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Miami Norland Senior High School Reviews

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I really enjoy going to Miami Norland Senior Highschool.
The school have great programs and give me an opportunity to take advanced classes to have a early start for college. I would like to see the school have more programs for kids to get involved in.
When I first enrolled at Miami Norland Senior High school I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself involved in but it has been really good experience that I personally believe was needed for myself. Miami Norland has such an extensive history and everyday I step foot on that campus I feel like I’m apart of it. PROUD TO BE A VIKING
Miami Norland is very motivate school. The student and kids there will motivate you to be your and do the best that you can.
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I currently attend Norland and I would have to say that the 1st thing anybody would notice is that the school is incredibly diverse with different races and cultures.
My experience at Miami Norland Senior High School was great. Attending this school is all about the kind of person you are. As long as you stay focus and strive for greatness you will be just fine.
Overall Norland is a pretty good school for your child to attend. There's a variety of clubs and after school programs your child can join. But over the years there has been a downfall in security fight happen each and every day, students leave school grounds during school.
It was fun, everyone gets along very well. A lot of the people it Miami Norland are supportive of each other and wants to see each other make it in life. When I first transferred there I was like “ oh man, this is about to be great”. Everyday was like a new adventure for me and my friends. The teachers would take us of education field trips that taught us a lot . The music program was the best part. The music program shaped me into the person I am today; a mature young man. I am more than thankful for my music teacher and all he has done for me. With out him I don’t even know what I would be doing right now. I wouldn’t even be applying for this scholarship because I don’t think I would be going to college without him. It’s not only him but the rest of the music department staff and my peers that were also very supportive to me.
My experience at Miami Norland Senior High was an good experience. I have attend this school for 3 years and next school year will be last. It is an outstanding school if you are in magnet, honors, ap and cambridge classes.
I like the teachers and administrators they all are very nice. They help you with anyt and everything you need help with. There are lots of clubs to join. They treat you like family. Once all the testing are done lots of field trips take place . Anything you want you can ask the principal and he will make it happen.
I really liked Miami Norland Senior High academic programs. I was apart of the KIC program. It was a great experience, being able to connect with my peers who was older and younger was great. I was able to mentor the underclassmen and help prepare them for the exams that I already taken. I also enjoyed the clubs and sports. Being apart of the basketball team for three years was one of my best experience. It wasn't just basketball, our coach Carla Harris made sure we was involved in the community. We became apart of her organization called the Hopes and Dreams. I was thrilled to speak to younger children in elementary, giving them great advice about life. Also, feeding the homeless. We always went downtown to feed the homeless. My years of high school was very bumpy and great.
As a Norland alumni I am proud to say that Norland made me a better person. All the changes to the buildings and improvements to the staff made the school environment a better place. After graduating from the best school in Dade County I wouldn't wanna see anything change.
I liked the atmosphere, even though we came to school to learn it was always fun. I came from a school in a totally different city in florida and it was a drastic change. My old school was a mixed school with different types of people so the expectations were different, the personalities were different. the school was definitely nothing like norland. The teachers and staff were pretty fun and fair. For example after the first quarter ended the principle rewarded the honor roll students with a trip to Atlanta to tour 4 colleges! How considerate. Even though i was only at Norland for a year I enjoyed my senior year.
Throughout my 4 years at Norland I felt welcomed and never ostracized from others. My peers we're friendly and caring. I never got into an altercation because I knew at Norland we we're held to a high standard. I learned alot and will definitely be back. Class of 2018 I believed will be remember for a while because I believe we listened to what our great Principal Mr. Reginald Lee demonstrated. His example was amazing and his character was like no other. I wished I had a stronger bond with the administration because you could tell they cared. Thank you Miami Norland Senior High for the greatest high school experience, and all that you have taught me.
I like how the faculty and staff want to see all the students graduate and move on to further their education by going to college.
Norland Senior High Turned Me Into A Smart, Driven, Young Lady Who Has Learned That Even When You Fall you have to Get Back Up
If u Come to learn and actually make an effort to gain a relationship with your teachers. You will excell it's all about mind-set and dedication
I start attending Miami Norland Senior High School my sophomore year. I experience plenty opportunities when it comes down to academics and education. Norland give students an opportunity to graduate with 32 credits by your senior year. I'm currently taking four dual enrollment classes and I'm only a junior.
When it comes down to sports, Norland has one of the best basketball team in Miami-Dade County. But I can't forget about their football, track & field, baseball, wrestling, and cheerleading. I CAN'T forget about our outstanding cheerleading team. (Yes, I am a Miami Norland Senior High School cheerleading) Norland also have an amazing band, "One Band, One Sound"
All together Miami Norland Senior High School is the best school in Miami-Dade County. (in my opinion) I wouldn't change anything about that school. The teachers, students, and staffs treat each other like one big happy family!
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What I loved about Miami Norland senior high school is the school is very diverse. There are a lot of different kids from different back grounds it is such a great experience because you never know who you are going to meet. What I also loved about this high school was the freedom they allowed you to be yourself and gave us the opportunity to have a voice and talk to the principal about anything we wanted. What I would love to change is cleaner bathrooms.
Being transferred in my 11th grade year to this school, I think this was the best decision I could ever make. I have met and learned from some of the most amazing teachers. This school is so diverse and amazing to me. I have also met amazing people here. Overall the school is great but I think they should change some of the higher staff because they dont help much.
It is a good school in my personal experience it is a school that brings a lot of happiness in my approach to school. Also kids with a similar race to mines really brings outstanding comfort and enjoyment to my life. The academics at the school subpar at best due to the level of seriousness the kids approach their schooling with in my personal life i has a weighted 3.6 Gpa and An unweighted 3.3 Gpa so I have set myself up to succeed when it comes down to achieving my ideal goals I’m life. When it comes down to school conduct that part of the equation is a little suspect but overall the kids in the school typically seem to have thier head on straight when it comes down situations like that.
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