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If you aren’t constantly pushing the school or singing it’s praises you are blacklisted and your kids will be too. Have seen kids get involved in drugs and alcohol but it is ‘hidden’ away if the parents are touting the school. If not, they will shun them. Very hypocritical atmosphere and students receive mixed messages about what living as a true Christian really means. Coaches are bullies and will also ostracize your child if they want to quit bc they put so much pressure on them to win so the school gets more recognition.
Family atmosphere where everyone truly cares about you as a person. Everyone is given a chance to shine.
Limited academic classes. You are on a track and if you're not in Honors Math then you can't take other honors classes. The administration doesn't seem to communicate. The business person was pulling my kid out of class for scheduling?! The get mad at kids if they don't fit the happy, cheerleader, overly involved mold. Teachers aren't even certified in the content area they are teaching in. Lots of fake people.
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MVCA is the total package. It's a true Christian atmosphere where everyone is welcome. Sports, fine arts and top notch academics! My eldest got academic scholarships and offers to play college football but most importantly is going into college as. Godly man. I work in schools across the region as a consultant and really feel that MVCA is the best school I've ever been in.
Miami Valley Christian Academy is excellent. It is distinct in it's academics, athletics, and fine arts. The teachers and staff are relational and motivating. I am pushed to be my very best. If you are looking for a top notch Christian education Miami Valley Christian Academy is the place for you.
I am currently a junior, and this is my first year attending MVCA. I had gone to a smaller Christian school basically my whole life beforehand. Everyone welcomed my sister and I with open arms. I joined the school’s cheer squad for football and instantly made lifelong friends. Overall, my time there has been great!
There is a lot of things, such as drama and sports. But I don't participate in any of the school's extracurriculars.
My experience has been very positive. When I first started there, everyone was really nice to me and helped kind of show me around. I really liked that because at a bigger school, I don't know if I would have gotten that response. Although, the school does have it's problems, I really do like going there because I know that I am safe there.
They teachers are really nice and very approachable. They meet with you after school if you are struggling and try to help you find solutions to the problems. They are just amazing!
Take care of every student seriously.
Plenty of sports and student government opprotunity
Opportunities for me are here so I can grow.
They care and educate you so you are prepared.
There are many extracurricular activities available at MVCA. Students can join more fun groups such as the yearbook committee, or they can join more honorable groups like the NHS.
I am a huge fan of everything at MVCA. The small atmosphere and community helps students to develop better relationships with both their peers and teachers. I wouldn't have rather spent my high school career anywhere else!
The teachers at MVCA are great. They are approachable and make it fun to learn. They truly care about their students both inside and outside of the classroom.
I wouldn't set foot in this school again for anything
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Teachers really care about the kids and there is usually a personal relationship developed between them but the academics are not pushed by most of them and kids are able to slide too much and not live up to high expectations
Could be better with more funding from outside sources and emphasis on becoming an outstanding educational school. Need better teachers
part of school is older but teachers are very helpfula and concerned about students success. Works much like a family environement and can be nurturing
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