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Miami Southridge Senior High School Reviews

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I loved the variety of activities and clubs you can get in and find something personally fit for you and find people who share the same passions. Overall it's a great school with great maintenance. it also excels in athletics if you're looking to be part of that or want to challenge yourself if you're the opponent. The only change i can think of that they can make is improved cooperation with students and teachers since most teachers have had at least something said in that area but even then it hasn't been a big issue. Overall it's a great school.
Half the faculty there actually cares about their student's success. But the faculty that does are amazing!
My High school experience was great/stressful. Mainly because i was involved in many school activity which helped me met some good people to make new memories with. One thing i hated was the school lunch it was horrible i had to bring my own food to school everyday. Overall school the teacher was very understanding/helpful there where people you can talk to everybody was like one big family.
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Miami Southridge Senior High School , is a school that for four whole consecutive years provided me with memories and opportunities far beyond my imagination. The school has provided me with countless educational, artistic, and athletic opportunities. In my experience my school was able to easily provide me academic opportunities in the form of AP Capstone and Dual Enrollment Programs which from my experience allowed me to advance in my academics with ease. This was not just done by my own effort but the effort of the wonderful staff that are the teachers and counselors who are always willing to sit down and aid in personal roadblocks. This connection between teachers and students in Southridge is what defines the school and separates it from other high schools. It is also one of the few schools I know of that is has open conversations with students regarding issues such as drug abuse through a group called HIP. Overall the school welcomes and pushes students to be the upmost best!
My experience at Miami Southridge was phenomenal. From the staff to the students I wouldn't change it not one bit. All of the many activities ranging from the pep rallies to the Friday night football games are just some of the best experiences here at Miami Southridge. Also, being involved in many sports and clubs and having the opportunities to get connected with others just for attending this school is what I appreciate the most.
I would like for them to show more interest in the future of their students. But overall a nice school.
Started in the middle of the year and The teachers were really nice and most of them were understanding. The students were nice but none really talked to me or tried to be my friend.
What i like about Miami Southridge Senior High School is the school spirit everyone has. Students, teachers, faulty all of them have the best attitude and are committed to doing they're job and helping students.
Miami Southridge was an above average school for the four years I attended. The teachers are incredible and understanding. Granted there are always a few that are not how we would like. There is plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself in courses that promote college growth. Along with academics the school prides itself with school spirit. Pep rallies bring together all the students and creates a good environment.
This school is a 3 star because they have no type of support structure. All the faculty are very rude. The teachers care about their students (most of them). The students are very rude as well.
Every teacher is pretty understanding, with the way life works and they are reasonable with the amount of work they give. All the administrators are really cool as well they give us nice events and everything. All the kids in school are funny and outgoing people, it’s a pretty good environment all around.
The Reason i like my school is the support system. There is always somebody there willing to help and guide you through everything you need. One thing i like to see chance is a more programs
I loved how they made me feel very loved and welcomed, if I could change anything it would be to have more prep rallies cause the school spirt WE HAD
Realistically, Southridge isn’t terrible, but they’re far from great. There are teachers and faculty that try their best but there’s others that make it extremely clear they couldn’t care less. There was a time I tried to open up about some of the things I was going through and they didn’t provide any help, although they “pride” themselves in having available resources. Adding to that, they force their “smarter” students into taking AP and Honors courses they never asked for and refuse to take them out when they beg. A lot of the students have admitted this takes a DRAMATIC toll on their mental health. For a school that prides themselves on how inclusive they are, they act as if mental health isn’t a serious matter.

However, it’s not entirely bad. They have a GREAT program to help the homeless students receive food, water, soap, and other essentials. This doesn’t make up for their flaws but it’s a great benefit that many other schools in MDCPS do not have.
I had the best experience at Southridge. Meeting new people became my best friends. I joined Chorus in the 10th grade best decision I made because I like to perform and sing with the people I love
My experience at Miami Southridge has been so many things. I came to Southridge as a freshman scared of high school but i mainly focused on my grades tried to raise up my GPA and i got to have amazing friends and this is my last few months of being in high school and i have to say how proud i am of me that i have become such a better person academically.
My experience so fare is going very good since I’m at the top of my classes. What I would like to change is the poor food in the school.
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My experience at Miami Southridge has been good. I feel like southridge was the right school for me , they push their students to succeed in their school. I got many opportunities going to school here and it’s bettering me for the future to get all this experience now.
While I attended South Ridge for my last two years of high school, I was given the opportunity to explore a new environment and meet new people. Such an exposure opened me up to new and endless possibilities. I would never trade such an experience for anything else. You have to actually live and witness the true spartan pride because word of mouth just isn’t enough.
Staff who will help you excel no matter what you future plans are. I’ve noticed class variety and great programs that students like to be a part of increase yearly.
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