnessed the transformation of this school. I have learned so much here and have met a couple poeple I will be with for the rest of my life. I would not trade my experience here at MIami Yoder for anything! I have had many opportunites here despite the small size. I got an individualized experience because of my work ethic and ambition. I would choose this school again.
The school makes everything managable for the students and tries to keep everyone on the right track.
The students that are in clubs and organizations are in all of the clubs. The most sought after clubs are Leo CLub and FCCLA. THe administration is very supportive of the clubs.
THe principal works very hard to create a caring staff. We try to keep our teachers here for years. The teachers know the students and their learning styles which is very effective.
The school continues to get better as school spirit rises. All the students who play are committed and work very hard.
Students give into peer pressure a lot, but it is mostly positive. Student involvement is going up as the morale rises. THere is not much of ostracism in this small community, so everyone gets along. Everyone is very accepting.
The board has been making new policies, and there is friction between community members (staff, parents etc.) and the board. There are too many personal issues involved in the administration and it almost obstructs the learning process. Luckily, there are students and several faculty members that bring the school morale up!
This school is too nice. They are strict, yet micromanage. I think the real world is not going to be as forgiving and caring as the school has made it our to be. Also, there is not much diversity in the school which is completely different in the "real world".
The resources and facilities are pretty much average.
The academics are good. Although, the students are a very ranged group intellectually.
The teachers are awesome! They connect with pretty much every kid. They always stay way late to do their paper work.
The physical education classes are great. Our sports we lose quiet often but we have a lot of spirit on our teams.
The school has courses and sessions over everyday safety.
All the administration is very orientated with the students. The principals are also very relevant in the school.
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They always make sure that we have all the food groups and more. We have a lot of Mexican style lunches but, they will have a bbq every here and there.
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