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Miami Sunset Senior High School Reviews

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This school needs structure. I can say I've only learned anything beneficial from maybe four teachers from all my four years of attendance. There was a new, ridiculous dress code every year I went to this school. Major lack of school spirit.
My sister went to Miami Sunset Senior High, so it was always familiar to me. I enjoyed playing soccer. I did not make any relationships that I would maintain after high school. The teachers were decent, some I would say did not take their job as seriously as they should.
The school was old, dirty and run down, however it did give me some dual enrollment opportunities and had a decent medical magnet program.
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I graduated from Miami Sunset Senior High a few years ago and in all honesty I do not miss it. If I could I would change everything about it, with some exceptions of course, I did have very good professors, but it was always one out of six, I can't clearly remember a school year in which I had more than two decent professors. The school did not help me prepare for college, like other high schools they focus on having students score high on standardized tests in order to look good statewide. The administration in the school was terrible, maybe that is why the professors where not good enough, they were usually nice but nice does not teach you what you would like to learn. Also, the programs they offered, like Engineering were horrible, not difficult, just horrible.
The small school environment. The staff is very easy to talk to and kind, the academics are not that bad. And there is something for everyone to do or like about sunset high school.
This school doesn't prepare you whatsoever for college and has poor restrictions or slack enforcement of anything. You can go to class once a week and pass with flying colors.
Miami Sunset Senior High is an overall good school. Yet it lacks certain aspects. It is currently a C school and is close to becoming a D schools. Academic wise, its a great learning environment but the school requires some sort of change for the good.
What I liked were the teachers and lessons they would teach us. They were very through with the explanation and all the staff were treating everyone equally. I would change the food in the school.
My experience in high school was good, teachers were nice and cared about us. I learned a lot and had the chance to take classes that I like thanks to the variety of elective classes. I liked the activities they had, and all the clubs and extracurricular activities you could do.
I liked my school. The teachers were good, I learned a lot from them and they helped me a lot with their advices.
I've had a fine experience at Miami Sunset. What I like most is the students, and how you make friendships really easy. I also like some of the teaching, but I would like to see some teachers teach better and more for us to learn than for us to pass the test. Overall it's a pretty good school.
What I loved the most about this school were the people that I met and all the club and activities I did during my senior year.
My experience overall was pretty good. It was a good learning environment. Most teachers were prepared and their teachings was great.
My experience at Miami Sunset Senior High was one that I will always remember. I am a proud alumni who was very active in school activities and study groups. I was apart of many clubs including yearbook, volleyball and S.A.C.C club for student athletes to better contribute to sports and think of ways to improve. The teachers were nothing but motivating and always strived for my improvement in and out of the classroom.
I've very much enjoyed Sunset, and I'm to have seen the school grow and get better from my first day there. The school is constantly changing and is always getting better. The Dual Enrollment program is phenomenal.
it’s a good school. i like the academies and how everyone is nice and treats you good. the school is very clean and organized
I love the size and one on one attention all the teachers give you. Since the population is small the teachers really take the time to make sure you understand the information and they are very dedicated to teaching. The only thing I would change is the hall system and bell schedule.
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My experience at Miami Sunset Senior High School has been pretty good so far. I do like my teachers very much, some more than others. Most teachers take the time to teach and help you understand and succeed. The activities at the school are really fun. There are plenty of pep rallies, field trips, and games. We also have a National Winning dance team (Street Soul) and we have a great cheer team. At Miami sunset senior high they offer a diversity of clubs, classes etc. To list a few: honors, AP, key club, dance team, cheer team, color guard, football team, bowling team, soccer team, chess, medical magnet, technology magnet, FBLA, glee club, video game club, GSA, and many many more.
I am actually a transfer student and transferring to Miami Sunset was the best decision I've made. Although it may lack spirit a little i absolutely love it and would definitely do it all again.
When I attended this school, it was headed for some changes. The quality of everything but the teachers was horrid. I believe it is undergoing some reform but I'm not sure. I recommended that my sisters do not attend and I was glad they made the choice not to attend.
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