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It was a very basic high school, nobody went out of their way to help you. If you were not popular or had a good last name you were treated poorly. The academics were extremely awkwardly approached and nobody was prepared for what was on the tests. Very few people excelled here.
The academics and college-readiness are the strongest character of this school. The diversity is fairly poor, as is the food. The teachers and staff members are very friendly and helpful and they help to lead very rewarding clubs and other activities.
I would like to see the school be more inclusive of different cultures, races, and religions. I also think that more AP courses should be included. Administrators need to ensure that AP teachers are following the syllabus and are preparing students to take and pass the AP test by the end of the year.
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My experience as a Senior at Miami Trace High School has been an interesting one. I've seen fights, lockdowns and other stuff in the past four years. But since things have changed since I was a freshman. Administrative advisory has increased, discipline has increased and also safety has increased greatly. I feel safe with the safety protocol we have inforced. The teachers here are great and prepare you for what you need to know for college. The english teachers are awesome. The ag program is done greatly and taught by the best. I greatly with miss this school once I graduate. Thank you Miami Trace high school for the memories and getting me ready for college!
It is a fairly good experience this year but most of the ceilings leak and it smells pretty bad in some bathrooms. I hope that we get a better tolerance on suicide though.
I had a very good experience at Miami Trace. I started attending in kindergarten and ended with my senior year. The school tries its hardest to make sure all of the students are reaching their own personal goals while in school.
Miami Trace High School is truly excellent. There are many clubs and after school activities that allow students to get involved with things they are passionate about. The teachers at MTHS are very involved with their students and they care deeply about them.
The school has lots of extracurriculars to get involved in. They're great experiences and you get to know some of your classmates more.
I enjoyed my time there. I played sports and got involved with some club the school offers. I got to meet some amazing people and make great friends here. I believe it's a great school and I would choose this school again.
Most of the teachers are great and actually care about the students like they're real people.
Sometimes they have issues with the grading but other than that everything is pretty good.
some teachers are very engaging and help all types of students learn in different teaching styles but I feel as if all teachers need to do that to improve.
The Teachers are great. Some love to help other students and there ideas.
The school was thought of as a family
The teachers were helpful, understanding and polite
Bullying does take place at Miami Trace but it is usually taken care of. I feel safe every single day i attend school. I know that if something were to happen, i would know exactly what to do. We have a police patrolling constantly and sometimes the K-9. The school nurse is easily accessed. The overall safety is excellent.
My school has many diverse clubs just as a school should. i dont really take part in them but i know a lot of people that do. The sporting events are things that are fun to attend and also participate in. The administration takes part in the events to make sure they are put together nice and nothing happens to make our school look bad. I've always encouraged students to participate in student sections at basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc games to get the school spirit up.
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I love my school. I have attended for 13 years now and i wouldn't want it any other way. i feel safe and i have always enjoyed coming to school most days. We often have fun activities and the teachers there are super nice and are willing to help all students. I know my education at Miami Trace is preparing me my future.
Most teachers at Miami Trace are very intelligent and good at their job. There are some teachers that i believe are lazy with their work and don'r really enjoy teaching. I like a teacher to be able to engage with the class and know a lot about the lessons they are teaching. Almost all of the teachers at Miami Trace do a great job leading their classes. I feel comfortable asking all of them questions and or getting help from them.
I absolutely love the band program at trace. My favorite experience has to be my first Marching Band experience on fake turf at an away game. I absolutely love marching on new fields! I do think Trace should get a fake turf if they got enough funding for it!
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