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Miami Southridge Senior High School Reviews

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Miami Southridge Senior High is a great school and is continuously improving. From my freshman year to senior year they have increased opportunities for its students to involve themselves with the school. Its academics have also become gradually better.
In all honesty, Miami Southridge Senior High School is an amazing school. I’ve never felt more at home at any school, everyone makes you feel so welcome. It is a very diverse school filled with amazing students and staff. Not only are the students great, but the staff is absolutely amazing. Everyone there not only takes their job very serious, but they also care for us and our well beings. You can always depend on the staff to guide you whether it be teachers, counselors etc. There is a lot of school spirit and many activities that they provide for many different interests.
Within my 4 years at Southridge they were some of the best and worst times. The change in principles really affected the school in a negative way and there were fights on a regular basis. The school isn't located in the nicest of areas and if you were not an honors student it would definitely be a hard time for you. But overall I did have teachers who cared very much and who made sure I graduated top of my class and applied to college successfully.
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I very much enjoyed my time at Miami south ridge senior high I played football and my senior year we went on to win the state championship I left high school with a 4.0 gpa and felt prepared for college
Determined teachers who want you to succeed. They work hard to help their students in many ways, such as after school programs. I hope that more ap classes and magnet programs open to attract more people to the school. Lots of sports and school spirit.
Some of the teachers are not professional. They argue and curse the students and we have no voice. It needs improved staff honestly. I'm a junior of morality and respect. There is no respect there.
Out of most of the public high schools in the Miami-Dade county district, Miami Southridge is one of the safest. Southridge excels in sports and the administration is doing its best to bring that same vigor towards academics by introducing new programs that cater to a students different interests. They are bringing stricter safety and security protocols to keep campus safer.
Miami SouthRidge Senior Highschool is a wonderful highschool to attend. Ive attended all four years and have played baseball for four years and it has been a tremendous experience for me and i couldnt ask for anything better. The teachers are fantastic and their number one priority is the children’s learning experience and they make sure everyone gets a good education and moves on to college. Our principle, Mr. Miret, has changed the school tremendously; day to night. The school before he got here was really bad and kids werent getting a real education. When Mr.Miret came in as our nee principal he made some really big changed towards the school and it has paid. Kids now are actually excited about coming to school and are ready to learn.
Love the cultural diversity, for sure wouldn't find that in any other high school. The teachers and staff are very dedicated and involved with the student's interests and studies. There numerous fights between the students and additional safety measures should be taken, but overall I feel safe and comfortable in the environment I've been placed in.
I like the school AP classes, specially the Environmental Science and Research.
The possibility of Dual Enrollment classes is also a plus.
South ridge was an incredible school and helped me grow the entire four years I spent in highschool. South ridge offered many fun electives and even offered a weightlifting class which was my favorite. The school offered many clubs and extracurricular activities, the fun never stopped when I was a spartan!
The teacher really spent one on one time with you. During my years of attending they always made sure every was accepted and able to participate in programs.
My experience in Miami Southridge Senior High is so far really good. I am part of different activities and is good to be involved. There is a lot of diversity in Southridge and everyone gets along really well so that is a good thing. One thing where I would like to see a change is that parents should be more involve.
Miami Southridge Senior Highschool is a whole teenage experience. This school introduces you to students of different personalities, whole-hearted teachers, and handy staff. I appreciate the memories I obtained when I first moved here and attended this school at the end of my sophomore year. As much fun as I am having here, I sure do miss having a STEM program in my school. In Georgia when I was attending Peachtree Ridge Highschool, I was part of the STEM/SPIRE program which is science and language arts correlated into a college-level experience. The STEM program was so much fun and so interesting that I hope that in the future, Miami Southridge Senior Highschool can look into a program related to STEM.
Out of the 6 schools I have attended this is by far the school that is least equipped for students. They curriculum is terrible. They do not have classes that push the student if they are too advanced.
My time of being a "Mighty Spartan" was one of the greatest experience I've had so far. I can honestly can say that Miami Southridge has had a major part in shaping me into the person I am today. '
I never felt safe attending southridge. There was a fight every single day, and most of the time security just stood there before breaking it up. They are more concerned with how they appear than how good the school actually is, meaning they spent thousands on painting the school again and buying wall stickers and new golf carts before they even invested in new books or scholarships for their attendees. You can never speak to a counselor or get proper help, and this also applies to graduation coaches or administration. If you want to get transcripts they will take almost two weeks to electronically send them to a college which is just unbelievable. There is huge favoritism with student athletes as well, they can do anything and receive no consequences.
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Miami Southridge was a very good school that I really liked and I now miss very much ever since I graduated this year. The school activities were my favorite part and the school spirit that everyone had. It was fun. I learned many things from different people and I honestly had a great experience. If I could relive my high school experience at Southridge, I definitely would!!
Miami southridge was great the people I met the teachers that help push me and the amazing staff. it really was an awesome experience . Miami southridge will not baby you at all. the school as a whole will push you to grow up and to make better decisions about a lot of situations .now if you need help of any kind they are always there just don't be scared to ask .
Miami south ridge Senior high school is an amazing school, it allows students express themselves and believe in themselves. Administration helps the students build up confidence for wanting to pass and graduate.
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