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Miami Northwestern Senior High School Reviews

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Miami Northwestern is by far one of the best learning institutions. The teachers make learning fun and we have the best school pride. I wish we could have better resources though.
Miami Northwestern has helped me with by allowing me to be a part of the medical magnet program. This school has done so much for me in just four years and I appreciate the group of staff members and family members that helped me get to this point in my life.
Miami Northwestern's allows students to get involved and connects . The teachers have great relationships with there students
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As a current student The school culture is phenomenal. There isn’t much diversity but that is expected. Sports seem to take a priority over academic. The counselors try there best but there is only so much they can handle. I hope to see improvement in the school.
I love Miami Northwestern dearly! They have the best school spirit, and the staffs and teachers teach you everything you need to know! For the testes and the future
Having been enrolled for 4 years here at Miami Northwestern Senior High school, I have received many great opportunities to blossom into the real world. Great teachers, strong academics, and definitely a lot of school pride!
I love it. You might be struggling to find friends or a hobby but high school has everything you can think of the bulls are supportive as well
Most of my experience was good at Miami Northwestern until my senior year. They are not really organized with anything. The education we receive is good, most of the teachers are very good and supportive.
it brung me out of my shell and it allowed me to communicate with varieties of students. I also connected well with teachers which was a big help towards applying for colleges
I believe that the school needs to provide more educational opportunities. I believe that the school needs to improve on its food choices and go towards promoting healthy food items as well.
I like the urgency they use when tests are coming up and how they prepared us for them. Something I would like to change lenth of events they have they are sometimes very unorganized.
The band is very great and there's so many opportunities that you can choose from . The medical program is also great for anybody whose interested going to the medical field.
Miami Northwestern Senior High has allowed me to find the activities that I really enjoy and has placed me around individuals who have the same ambitions as me. They have offered a plethora of clubs that cater to all of my interests and I want to thank them for helping me broaden my horizons.
I enjoyed that my school was like a big family for those who did not have solid ones, however, my school was very unorganized and gave us classes that we didn't need. I deem that Northwestern needs to perfect their staff and bring teachers in who can properly teach low-income teens, also teachers who genuinely love what they do and do not teach for a paycheck. After all, their impact can either make or break one's future.
Miami Northwestern Senior High School is a School for everyone. It gobies many different academic and athletic opportunities.
What I like about Miami Northwestern is that it is rich in culture. What I would like to see change is the college readiness, I would like to see the College resource center have a one on one with the junior and senior students.
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Miami Northwestern Senior high school is a excellent school to be apart of and I am proud to be a 4 year attendant of it. MNW possess an atmosphere of school pride which can be seen from the students themselves and even the walls full of encouraging quotes. Although academics are an important factor in their reputation for greatness, extracurricular activities such as sports, dance, and programs like medical magnets is the prominent reason for attending MNW. With a football team who has won state championships, a dance team ran by an iconic dance teacher, and a medical program that guarantees you a job in nursing, MNW seems to me to be a school that allows students to have success through their own talent and creativity.
My overall experience at Miami northwestern senior high has never been a dull moment. From walking into the school gates and being greeted by the school administration checking uniform , to the Over other week fight. The environment at northwestern is full of pride and bull spirit and everyone there and always ready to represent and fight for our school when Necessary. Although my time at northwestern is coming to an end i feel as if i was walking into those blue gate for the very first time.
Miami Northwestern is a good school, some people hear the area it's in and think of negative stuff . we have a good medical program ,fine arts, and mechanical program.we raise different scholarship money every year.
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