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I really loved how much personal attention the teachers were able to give to each of the students. I was busy most of the year with sports but I never really felt left behind in the classroom. I also liked how generally calm the school was. In my seven years between Jr. High and High School, I only saw one fight. Everybody knows everybody and are generally friendly folk.
I have never experienced much bullying in this school because most everyone gets along, or they just stay away from each other. I have also not been to the nurses in awhile, but when I was there it was a good and relatively easy experience.
I've defiantly enjoyed every sport that I have participated in. I have also enjoyed FFA, especially because of the success we have had in judging competitions.
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My experience at this school has been great. Sports by far has been the best time. With the amount of people there is in this school, it is easy to make friends.
The teachers at my school are great. They balance out the work and they are consistent most of the time. They teach us what is required, and sometimes they will give us real world examples. Several times our math teacher will give us examples of when we will use certain equations, because many times we say that we will never use them in the real world.
We have health code individuals come to our school often to check the safety and sanitation of our facilities.
I participate in many extracurricular events. Each event has hard-working and dedicated individuals. I enjoy each activity that I participate in.
The environment of this school is great. Most students are accepting of their peers, and those who are not, are not allowed to put others down.
All the teachers at this school care about each student and how well they do in all of their classes.
The teachers are great. The principle this year actually cares about everyone. The Academics are great.
My high school experience was a very good one. I went to college well prepared.
The teachers put a lot of time and effort into the classroom. They are very knowledgeable and are good teachers.
Over all the school is great. The school has a college prep person, tutoring opportunities, and good parent involvement. The quality and condition of the school a great.
The athletic department has a few physical trainers. There is no full time nurse, the school nurse is part time.
The teachers are great. The office personnel are very kind and helpful as are the custodians. The custodians keep the school very clean. The librarian is good. The only thing is that there isn't a nurse on full time.
This school is a high award winning school academically. The classes that they offer are the real deal and will prepare you for your next step in life. The dual credit opportunities are limited but growing in this school.
This school has a variety of sports available including Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Track, Golf, and Tennis. Administration is very supportive of all of these sports. There are also a variety of clubs including FFA, 4H, NHS, FCCLA, Cheerleading, Spanish Club, Science clubs, Spelling bee, and much more.
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This is a good school.
We don't have a bullying problem at our school. We have a lock down if there is something going on that could possibly harm anyone inside. We have a "Code K" at our school if an autistic boy that goes here, gets out of the building somehow. I feel very safe inside my school.
The school is a great building, however, we are actuallu about to build a new one. The technology at the school is good.
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