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Miami Sunset Senior High School Reviews

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When I was at Sunset, they had a mold issue in their food. Their math teachers were not the best. Sports morale was an all time low.
This school has been amazing, the teachers are very good and patient as well as caring for their students. The food is also amazing as they have food trucks come every once in a while. I honestly loved everything about this school i have no issues with it.
If you if wish to attend this school I recommend you join their dual enrollment program. Miami Sunset's medical program is taught by excellent teacher's and staff. My favorite part of this school its history as some teachers are sunset alumni.
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Did not like anything at Miami sunset senior high . Would like to see better teachers , clubs , MUCH better food , better classes offer , and better administrators.
Miami Sunset Senior High has great teachers that care about the growth of the students and are always there to help. It offers several clubs for the student to join which helps for the future for college admissions.
My experience during my time in high school I had it really good moments, but my best moments that I've experienced are in a particular class during my senior year. So I was basically a new student in these kind of classes and also I'm Italian learner. I remember my first presentation in this class. I didn't want to do it, but finally I did it and that one was my best moment. When I went to present I felt afraid, and then when I presented I felt so good for the effort I applied on. Now I feel so much better than my first day of presentations because I now know that I can do whatever I want to do. The learning that I acquire made it so good this moment because I know that I have to trust on me. Something teachers or students can learn from my experience is that we have to overcome our fears and not let them control ourselves because we can't know our capabilities if we are afraid.
Not much of a quality education can be expected here. Some teachers act more like your friend than an actual instructor. Facility was absolutely filthy when I attended. Horrible dress code check procedures; students can miss up to 4 class periods because of it. Don't really expect much help from administration if you do not speak Spanish. Absolutely no school spirit. Ridiculous dress code. Any high school is better than this school, trust me.
As a junior my experience at this school has always been positive, the school has overcome many hardships over the years. With principle lux he has made the school much better, there are many events, clubs and things to offer the kids. Even though many don’t take upon the opportunities there are MANY to choose from including the excellent magnet programs. I highly suggest taking upon a magnet which will greatly prepare you in whatever career you want.
The experience at Miami Sunset Senior High was a bit mediocre with a few highlight points whenever there were school games or theatre shows. The environment were mostly minorities such as latino and black, the teachers were mostly average and some helpful and others were a bit aloof or extra for no reason. The food being given could definitely use some help. The breakfast however was not so bad. The area was not always cleaned but did improve from previous years and overall it was an average school to be fair.
Considering that there are worse schools in Miami-Dade County to go to, I'm grateful that I had the chance to go here. This school isn't the best as far as academics are concerned, but that's mostly due to a lack of effort put forth by the student body. In reference to the activities provided here, we could definitely use more pep rallies and such to boost school spirit. The diversity of the student population is slowly growing but I am still the only black student in each of my classes, even though there are other black students who attend this institution. The student population is predominantly Hispanic. There is no parent involvement. College readiness- what's that? We've only recently added a SAT/ACT Prep course, but it only focuses on reading and most students need help in math. In conclusion, enroll at your own risk.
Sunset may have a bad name due to the unfortunate events in the past, but ever since the new principal Sunset has not only improved but has become one of the great schools. Overall it is a great school and has great academics.
Most teachers do care, it depends on which classes you take. Counselors are only concerned about students graduating, they could care less whether you go to college.
I think the teachers there are phenomenal and I honestly didn’t know how I was going to feel going there since I did apply accidentally but I feel like my experience there has changed me completely and without the phenomenal teachers I’ve had I wouldn’t be the person I am at this moment. The only thing that irks me is that they run out of food sometimes and that definitely has to change. They’ve come a long way since the 2015 mold accident and it’s really amazing that they’ve changed so much but they also have to change that and it’s for the better.
Everything was good and what you would expect school to be like but lunch and other parts of the school were nasty and old, had mold. Needed to be fixed. But other than that the school was good.
This school needs structure. I can say I've only learned anything beneficial from maybe four teachers from all my four years of attendance. There was a new, ridiculous dress code every year I went to this school. Major lack of school spirit.
My sister went to Miami Sunset Senior High, so it was always familiar to me. I enjoyed playing soccer. I did not make any relationships that I would maintain after high school. The teachers were decent, some I would say did not take their job as seriously as they should.
The school was old, dirty and run down, however it did give me some dual enrollment opportunities and had a decent medical magnet program.
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I graduated from Miami Sunset Senior High a few years ago and in all honesty I do not miss it. If I could I would change everything about it, with some exceptions of course, I did have very good professors, but it was always one out of six, I can't clearly remember a school year in which I had more than two decent professors. The school did not help me prepare for college, like other high schools they focus on having students score high on standardized tests in order to look good statewide. The administration in the school was terrible, maybe that is why the professors where not good enough, they were usually nice but nice does not teach you what you would like to learn. Also, the programs they offered, like Engineering were horrible, not difficult, just horrible.
The small school environment. The staff is very easy to talk to and kind, the academics are not that bad. And there is something for everyone to do or like about sunset high school.
This school doesn't prepare you whatsoever for college and has poor restrictions or slack enforcement of anything. You can go to class once a week and pass with flying colors.
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