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A majority of the teachers here want to see their students succeed. They push for them to take their SAT's and apply for scholarships, and write great letters of recommendation. One thing I'd change is that there is no music program here, let alone music classes. Because of this, not only do students lack the ability to progress in their interests they may have been beginning to develop in middle school, but there are now classes with 40-50 kids in them for electives, which makes it difficult to get any work done. The teacher can't focus on teaching when they can't individually talk to each student, so anyone who wants to go into art for a career will be starting from scratch when they go to college and may have less of a chance of making it into a great college because they weren't taught basics in class. Any student who comes from a low income family and can't afford private lessons but wants to go into Music as a career is screwed since no classes are provided.
Very good teachers, staff, and administration. Very supportive and always making sure you're on your feet. The environment and cleanliness of the school, however, could use a bit of a change. I am a graduating senior in May 2019 and have enjoyed my experience at this school.
I love the environment and the culture within each other. Everyone is very friendly and you see everyone within their friends. I love hoe the teachers are always willing to help you and give you an extra hand. Everyone is very chill and in their own thing. The activities are actually very entertaining. The sport games are very competitive and hype. The dances are very fun because the school hires very good djs and very good food. Overall it is a great school.
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What I liked about Miami Springs Senior High School was the vast diversity and peaceful learning environment. The educators were also very knowledgeable about their subject and built a great relationship between students.
Great school in the local community. The Cambridge program is challenging and rewarding!! Only draw back is that the school needs physical improvements such as paint, equipment, etc
The school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including a variety of sports as well as academic and service-oriented clubs. Many of the teachers make themselves available to help the students after school hours to promote academic achievement.
I enjoy the teachers and administration at Miami Springs Senior High School, they are very helpful when it comes to assisting new and current students. They are also very informant to parents who have questions about their child.
As an alumni, my experience at Miami Springs Senior High School was great overall. The teachers were always nice and very helpful with any questions that had. The teachers and counselors that I met there have tremendously impacted my life, with preparing me and offering me the resources needed for college. Although, the school lunch was never that great, the diversity and resources made the time worth while. One thing I would change is the organization of activities and clubs.
I like the fact that you have to opportunity to make it what you want to be. The clubs and activities need improvement from the administrative side and student body.
The school truly deserves to be over taken by charter schools. There is a reason to why they are losing students. Administration is a joke and so are most of the teachers. There are very few, maybe even less than a handful, teachers who are there our of their passion.
I liked how most of the teachers coordinate well with the students. I would like to see the support system rise.
I enjoyed learning with different teachers and the methods used to assist me in passing my exams. The students are involved and enjoy supporting each other in activities and sports. Although the school is a little above average, the administration should be more supportive of the students.
Overall it is a really good school but I would have liked there to be more space there were simply too many people in the school we couldn't even walk when the bells rang to go to the next class.
I like how some teachers are here to help you with anything. I also feel safe in this school. I enjoy going to school.
I love miami springs. The community is very small so it’s easy to make lots of friends. The workload isn’t so much so it’s easy to handle
Relatively speaking, MSSH has given me a ton of opportunities to improve. It offers advanced courses, taught by good instructors, which I'm having the opportunity to challenge myself with. Why is one star missing, well for me no school deserves 5 stars for as long as they follow this system of education that so ineffectively prepares students for the future!
My name isPatricia Aguilar , I am a senior , and I am very grateful for had been a student of this High School, I have been in this country for 3 years , and at Miami Springs was the place where I actually learned the language, and it gave me the opportunity to do not give up and the chance to fight for my dreams, because many people do not have the opportunity to study as soon as they landed in the country , and to me being able to be one of those who can , I am very grateful and full of energy to keep fighting for my dreams.
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My experience overall was great. I not only made new friends but also took college level classes that prepared me for the future.
Many teachers in Miami Springs Senior High School pose no interest in actually teaching their students necessary content and instead focus on solely introducing them to things they'll need to get an A on their exam. Select administrators are only concerned about their title and how they can benefit from it. They're more interested in how they appear to others rather than running a school. The environment of Miami Springs Senior High School is overall competitive yet friendly. Students are not really concentrating on making others feel inadequate about their academic accomplishments seeing as they are focused on their own.
I have enjoyed taking part in riguruous classes such as AP classes. I have also enjoyed taking part in varied sports and clubs. The school definitely offers many clubs and a good amount of sports as well. The sports team are average based on performance but some teams are exceptionally good such as Girls Soccer and Softball. I would like to see better food choices and more parent involvement in the school.
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