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Miami Senior High School Reviews

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My experience Miami Senior High School has been the best four years any student can ask for. I bleed midnight blue and old gold because our school has so much spirit and everyone is mostly involved in extra-curricular activities such as sports, cheerleading, band, color guard, and many clubs. I wouldn’t want to see anything change in Miami Senior High because there is so much school pride and it is nice to pass it around every year because it is tradition, at least homecoming is. Miami Senior High School are the four years I’m never going to forget and I will miss after I graduate.
I love the amount of school spirit there was my sophomore year, but after that it has kind of diminished...
I attended Miami High my four years of high school and I can say that I am proud to be a Stingaree. The buildings had admirable architecture and the greenery of plants and trees inside of campus gave a sense of liberation whenever I would walk from one class to another. Miami High gave me the full high school experience. School spirit, sports, clubs, homecoming and most importantly education.
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What I like about Miami Senior High is that nearly every student graduates with a plan. Throughout your four years attending the school, Miami High is with you every step of the way. Not only do they offer dual enrollment and AP courses, but they also offer a variety of programs for the students to join. Apart from their courses, Miami High also gives its students the most devoted and caring teachers ever. The teachers build unforgettable bonds with their students and never fail to go the extra mile to make sure they get the education they deserve.
I love everything about Miami Senior High. I love the students, the staff is very friendly, and rarely is there anything very serious going on in this school. The programs are absolutely amazing from being able to take dual enrollment and AP courses right from our school.
The school has offered many opportunities to me and has allowed me prepare for my future. Through Miami Senior High I have been able to join many clubs and take on leadership roles in all of them.
i love all the teachers and students in this school as well as the vocational programs this school offers.
I had an amazing time at Miami Senior High because of the amount of clubs that they have. It allowed me to make friends and be involved.
The people and the courses they allow students to take. The teachers are always trying to help you pass; make you understand a complication you don’t understand. The administration is always getting on you if you’re slacking
Miami Senior High School is an amazing school which offers many programs and activities. My experience so far as been amazing and I recommend this school one hundred percent to anyone.
Miami High is a beautiful school where there is a lot of history behind the school and some amazing teachers.
What I like about Miami Senior High is that the teachers really make an effort to help you grow academically, they encourage you to keep moving forward, especially the CAP counselor.
Miami Senior High is a great school full of culture and history and every student is full of school spirit. Beta is the main club with most of the student body being members. At this school you can follow different career paths and discover yourself.
I love Miami Senior High, it has made an enormous impact on my life. It is more than a school it is a family, and they have made me feel at home. School has become a second home where I can learn and have fun. Many teachers are passionate about their craft which is something I love. The academics are amazing, and the overall experience has been amazing. Throughout my four years at Miami High I have grown into a more responsible person. Starting out I would slack, but the teachers I had inspired me to be better and have helped me improve not only as a student, but as person as well.
What I like about Miami Senior High is that it makes me feel comfortable, some teachers are very understandle and help you with many doubts you have. I’ve been here since my freshmen year and I’ve participated in club activities and the principal is very understanding and a positive person.
Miami Senior High School is a good school yet it can always improve starting with counselors for mental health issues. I wish we would have more capable counselors at school. The lunch food is terrible and I wish that could be better.
My experience with Miami Senior High School has been amazing. The school has an overabundance of school spirit there's a club and sport for everyone and the teachers are amazing because they connect with the kids and show passion in what they teach. These teachers are commonly found in harder courses and that's what hooks me into the subject because they're not just following a syllabus but what they love.
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What I love about Miami High is how connected and united everyone is. Teachers and students really care for you and are there when you most need them. The campus is gorgeous too, the environment is just adequate for learning.
Being that this is the oldest high school in Miami, the staff, and my peers are very spirited. This makes the experience I have had here very enjoyable.
The faculty and teachers are so adamant on students having a well rounded experience. They cherish high school memories, but also push forward the idea of leadership and honor through academics and extracurricular activities. No school is like Miami Senior High School.
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