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Miami Union Academy is a phenomenal school to attend. I’ve been there since Junior year after I transferred from a public school, and I have to say that I’m so glad that I did. I made lots more friends that supports and encourage one of another like family. We all love each other and wants each to succeed in life. The teachers help with that too. They’re fun and creative and likes to bond with the students here and they also help us in every way possible. Overall I really love this school and it’s environment and ambience. It’s also a Christian school so we get to learn about Jesus Christ too. This school is a great school and coming here was the best decision.
I love Miami Union... I have been there for most of my academic life and it has been a very enjoyable experience here. Miami Union is amazing and it has an amazing environment. Everyone here is like family and we are all Christ-centered. The teachers are very helpful and they actually care about their students academically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. MUA has been an amazing part of my life... I don’t know how I would’ve survived without it in my life.
I have been at Miami Union Academy for since August of 2005. Since then the school culture, spirit, and morale has declined within the high school and middle school departments. I believe the administration needs to work towards bringing back those simple values that brought those pillars into each department. The food provided by Miami Union was much better in elementary and some of middle school before I got to high school where it too declined in variety. All of my teachers were dedicated to my success and my classmates success. They exceeded in their teaching skills and their abilities to be patient and to multi task. Most of my teachers wore many hats as it is a private school. These strain of expectation on the teachers never stopped them and that is a great trademark of the school. I see the process of safety coming up in the school, new cameras and fences being put up as time goes by. Resources are being brought to the classrooms with smart boards and iPads!
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My experience at Miami Union Academy was lifechanging. I was born in Haiti and started going to Union in 5th grade and coming from a foreign place I didn’t know how to speak English at all. I had a hard time communicating with my friends , but luckily my teacher spoke and understand my language. Being able to communicate with all my friends alone was a great achievement. I would not be able to do that if my teacher and classmates did not help with that. Being able to communicate with others is one thing , but being able to get amazing grades with it is another. I love that I can express myself at Union. Being at Union is like living with my family. We pray and worship together, we care about each other’s well being , we support each other in every way possible. Even though our foods are not that great or the place was not that perfect, I’m happy to say that everything is getting fixed for the next school year!! We are a seventh Day Adventist school with so much to offer .
At Miami Union Academy, there's a great sense of unity among peers and there's Christian Education. Administration could be much better. There's a great amount of room for improvement but it's not a terrible school.
Miami Union Academy is one of the greatest schools in South Florida. In the past, we’ve been prepared for college and had many fun activities going on academically. One thing that can be improved is the willingness to listen and think before acting by the administration.
I’ve been at Miami Union Academy for about 8 years and my experience here has been great. Even though the school hasn’t really been known, we still have done some great things here! We won championships, choir and band went on different trips, and everything else was just amazing.
I have been attending Miami union academy since I was in pre-school and have always liked it there. The grading scale is high which pushes students to work harder and the teachers are very involved and try to make an impact on the students. This year the administration made a few drastic changes to the school which somewhat takes away from what made the school great but I still wouldn’t trade my experience for anyone else’s.
When I first attended Miami Union Academy, I was an introvert 6th grader. I was too scared to talk to anyone until my new classmates and the staff greeted me with open arms. Since then Miami Union Academy is considered additional family. This academy has changed me for into a girl who thought that she was born for no cause to a God-fearing lady who has dreams that CAN change generations.
Teachers are truly invested in students. Teachers give after school tutoring. Teachers especially target those students who aren't performing well and help them succeed. School really tries to prepare you for the real world and college.
There's a love and hate relationship when it comes to Miami Union Academy. When compared to other schools you start to think why am I paying thousands of dollars.
These clubs are lots of fun but require a good amount of work
The teachers are always around, try to incorporate God into almost every activity. The teachers are usually excited about the subject they teach and try to get the students on board as well and try to make the assignments seem exciting.
Extra curricular activities at my school are awesome. Extra curricular equals an extra deserving grade.
Though my experience hasn't been that great, I enjoyed my 15 years of being here lucky
Some of my teachers at the school are caring and devoted to their students
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This school adequately prepared me for college. High achieving students were placed in honors courses and rewarded with privileges for each term that they excelled. The school emphasizes an appreciation for music. Most students, myself included, were members of both the band and the choir. These musical groups often traveled around South Florida to perform at various events. The teachers of the school truly care about their students and offered after school tutoring for free. The size of the private school meant that the class sizes were reasonable to ensure that a teacher could spend one on one time with any student. if needed. I enjoyed my time at Miami Union Academy.
This school gave me better connection with God. The teachers go out of their ways to help the student. The teachers really do push evey kid to do better.
My overall experience so far has been attending a school where some of the parents, students, teachers and administration are close due to their religious background. Many of them attend the same churches and so they are like family. I enjoyed the many field trips taken, especially the Prayer Conference. By attending that conference it helped me to foster a closer relationship with my creator. If I had to choose a school to attend again, I would choose Miami Union Academy. Despite the lack of certain things such as space, the school provides the two essential ingredients to a successful life. It encourage academic excellence and spiritual reinforcement which will remain not only in this life but the life after.
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