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I liked that they had a lot of options for classes and that there was a lot of AP classes that one could choose from. There was also a lot of elective choices that could fit everyone's needs, interests, or desires. One could tell that the school was in need of a renovation, there was a lot of outdated equipment in classrooms and there were several unused classrooms that could have gone to better use. I also wish that they didn't have to get rid of some elective classes halfway through my time there.
My experience of Miami palmetto senior high school has been overall good, my appointed councilor helped prep me for college and ensured the earlier years of my high school experience was optimal. I highly recommend Miami Palmetto Senior High , as it is an elite school with many social opportunities.
Miami Palmetto Senior is a great school. From a extremely large range of clubs, sports, and additional activities, Palmetto has a place for anybody. The school's sports are amazing, always winning. The office provides a great quantity of counselors who are always there for the students.
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It was a wonderful school and had a lot of resources, especially the APs, that really prepared me for college. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve so much in this school. I am eternally grateful to all the teachers that aided me throughout the years (shoutout to Dino). If I had to give a negative comment, it would be that the school is in old conditions. Besides that, I see nothing wrong with this high school.
I've had an overall great experience at Palmetto, but very stressful. A main issue my friends and I see is with abundant diversity but a lack of communication between different groups. The kids in the AP track have amazing teachers and resources available, but for kids who aren't as competitive, they don't have as much motivation or assistance to succeed. It's really only a group of top students who are working their asses off to go to great colleges.
I like Palmetto because the students are very nice and very welcoming. I was a new student 2 years ago and felt very comfortable when I started. The other school I came from I didn't make to many friends but at this school I practically know the whole school. I love to participate in school activities and shows. I'm now currently in 3 clubs and I'm a cheerleader which is super fun and I love showing school spirit. Being at this school makes me want to be involved more. I chose to do everything now that I'm a senior because I want to make this year fun and memorable.
A very great school with excellent teachers who inspire their students to do their best, along with different students from different parts of the world and different races who all are brilliant enough to inspire their peers.
I liked everything about Miami palmetto Senior High School .My experience here has been great and I loved every moment of it. The only thing I would want to see change is the food .
I have been at Miami Palmetto Senior High School for four years now. Palmetto is an above average public school located in the heart of Pincrest, Florida. The education is not the best although there are many teachers who have impacted my life and have given my skills that will last a life time. I believe that the administration should interact more with the students but besides that, the school is highly recommended by an almost Miami Palmetto Senior High alumni!
Being currently enrolled as a sophmore at Miami Palmetto Senior High has been my pleasure. I am part of the FIA magnet at school, involved in the numerous of the wide variety of clubs that the school has to offer, and taking many of the AP courses provided. Palmetto prepares one on the right track for life. Taking any of the rigorous AP classes will teach each student many lessons such as time management, organization, and the ability to study for end of year exams (which is something done in college). Not only does Palmetto succeed academically, but as well as athletically in the sports department. With a large array of team clubs available I take part as a varsity swimmer on the Girls Swim Team. The school also offers a great amount of honor societies along with other clubs such as 5000 Role Models, MAO, Photography, etc.
I entered Palmetto my junior year. I was shocked at how involved parents were. It was also great to see so many options in terms of clubs. At first I did not like it too much because it was so much bigger than my old school, but I grew to enjoy the school especially in terms of Academics. The teachers and administration are always telling you about the newest opportunities, whether it is a scholarship or a school activity. Palmetto really cares about preparing its students for college. The teachers are great and you can tell they really care about their students. My only complaints would be that the administration is not always helpful in solving issues. They are also slightly close minded and can be unwilling to try new programs, but other than that the faculty is great. The only other complaint I have is that the bathrooms could be cleaner but then again all public schools tend to be that way.
As an incoming senior at Palmetto, I have had three years of experience as a student here. The overall culture, in many different aspects, is extremely diverse in the school itself, which is perfect for anyone who wants to fit in anywhere. As a student, you are exposed to different ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, personalities, interests, and essentially anything else you can think of. The competitive environment of Palmetto in regards to academics, athletics, and other areas are impressive and inspiring, yet not overbearing. I am very pleased with my choice to attend Palmetto instead of Coral Reef Senior High School.
Overall my kids had a good experience. Academics were pretty good. They were able to challenge themselves with AP courses. Like anything in life, improvements can be made. Sports programs are great. Just need to get rid of all the politics. Sports need to go back to talent being highlighted again. Grades do count which is great. However, all students should be given equal opportunities, and that just doesn't happen anymore. It's really sad, but just like everything else politics has taken over sports. It's no longer about talent; it's who you know. This is across the board; it doesn't matter what sport!
The teachers actually care about your education and they really do test your knowledge. The Office staff could be a little nicer to the students, but hopefully when I have kids, Palmetto will still be up and running.
Palmetto was a great high school experience. It is really what you make of it-- I wanted to challenge myself academically so I enrolled in plenty of APs and joined clubs and honor societies. As a result, I got into some of the universities I always dreamed of attending and currently study at an ivy league institution. However, I have found that the atmosphere in regular classes is definitely not the same as there is no motivation to want to do better. All in all, it is just as I stated before: what you make of it. If a rigorous academic environment is what you seek, you will find it at Palmetto. If the opposite of that is what you seek-- the same can be said.
I love my school. My favorite things to do include eating the school lunches, going to class, and staying after school to finish tests.
Although there are a large variety of A.P. classes to choose from, this school does not do a great job at preparing students who get accepted into upper tier schools. The teachers are petty and pick favorites, jeopardizing the grades of many students. However, the student body is generally hardworking, which slightly offsets any overly opinion-based grades.
I miss the layout of the school and the high levels of school spirit though. The pep rallys and sports games were pretty fun, and they took athletics very seriously. Overall, I had a good time while there, and was able to maintain high grades, but I do believe that they could make their academic curriculum more applicable to selective colleges.
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Good education and good teachers who actually care about your future success. No complaints overall academically or socially. Facilities need to be updated as they are old and falling apart.
Mr Garcia is the best math teacher and maybe the best teacher I met in my life. Recently, the science department is doing not that well, but I’d say a good portion of students at Palmetto are very academically talented, so they can still achieve higher levels regardless the teachers teaching skills. I’ve had great experience in social sciences and English classes, especially the new AP govt teacher Mr Spiegelman. I didn’t participate in sports but from what I’ve heard I think it’s good.
MPSH is the best school in Miami. The academics are great and there is something for every student to be involved in.
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