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Miami Lakes Middle School Reviews

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My 3 years at MLMS were a blast. From my sixth grade year to my eight grade year I always had fun. Great teachers and a fun experience await everyone who goes to MLMS.
Wonderful teachers and programs!! Has amazing programs such as legal studies, with a wonderful teacher(ms deyarza). Also gives opportunities to get advanced math classes and science classes.
For students in the magnet program, who are able to make use of the resources given to them, they can reach mass success in their 3 years. However for the rest, the educational experience is not ideal. Clubs have mediocre involvement, but the legal program is superb, on the other hand NJHS and student government are rarely if at all involved. Diversity at the school could be much better, and blatantly can be seen as very minimal.
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As an 8th grader about to leave school. Currently taking geometry and biology as gifted courses. I can say that this school has prepared me very well for high school. The programs, clubs, and classes have challenged me in a way that allowed me to prepare for high school very well
I love the Administration and staff at this school. Overall, it's been a great experience. The school has a Cambridge and Legal Studies program. They also foster arts/music education with an award winning band, chorus, and art program. The teachers for the most part are excellent and very responsive and caring. My only problem is the amount of kids that arrive in buses from areas beyond the boundaries of the school. These are the kids with very little parental involvement. The school could use more PTA involvement. Overall, my child is happy and challenged tremendously academically. You can take 8 and 9th grade classes starting in 7th grade. Many of the other middle schools don't have this.
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